[UPDATED] SNSD is more than prepared for their comeback with ‘The Boys’!

The title song of SNSD’s 3rd album ‘The Boys’ was globally released through Universal Music in US, Europe, South America and other areas around the world and the girls are conquering the world with Michael Jackson’s famous producer, Teddy Riley. The song sheds off the typical ‘Hook song’, where the hook is repeated throughout the song, and transformed into a pop urban dance song with powerful drum, sound and rhythm, integrating unique composition and harmony.

SNSD, who is coming back to the Korean stage after 11 months, has been participating in various variety shows. The nine members have also been devoting their time into practicing for their new performance and now, they are more than prepared. Tiffany said, “We’ve mastered the dance, even though it made us so tired that we found it difficult to climb up and down the stairs.”

A contrast to the choreography, the girls found it ‘free and relaxing’ when they worked with the producer of ‘The Boys’ – Teddy Riley. Taeyeon said, “During the recording, we enjoyed it when he asked us to sing the song while dancing, so as to feel less tense,” while Yuri said, “The atmosphere was very relaxed. He tried his best to guide us in understanding our designated roles. He also praised us a lot. Hoo hoot!”

Another topic of discussion would be the members’ attempts at rapping for the first time. Seohyun said, “We were worried because it’s the first time trying out raps since our debut. We gained a lot of new experiences through this album, especially Hyoyeon unnie’s active engagement in beats, raps and hip hop dance. She already had these talents since she was a trainee.”

In response to the ‘worldwide’ concept of the new album, SNSD said, “Currently, we have no plans for any long-term overseas activities. For the time being, we will focus on activities in Korea. Going overseas for performance is not the only way to meet our overseas fans as we can communicate with them through many media, such as Youtube.”

Through the song ‘How great is your love’, Sooyoung became a lyricist for the first time in her life. In the song, Sooyoung as a religious person, associated the lyrics with her earnest devotion and love to God. Sooyoung said, “Not just God (laughter), it can also be dedicated to parents, lover and friends. During the holidays, I suddenly received this proposal and I was very worried. Even before the recording, I was still worrying. It’s a song I have worried so much for that I thought of amending the lyrics during the recording and could not even smile.”

Tiffany, who is especially confident of publishing an English album, said, “I lived speaking English for 8 years, so I didn’t face difficulties when I worked” while Jessica said, “Although I did not really study for it, members were all worried for their pronunciations.” When they were asked if they aimed to enter the US ‘Billboard Chart’, SNSD answered, “We are already honored and happy to have our album released in the US. Billboard? We’re not expecting much.”

While changing their image to a ‘Worldwide’ concept, SNSD revealed how much they are looking forward to changes with the release of the new album. Tiffany and Taeyeon said, “We will put up wonderful and powerful performances. Abandoning the tradition of wearing uniformed and team outfits, we chose to bring out our unique characters and attractions, so please anticipate it.”

The question “Must we still wear blue jeans and white T-shirts now?” suddenly occurred to the girls. The answer is that, SNSD does not need to comply with their group name and stay bright, as they can also gradually show their maturity through making changes, and to convey the message, “This is Girls’ Generation, right now.”  Seohyun explained as she showed her ‘aegyo’, “Every album released shows that we’re getting more mature. It’s a full album this time with songs of various genres, so please anticipate it.”

On the other hand, Tiffany and Sooyoung are excited about the competitions between girl groups. They said, “It’s the same level of excitement as when we want to watch the concerts of our favorite overseas singers when they visit Korea.” Seohyun also said, “In the twinkling of an eye, we gained many hoobaes (juniors)… It’s amazing, so we have to work harder.”

When asked about incidents which happened during their overseas concerts, Taeyeon said, “Fans induced me to give them a hug, I felt embarrassed (laughter). And the sound system broke down at the Summer Sonic concert because it was overheated. We told ourselves that it was caused of our fans’ passion, so we enjoyed the performance immensely.”

Before the release of an English album, SNSD held a series of their ‘Arena Tour’ in Japan. Enthusiastic fans were seen, from fans who had ‘SNSD’ tattooed on their bodies, young fans who wore SNSD’s outfits and grabbed their mothers’ hands, to fans who came with their grandmothers, and the girls gained energy upon seeing them. Sooyoung and Seohyun said, “We’re sad that we can only communicate with them on stage, through the performances.”

Before the end of the interview, when asked about the ways to overcome opinion differences, Tiffany replied, “We’re on good terms because of our trust for one another.” Seohyun added, “It’s important to have a lot of discussions among members. We’ve created a chatroom on smartphones and we became more talkative. It already became a hobby.”

When they were asked if they drink soju (Korean wine) in their dorm after legal drinking age, SNSD replied, “(clapping and laughing) We don’t want to get drunk and harm our bodies. Because of our busy schedule, it’ll be better for us to get some sleep instead of drinking. (laughter) But we’re all girls… So we would like to have wine in a nice café, with good atmosphere.”

Credit: thestar.chosun.com
Translated by: imwhywhy@fanwonder.com

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