Are you ready for the Oh!mazing Festival?

On March 4th, SNSD’s ‘Oh!mazing Festival‘ CF for Domino’s Pizza was released on various portal sites. This is SNSD’s 3rd CF for the famous pizza chain.

In the CF, SNSD’s members, Yuri, Jessica, Tiffany, YoonA and Sooyoung dressed in colorful T-shirts bearing the number ’5′ with their hit song ‘Oh!’ as the background music to promote Domino’s Pizza’s latest event. For the’Oh!mazing Festival’ event, Domino’s Pizza is offering their customers with 5 different types of ‘National Pizza’ with discount of 5,000 Won. The no.5 on the girls’s shirts represents the word ‘Oh!’ (’5′ is read as ‘oh’ in Korean).

Netizens who have seen the CF commented, “This CF looks fresher than the previous CF”, “I have not seen much of the other 4 members in this CF. So, will there be another version?”, “SNSD’s vitamin drink CF is also very popular nowadays. It seems like SNSD are blessed with lots of CF”, “Oh!mazing girls”,etc.

Domino’s Pizza’s 55-days event will be kicking off starting from March 4th and the 20-second CF is expected to receive a great amount of interest from the public as well as netizens.


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