Japanese mag teaches “Oh!” and “Gee”

In its latest issue, a Japanese magazine introduced SNSD’s choreographies in detail and this again has proven the girls’ popularity in Japan.

Recently, fans on online communities are having hot discussions about the photos taken from the Japanese magazine.

In the magazine, there are detailed drawings showing the step-by-step dance moves of SNSD’s “Oh!” and “Gee”. The step-by-step instructions which described the movements in details are intended to help fans in learning and picking up the dance steps more easily.The female characters in the magazine are drawn to suit the original costume and concept of the songs.

Such detailed instructions on SNSD’s dance choreographies in this magazine might have contributed to the widely-discussed performance by 11 Japanese high school students which was recently uploaded to the internet.

SNSD’s fans who have heard or seen the news regarding the magazine felt proud about it and commented:

-”SNSD wannabes are increasing in Japan”
-”Whoah, it’s great to know that the dance steps are appearing on a magazine”

Credit: sportsseoul.com

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