Soshi are standing tall in Japan for Christmas

As we briefly mentioned yesterday, a huge image of SNSD was put up on a cylindrical-shape shopping mall in Shibuya, Tokyo’s shopping haven.

As the Christmas season is just around the corner, SNSD and ‘SHIBUYA 109‘ joined hands to present a Christmas collaboration entitled “109 Girls’ Generation Xmas“. SNSD appeared as the models for the large illumination image decorating the facade of the cylindrical building. From November 30th to December 25th (about a month), the girls’ large image with colorful background would be up for display.

To light up the mood for this coming Christmas season, SNSD adopted the ‘Line Dance‘ concept, showcasing their charm, fashion sense and stylishness. AS SNSD‘s songs, dance and fashion are hot topics in Japan, the Christmas collaboration between SNSD and ‘SHIBUYA 109‘ would definitely catch the attention of citizens in Tokyo’s shopping haven, especially female fans who aspire to be a star.

From the translation of a Japanese article, here’s what the girls have to say about the collaboration:

We, SNSD (Girls’ Generation), appear on the “SHIBUY109″‘s cylinder which represents a symbol of Shibuya and girls’ fashion.

We are really happy because Shibuya is our favorite town where we often go shopping!

I find some mysterious(?) coincidence in this collabo with “09″ (pronounced as “maru kyu” in Japanese), because the number of our members is also nine.

Wishing you a joyful and gorgeous Christmas, we paid a particular care for fashion and filmed along with the “line dance” concept.

Come to see us here!
We wish you a Merry Christmas!


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