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Keeping in touch with Soshi

October 14, 2011

During the press conference of the ’2011 Asia Song Festival’ held at Hotel Inter-Burgo in Daegu at 6pm KST on October 14th, 3-member Japanese techno pop group, Perfume revealed their close friendship with SNSD.

During today’s press conference which was also attended by G.Na, U-Kiss, AAA, Peter Ho, Bibi Chou, Tata Young, Leo Ku and other participating artistes, Perfume said, “We became close with SNSD after meeting them at a Japanese music program. We have been exchanging mails since. They are amazing singers and we feel honored to be able to watch them performing live”.

They added, “Since we’re based in Japan, it’s a rare opportunity that we get to come to Korea. We made our first visit to Korea last year and hopefully one day, we could actively carry out our activities here. It is an honor to be able to participate in this Asian festival”.

’2011 Asian Song Festival’ will be co-hosted by KBS announcer Jun HyunMoo and former Miss Korea, Honey Lee. A total of 13 performers from 6 countries will be standing on one stage to grace the prestigious event. Korea Republic will be represented by artistes such as SNSD, Super Junior, Lee SeungGi, miss A, U-Kiss and G.Na.

The 3 hour and 30 minutes event will be held in Daegu Stadium on October 15th and it kicks off at 6pm KST.


Seohyun and SJ’s Donghae to sing theme song of ’2011 Asia Song Festival’

October 6, 2011

At Daegu Stadium on October 15th, Seohyun and Super Junior’s Donghae will be singing the theme song of the ’2011 Asia Song Festival’.

The theme song for the ’2011 Asia Song Festival’ entitled ‘Dreams Come True’ which is a masterpiece of famous composer, Jo YoungSoo will be released as digital single on October 11th. The theme song can be easily sung and it contains bright and cheerful melody, which matches well with Seohyun and Donghae’s voices.

Proceeds from the sales will be donated in full through UNICEF to help the children who are suffering in famine-stricken in East African countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti. The theme song will be performed by Seohyun and Donghae as well as all the participating artistes at the finale of the ’2011 Asia Song Festival’.

Seohyun said, “I think it’s very meaningful to me that I’m able to help children in famine affected regions in East Africa through my talents”. Donghae, on the other hand said, “I’m honored to be able to sing the theme song of ‘Asia Song Festival’ that conveys the message about the dream and hope of not only Asia but also the whole world. I hope many people will enjoy the music and it will be great that we could show our love towards the children who are suffering in the famine affected areas in East Africa”.

Co-organizer of the ’2011 Asia Song Festival’, Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) stated, “We are thankful to Seohyun and Donghae who responded to the love they received from fans around the world by contributing their talents. In the future, their huge contribution on cultural exchange as UNICEF envoys is very much anticipated. Also, together with the top stars from each Asian countries, we hope that ‘Asia Song Festival’ would become a well-known international charity music event in Asia that delivers melody of hope”.


SNSD to perform at ’2011 Asia Song Festival’

August 24, 2011

SNSD, Super Junior and other artistes will be participating in the 2011 Asia Song Festival.

On August 24th, Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) stated, “SNSD, Super Junior, Japanese group Perfume, Taiwanese singer and actor Peter Ho, Zhou Bi Chang, etc will be performing at the 2011 Asia Song Festival which will be held in Daegu Stadium on October 15th”.

Among other artistes who will be performing at the 2011 Asia Song festival – well-known singer and actor from Hong Kong, Leo Ku who have sold 35 albums to date with total recorded sales of more than 900,000 copies and famous singer from Thailand, Tata Young who have sold close to 10 million copies of her albums since debut.

Meanwhile, the 2nd and 3rd round line-ups will be unveiled next month.