Park KyungLim’s hubby made an exception for SNSD

On SBS TV ‘When It’s At Night’ aired on April 25th, Park KyungLim revealed, “I used to live next to SNSD’s hostel. My husband is the type of person who doesn’t care much about celebrity. One day, SNSD visited me and brought along some potatoes. So, we ate the sweet potatoes and instant noodles (ramyun) together and had a great time”.

Park KyungLim continued, “When my husband came back and saw SNSD, he went into the room and changed into a rather uncomfortable clothing”.  Usually, when Park KyungLim introduced a celebrity to her husband, he does not seem to be interested. However, he made an exception for SNSD.

Park KyungLim eventually had a small argument with her husband who seemed to have a great interest in SNSD. In reaction to this, Tak Jaehoon jokingly said, “SNSD is a group that creates fights among men and women”, which drew laughters from the members of the show.


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  • f says:

    so jealous *-* I wanna come back home and meet 9 angels too!

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