Sunny’s phobia strikes again!

During a performance on August 6th, Sunny’s traumatized and surprised image on stage, in reaction to the loud sound of the fireworks, attracted attention from fans.

Recently, a post titled “Sunny covering chest from shock at the sudden firework” was posted onto an online portal community, together with a video of the performance.

In the video recorded by fans, it was seen that Sunny got a shock from the fireworks that suddenly came off on the stage during their ‘Gee’ performance.

In the post, it was explained, “Because she was so shocked at the sudden fireworks, she could not follow the dance steps for a while”.

Fans who read the post felt very sorry for Sunny while netizens who watched the video commented, “Heard that she was traumatized by the fireworks, it looks like she really was” , “I feel sorry seeing her scared face” etc.

On the other hand, Sunny revealed on a variety show in 2009, that she is still afraid of sound of explosions until now, since her experience of the Gulf War while she was a baby.

Check out the fancam of the incident here!

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