It’s DHSD!

YB’s Yoon DoHyun did a parody of SNSD members and posted the edited image through his own personal twitter account’.

On MBC’s ‘I Am A Singer’ aired on May 22nd, despite the condition of his throat, Yoon DoHyun gave an impressive performance of his own rendition (Rock version) of SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run’, which was a song recommended by netizens.

After gaining much popularity from performing SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run’, Yoon DoHyun made a parody of SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run’ image by superimposing his own face onto the faces of SNSD’s members.

이건.."도현시대" ? 똑바로해 넌정말 뺏뽀오이 쿠헬헬~
Yoon Do Hyun

Through his personal Twitter account, Yoon DoHyun posted, “This is…’DoHyun Generation’?”, followed by the first verse of ‘Run Devil Run’s lyric.  Together with the tweet is a link to the image as shown above.


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