Learn Hangul with SNSD

SNSD’s interview with NHK was recently broadcasted and here is the video and translations of the interview. Enjoy!

Translation of the Interview

1st question
There are kids and ppl from all ages imitating the Gee dance. What do you think about it?
Taeyeon: People who watched it on programs or fans grasped (the point) of the dance and imitated it. We are very thankful for that.

2nd question
There are 9 members right. Because you are with 9 what is your charm?
Hyoyeon: Energy.
Taeyeon: I think it’s because of our teamwork and that’s why everything goes well. This also applies to choreography and also during the recording of songs.
Seohyun: All the 9 members have different charms and also our personality differs and I think that’s why we are loved by many.
Sooyoung: Don’t start bragging.

3rd question
What do you think about your Japanese debut?
Tiffany: Before we officially debuted we had a showcase and a lot of people came, which was very encouraging and was touching.
Yoona: We are very thankful. We will do our best even more. We received a lot of strength from the beginning.

4th question
Congratulations on ranking nr 4 on the charts.
Jessica: It’s so amazing. We are very thankful to enter the Japanese charts. We will show more different sides of us.

5th question
How about the Japanese lyrics?
Sooyoung: The Japanese lyrics fits the Japanese people and is easy to listen to. And I think it also fits our image well.
Sunny: If we sing the pronunciation soft it’s easy. It’s easier to show your emotions.
Hyoyeon: I both love the Japanese and Hangul lyrics. I think because the charms of both differs a lot of people can hear the good sides of both songs.

6th question
How did you study Japanese?
Yuri: Recently there are a lot of interesting Japanese drama’s and Sooyoung recommended a lot of drama’s. While watching those drama’s I learn words that are used a lot in daily life. I also take lessons. I’m not yet perfect so please watch over me (sorry that last part sounds strange lol)

7th question
What is your favorite Japanese word?
Taeyeon: Osusume (recommendation)
I learned it from Sooyoung.
Sooyoung: When we go to a restaurant it is very hard to choose from the menu. And if we then ask the waiter about the day’s recommendation then we can decide.

8th question
What is your goal?
Sunny: In Korea and Japan people say they receive energy from us and gather strength. I’m very happy about that. That’s why in order for more people to become positive we want to give them more strength. That is our goal.
Yoona: Please support soshi!

Credit: Bekkychan@twitter/Soompi

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