X Japan’s Yoshiki misses Girls’ Generation

Legendary Japanese rock group, X Japan’s leader Yoshiki gave his opinions about Kpop which has been the latest hot trend.

At Sheraton D Cube City Hotel in Shindorim on October 26th at 2pm KST, Yoshiki said in a press conference, “I really love Korean music a lot. I’ve been living in United States for 15 years and Korean music was very popular there too. The development and high quality of Korean music have attracted huge interest in it”.

He continued, “Not long ago, during a music festival in Japan, I had a chance to see Girls’ Generation then. However, as I didn’t manage to see them after the end of the performances, I was disappointed”.

X Japan will be having their very first concert in Korea at 8pm on October 28th at the Gymnasium Stadium in Olympic Park, Bangidong, Seoul. Prior to the concert the heavy metal group had completed their European tour which took place in London, Paris and Berlin.

Credit: mydaily.co.kr

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