Yonghwa picked Seohyun over Son EunSeo

Jung Yonghwa and ‘Seohyun lookalike’, Son EunSeo appeared on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ aired on April 19th. Earlier this week, we reported how Son EunSeo was told by YoonA that she looks like Seohyun.

On the April 19th broadcast, Yonghwa who was Seohyun’s ‘hubby’ on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ said, “Her (Son EunSeo) hairstyle and image resemble Seohyun”. The playful MCs, Kang Hodong and Lee Seunggi asked, “Between Son EunSeo and Seohyun, who is prettier?”. Yonghwa who was embarassed by the question, replied, “If you look close enough, they do give different feelings”, as he tried to avoid giving a direct answer to the question. However, he then confessed, “Since we’ve been together for a long time, I like Seohyun more”.

In addition to that, Yonghwa also shouted, “Seohyun-ah, I love you”. When asked about his ideal type, Yonghwa answered, “A person who eats well. I like a person who would go to restaurants to enjoy nice foods together with me”. Upon hearing his answer, other members of the show responded, “That’s exactly Seohyun”.

Credit: cbs.co.kr

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