Hyoyeon impresses with hardwork and skills

Hyoyeon’s unexpected character will soon be revealed on KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth 2′, which will be aired at 11.05pm KST on January 7th.

In this episode, Hyoyeon took up the mission of cleaning and getting the barn ready for the animals. During the recent filming, Hyoyeon built a barn from scratch. Although she was feeling worried throughout the course of building the barn, she was very receptive to the advice and teachings from the village elders who went to visit the under-construction barn.

According to the production crews, Hyoyeon received a ‘compliment’ from the G8 members for her ability and hardwork. They told her, “It was surprisingly well done”.

To this, Hyoyeon replied, “I have put a lot of effort into it. People don’t seem to notice even if I’ve worked hard or done well.”

Whenever she received compliments, Hyoyeon would work even harder and the happy kid in her would be brought out. Even after she hammered her hand accidentally with the hammer, at the words of ‘You are hammering the nails well’, she went on to hammer all the nails in the barn.

Credit: tvreport.co.kr

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