Girls’ Generation reveals their concerns in ‘brain maps’ on MNet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News’!

During the segment of ‘Open Studio Talk’ on MNet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News’, Girls’ Generation submitted their résumé to the production team.

Sunny made a surprise confession through her brain map, “I’m a girl who gets sensitive when autumn comes.”

Sunny, who has a short haircut in the album ‘The Boys’, talked about her change in hairstyle. When she drew her brain map, words that contain deep meanings were seen, such as “I get sensitive when autumn comes”, “Hair cut? Or not?”, “My waist is cold”, etc.

When asked to write about ’10 things I’m concerned about’, Taeyeon wrote on her brain map: “Activities on new song promotion”, “Car license”, “Clean my room”, “Flu”, “SNSD”, “Hair thickness” and “Double eyelid that sinks in because I lost weight (double eyelid became thinner).” Particularly, things like “Hair thickness” and “Thinning double eyelid” attracted attention.

In the programme, Taeyeon talked about her worries when her double eyelids became thinner as her weight decreases, as well as her uneasiness when her hair thickness decreased.

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4 Responses to Girls’ Generation reveals their concerns in ‘brain maps’ on MNet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News’!

  • Shihui says:

    Taeyeon has been thinking about the thinness of her hairline since don’t know when… But she is easier to understand than Sunny… Sunny is, as usual, have deeper meaning in her sentences…

    Is there a video of this? Subbed preferably…

  • lizie says:

    her waist is cold? what does she mean?

  • J says:

    Actually, translation should’ve been “My flank is cold (Yup Gu Ri Ga Shi Ri Dah)”.
    That is an expression to say that I’m lonely because I’m single.
    It’s used especially when weather is getting cold in autumn.
    When you have a boy/girlfriend, your flank isn’t cold because he/she is next you holding your hand. :)

  • alondra says:

    is there a video about this? I can’t find it. Please tell me

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