Lee SeungGi: YoonA is my ideal type

Singer cum actor Lee SeungGi made a confession that YoonA is his ideal type.

On MBC’s ‘Yoo JaeSuk and Kim WonHee’s Come To Play’ aired on May 2nd, Lee SeungGi said, “A lot of women thought that I’m a difficult man to approach. However, once they get to know me, they’ll find that I’m a friendly man”.

When a topic about his ideal type was raised, SeungGi’s mentor, Lee SeonHee revealed, “When I asked SeungGi ‘Isn’t SNSD’s YoonA pretty?’, he just answered ‘yes’”. Lee SeungGi then confessed, “I like SNSD’s YoonA. I think she’s really pretty”.

Credit: eto.co.kr

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