Hyoyeon revealed close friend Min’s secret!

Hyoyeon revealed a secret of her close friend, Miss A’s Min.

In the variety show ‘Declaration of Freedom Saturday – Secret’ to be aired on KBS 2TV, Hyoyeon participated in the filming and revealed Min’s secret about her strong personality. This section was reported through videos.

Hyoyeon said, “When I went out with Min, I felt very embarrassed. She dances automatically when she hears music. She dances to Beyoncé songs on the street, isn’t that bad enough?”. Hyoyeon then asked Min to explain her behaviors.

Upon watching the videos, Min responded, “I’m not concerned about how others see me in the first place.” She then talked about herself being used to doing things candidly.

Yet, Shin BongSun said that she is embarrassed of Min’s behaviors and assured that she will not do such things again in the future.

‘Declaration of Freedom Saturday – Secret’ will be aired on August 27th.

Credit: xportsnews.com
Image credit: MyDaily
Translated by: imwhywhy@fanwonder.com

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One Response to Hyoyeon revealed close friend Min’s secret!

  • HyoyeIsMyLove says:

    Hyoyeon n min are really2 close friend.
    I reeally want to see their dance battle at the stage.

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