Possibility of SNSD’s participation on ‘Immortal Song 2′

Just as SM entertainment artistes Super junior’s KyuHyun and F(x)’s Luna confirmed their appearances on KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Song 2’, the question that becomes the center of attention now is whether SNSD will be participating in the filming of the show too.

In the variety show ‘Immortal Song 2’, active idol groups like Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM, Beast, Sistar, Secret, SHINee, MBlaq, F.T Island and IU had all appeared previously. Moreover, SM Entertainment has been continuously sending its artistes to the show, except for the week when the SM Town Live in Paris concert took place. As a result, the possible participation of SNSD, who has yet to appear in the show, attracted even more attentions.

In response to this, a producer from ‘Immortal Song 2’ said, “As SNSD make their proper come back in Korea this September, we are looking forward to whether members with good singing skills can participate in a corner of the show”, revealing the possibility of SNSD appearing on the show. SNSD who are spearheading the Kpop fever, consist of members with good singing skills as well. In view of this, if SNSD were to participate in the the show, it will definitely garners a lot of attention from viewers and fans within and outside Korea.

Credit: sportschosun.com
Translated by: inwhywhy@fanwonder.com

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