Get ready to spend AGAIN!

Whether it’s a full studio album, single or mini-album, it will be worth every penny. Why? You guys know the answer – It’s SNSD. Now, I’ll add another one to your answer. It’s the man who created great tracks like T-ara’s “I Go Crazy Because of You” and Orange Caramel’s “Magic Girl”. He was also Sunny’s vocal teacher before her debut. The man is who we know as Wheesung!

Wheesung will be be busy composing a song for SNSD’s upcoming new release (not sure whether it’s going to be a single, mini-album or a full studio album at this point of time). Besides SNSD, the talented man will also be busy working on Baek Jiyoung’s new album.

We know that most of you are waiting for the girls’ upcoming release of the 2nd Single “Gee”, but keep in mind that there’s something great coming your way very soon. It will surely be a super hit song because when SNSD meet Wheesung, it’s DAEBAK!


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