Japanese fans cosplay SNSD’s ‘Marine Look’ for Seohyun’s birthday

‘SNSD Cosplay’ is getting more and more popular among male students in Japan and the fact that these students try to look like SNSD from head to toe, has garnered much attention.

Seohyun who celebrated her birthday on June 28th, had to stay back in Japan due to the Arena Tour. However, Japanese fans organized an event just for Seohyun by doing a cosplay of SNSD’s ‘Marine Look’, the concept first introduced for ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’ back in 2009.

The birthday party organized by the Japanese fans for Seohyun showed how popular the girls are. Through Mnet’s ‘Boom the K-POP’, viewers will be able to witness Seohyun’s birthday party as well as SNSD’s lifestyles and popularity in Japan.

Mnet ‘BOOM the K-POP’ consists of 2 parts. The first part entitled ‘Do You Know SNSD?’ which introduced the ‘SNSD Fever’ in Japan was aired on July 14th. The second part of the show entitled ‘Right Now SNSD!’ which analyzes the power of SNSD in establishing themselves as Japan’s fashion and cultural icon will be aired at 7.30pm KST on July 21st.

Credit: xsportsnews.com

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