Soshi are not idling despite disrupted schedules

The public’s attention now centers upon SNSD’s activities after the massive earthquake which struck Japan about a month ago. Basically, there were no schedules in Korea because originally, the girls were scheduled for promotional activities in Japan. However, because of the quake, their album release was delayed and their original plan was disrupted.

Japan schedules in Korea

It is wrong to think that because SNSD does not make public promotions, they are resting. Because situation is still unstable in Japan, SNSD are staying in Korea. Even though they are in Korea, they are constantly preparing for their promotion in Japan.

SM entertainment’s staff, Kim EunAh stated “SNSD are busy with various recordings as well as magazine interviews. These schedules were originally scheduled to be after the release of their new single. However, due to the current situation, the Japanese staff were flown to Korea to finish these schedules first.”

Delayed release of single, concert schedule being adjusted

Originally, SNSD’s new single ‘Mr.Taxi’ which contains the Japanese version of ‘Run Devil Run’, was set for release on April 13th. However, due to the natural disaster, it got postponed for another 2 weeks and thus, the single will be officially released on April 27th instead.

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