YoonA’s dress in Woongjin Coway’s CF is auctioned off for 2.03 million Won!

On October 27th, Woongjin Coway revealed that YoonA’s one-piece dress was auctioned off at a price of 2.03 million Won at the ‘The Beautiful Auction’ held together with SNSD last month.

SNSD currently endorses Woongjin Coway’s line of water purifiers and this time around, SNSD auctioned off the outfits used in the CFs to raise fund for women in need, who are leading independent lives. The auction started since September 28th and it managed to raise 14 million Won in 4 weeks.

The item auctioned off this time is the dress YoonA wore in the CF ‘Taking care of Mom’. Besides this dress, YoonA’s gray T-shirt and another denim shirt were also auctioned off at 900,000 Won and 790,000 Won respectively.

The Woongjin Coway staff said, “The funds raised will be sent to collection points and redistributed to the women in need as incomes.”

Credit: asiae.co.kr
Photo credit: Newsen
Translated by: imwhywhy@fanwonder.com

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