Actor Baek DoBin got into trouble with wife because of SNSD

Actor Baek DoBin revealed a story about how he and his wife, Jung ShiA got into a fight because of SNSD.

On KBS 2TV’s variety programme ‘Happy Together 3′ aired on August 18th, actor Baek DoBin made a surprise confession of how he had an argument with Jung ShiA while watching TV.

Baek DoBin said, “As I watching TV when SNSD made an appearance, my wife came and looked closely at them on the screen”.

He added, “My wife then asked in an angry tone, ‘Are they good? Do you like them? Are they pretty? You like them because they’re young?’. Even after I replied by saying, ‘I was just watching’, she was angry for quite a while”.

On the same episode, Baek DoBin also revealed some interesting stories of his married life.


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One Response to Actor Baek DoBin got into trouble with wife because of SNSD

  • drunken tiger says:

    It is interesting to note that Tiffany appeared with Jung Shia on Kko Kko Tour, filmed on Saipan just 2 days after Shia’s birthday. 6 months later Tiffany attended their wedding on March 7, 2009. Strange to think she was still jelly 2 years later.

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