Lee YongDae wants to meet up with YoonA

On KBS N’s ‘Inside Sports’ aired on May 16th, Lee YongDae revealed his ideal girl. On ‘Ideal Type World Cup’, Lee YongDae selected YoonA as his ideal girl.

Lee YongDae sent a video message to YoonA saying, “As I mentioned that you’re my ideal type and it seems that we have never met before, in the future if there’s time I hope to meet you even if it’s only once”.Besides talking about his ideal type, Lee YongDae also talked about ways to release stress.

Netizens commented, “YoonA is indeed thousands of men’s ideal type”, etc.

credit: xportsnews.com

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One Response to Lee YongDae wants to meet up with YoonA

  • patricia says:

    Que lindooooooooooo!!!…this is cute!!!
    YOONA IS AN ANGEL!….yoona es un angel.
    Obvio que muchos chicos se sienten atraidos hacia yoona…y es que YOONA ES MUY HERMOSA POR DENTRO Y POR FUERA!…
    gracias…fue bueno saber que a lee Yong dae le gusta nuestra querida Yoona.
    un fanboy mas! :) ..wooow…la lista crece.

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