SNSD and SHINee conquered Tower Records’ charts

Japan’s largest record store, Tower Records recenty released the ‘Best Sellers for 1st half of 2011′ charts. From the results released, SNSD topped the Kpop album chart while SHINee took the no.1 spot in the Singles category. SNSD’s ‘Mr.Taxi/Run Devil Run’ also made it to the top 5 in the Singles category where it attained the 4th spot. Here are the results:

Album Category

1. Girls’ Generation – SNSD
2. Girls’ Talk – Kara
3. Big Bang 2 – Big Bang
4. GD & TOP Vol.1 – GD & TOP
5. Five Treasure Island – FT Island

Singles Category

1. Replay: You Are My Everything – SHINee
2. Jet Coaster Love – Kara
3. Let Me Cry – Jang GeunSuk
4. Mr.Taxi/Run Devil Run – SNSD
5. Take Off – 2pm


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