A visit from goddesses

Taeyeon and YoonA took some photos at a cafe in Yeouido, Seoul owned by Yesung’s (Super Junior) parents.

On October 28th, through his own Twitter account, Yesung tweeted, “Taeyeon and YoonA came over. These pretty ones” and attached the photos with Taeyeon and YoonA in it.

In one of the photos, Taeyeon and YoonA made V-signs while posing with Yesung’s younger brother. In another picture taken in the cafe, the two girls were making cute expressions on their face while Taeyeon was pointing to a picture of Yesung on the wall.

Netizens who saw the photos gave various reactions and comments such as “They’re really pretty”, “Although they’re busy, they still took the time to help promote the cafe”, “Indeed, they’re goddesses”, etc.

Credit: xportsnews.com

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