SNSD won 2 awards at ‘The 25th Japan Gold Disc Award 2010′

On January 5th, according to the list of winners for ‘The 25th Japan Gold Disc Award 2010‘, SNSD and Kara won 2 awards respectively – ‘The New Artists of The Year Award‘ and ‘The Best New Artists Award‘.

The results were not surprising as SNSD and Kara’s achievements have surpassed many new artistes in Japan. However, unlike SNSD, MIWA and other new Japanese artistes, Kara were placed in the ‘Best 3 New Artists’ in western music category, alongside American popstar, Ke$ha.

SNSD who debuted in Japan on September 8th last year released their first debut single ‘Genie’ which recorded sales of over 100,000 copies and became the best-selling debut single released by a foreign female artiste. SNSD’s 2nd single ‘Gee’ had also recorded sales of more than 100,000 copies and due to these achievemnts, SNSD have received the Gold Certificates by RIAJ for both their single releases in 2010.


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3 Responses to SNSD won 2 awards at ‘The 25th Japan Gold Disc Award 2010′

  • watie says:

    I think kara popular than snsd at japan right now cause kara stay at japan long than snsd. If they want get more popular, they have live there like tvxq and boa do it. Snsd now, no.1 girl group at korea so it hard for them. For kara, they have to fight with 2ne1 and t-ara (in positif side). Kara lose to 2ne1 in album sale if I not mistake (fail in top 10)… So, I understand…why kara more focus at japan but that strategi, good strategi. Lucky, snsd still get attention even they spend little time at japan… Unlucky for 4minutes…I like hyuna but life not easy. Must more workhard and strategi. Fighting all korea group girl!

  • EM says:

    Yeah.. i agree about that..but i think SNSD are the most wanted female group singer than Kara..even tough they didin’t spend much time in Japan….They didn’t work hard for it like Kara but the result is GREAT….SNSD also are the most popular in A.S same as Wonder Girls….When I went to A.s a month ago…people there only know about SNSD and Wonder Girls……

  • guru says:

    Regardless if Kara debuted in Japan first, they still pwn SNSD. Sones are just to arrogant too admit. It takes idiots to think that SNSD’s sales come from Japan, most of it is from their Korean fans.

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