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’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ live album to be released on April 11th!

April 5, 2013

Girls’ Generation’s live album from their second solo concert tour, the ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’, will be released on April 11th.

The album, recorded at the Seoul stops of the concert tour at Seoul Olympic Park Stadium on July 23rd and 24th, 2011, is expected to get a good response from fans.

The 2-CD live album will have 34 tracks including their hit title songs ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, ‘Run Devil Run’, ‘Hoot’, ‘Gee’ and ‘Oh!’ as well as their Japanese tracks such as ‘Bad Girl’, ‘The Great Escape’ and more for fans to experience the passionate performances from the girls again.

On top of that, studio versions of tracks such as ‘Let It Rain’ and Irish folk song ‘Danny Boy’ will be rerecorded and included in this live album.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation are enjoying a great success with their second Arena Tour in Japan.


Girls’ Generation filled Hong Kong with pink ocean

January 16, 2012

After completing their concert ’2012 Girls’ Generation Tour in Hong Kong’, Girls’ Generation are now back in Korea.

Thousands of fans flocked to the Asia World Arena in Hong Kong to watch the fantastic performances by Girls’ Generation on January 15th. The girls landed at Hong Kong International Airport at around 11.30pm (Hong Kong time) on January 14th and despite the late arrival time, there were many fans waiting to welcome them at the airport. With the help of about 40 bodyguards, the girls were able to exit the airport.

While exiting the airport, the girls waved at the fans and Tiffany greeted the fans with “Kong Hei Fatt Choy (Be prosperous). Happy New Year” in both Cantonese and English. Ahead of the concert on January 15th, Girls’ Generation were present at a press conference which was attended my various local media groups.

Performing 32 songs in total, the girls showcased their brilliant singing and dancing ability as well as unique charms that captivated the fans. In addition to the performances, Hong Kong SONEs had also prepared surprise events for the girls. During ‘Complete’, papers with the message ‘You + Me = Complete’ written on them were raised and the girls were touched upon seeing them. At the end of ‘Fantastic’ which was the last song of the concert, SONEs released pink colored balloons and the whole arena was covered in pink.

After the concert of January 15th, Tiffany said, “We were touched by the passion and warmth showed by the fans in Hong Kong. The concert atmosphere was really beautiful”. YoonA added, “Last year, I came to Hong Kong with my family. As the night sceneries in Hong Kong are really pretty, I really want to come back and visit Hong Kong again with the members”.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will flying over to Thailand on February 12th for their ’2012 Girls’ Generation Tour in Bangkok’.


Everyone felt the heat in Singapore!

December 11, 2011

Girls’ Generation rocked Singapore with their outstanding performances on December 9th and 10th at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Singapore was the 3rd leg of the ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ after Seoul in July and Taipei in September this year.

Initially, only one concert was scheduled (December 9th) but due to explosive response where the concert tickets were sold out within just 4 hours, an additional concert was added (December 10th). Girls’ Generation are also the first Korean female artists to have their solo concerts in Singapore and this has indeed proved the girls’ global power once again.

The girls performed a total of 32 songs such which includes ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, ‘Mr. Taxi’, ‘Kissing You’, ‘Oh!’, ‘Gee’ and other hit songs as well as solo performances, showcasing their dancing skills, vocal capabilities and their respective unique charms.

The performance of ‘The Boys’, the title song of Girls’ Generation’s 3rd album which took the no.1 spot on KBS Music Bank for 6 weeks in a row became the highlight of the concert. As soon as the performance started, the indoor stadium was shaken with a loud chant of ‘지금은 소녀시대 (Jigeumeun So Nyeo Shi Dae), 앞으로도 소녀시대 (Apeurodo So Nyeo Shi Dae), 영원히 소녀시대 (Youngwonhi So Nyeo Shi Dae)’ by SONEs. It was the climax of the concert.

Besides these, there was also a surprise event for the girls. During the performance of Girls’ Generation’s beautiful ballad ‘Complete’, the fans held up A4 papers with the message ‘소녀시대 makes our lives Complete’. Upon seeing the message put up by their SONEs, the girls were touched.

Before the start of the concert on the 10th, a press conference took place and it involved participation from various media groups such as Bloomberg, Strait Times, U Weekly, Yahoo, etc who demonstrated huge interest in Girls’ Generation’s first solo concert in Singapore.

After Singapore, Girls’ Generation will proceed with their 2nd solo tour next year where they will be performing in Hong Kong on January 15th, 2012.


More than 30,000 fans turned up for 3-day concert in Taipei Arena

September 13, 2011

’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour in Taipei’ which was held in Taipei Arena from September 9th to 11th received explosive response from the fans. The 3-day concert attracted a total of 31,000 fans.

SNSD are the first foreign girl group to have a 3-day concert and recorded the biggest turnout so far. Originally, only 2 concerts were planned but due to the overwhelming demand and support for the girls, another concert was added on September 9th.

At the concert, SNSD performed their hit songs such as ‘Gee’, ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’, ‘Oh!’, etc as well as songs from their Japanese album such as ‘Bad Girl’, ‘The Great Escape’, etc. Also, each member graced the stage with their unique solo performances.

On the first day of the concert, fans formed the word ‘소녀시대9′ (2nd day – ‘FOREVER’, 3rd day – ‘가지마요><’) using green lightsticks. On the second day, the atmosphere was heated up further when fans held papers with the message ‘Your SONE’ (1st day – ‘Welcome back, We Miss You So Much’) written on them.

On the third day, after the final performance of ‘It’s Fantastic’, pink ribbons were thrown towards the stage and the whole venue was filled with pink. Also, before the girls left the stage, a surprised birthday party was organized for Hyoyeon who will be turning 22 on September 22nd. SONEs and Soshi together sang the birthday song in English for Hyoyeon.


SNSD thanks fans for supporting their 2nd solo tour

July 24, 2011

SNSD revealed the reasons for shedding tears at the first ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ yesterday.

On July 23rd, SNSD kicked off the ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ at Olympic Park Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul and in the midst of their performances, tears were seen rolling down their cheeks.

At the press conference for the tour on July 24th at the same venue, YoonA revealed, “During the concert, the fans prepared a surprise event for us where they showed us banners with the message ‘보고 싶었어 (We missed you)’. Upon seeing the event prepared for us by the fans, we were touched and moved to tears”.

She added, “Since it has been a long time, we have to show our best appearance to everyone and we felt very thankful for the event that the fans have prepared for us. We will be working harder and it feels good to be able to enjoy the moments together with the fans”.

Sunny said, “Many overseas fans came to yesterday’s concert. It was awesome and with their presence, we seemed to be able to enjoy our own performances. We hope we could see more of this in the future”.

On flashmob projects carried out by overseas fans, Sooyoung commented, “After hearing about Hallyu boom in foreign countries and witnessed flashmobs, the phrase i could think of is ‘Indeed, music is universal’. We are thankful and really want to perform in front of them soon. Honestly, it seems like that’s the only way to reward the overseas fans. Hopefully, together with the juniors and seniors of SM Town, we would be able to perform overseas again soon.

The girls also explained the reasons behind the abundance of love they received from overseas fans. Among the reasons mentioned was the combination of each member’s unique characters and the performances that enables SNSD to deliver good performances to the fans.

Taeyeon then talked about the most memorable fan she encountered. She revealed, “While performing in France for SM Town concert, I saw a man with ‘YoonA’ written in Hangul on his arm. The image of that man stays in my memory till now. It’s amazing that overseas fans show interest not only in our music but also the Korean language”.

Yuri, Sooyoung and Tiffany also expressed their gratitude to the fans from Taiwan and Singapore who came to Korea to watch the girls.

Yuri said, “I heard about Taiwanese fans coming to Korea through articles on a newspaper. The title says, “It Was Like A Dream Coming to SNSD’s Country’. We are thankful that they even came over for our concert and so, we would like to present a lively performance in front of them and let them feel the energy”.

Sooyoung added, “During the concert yesterday, I saw many fans carrying cards with the message ‘I’m from Taiwan’. From the stage, I was moved to see fans from overseas. I was thankful and the memory of the touching moments we experienced during the concert in Taiwan last year are still fresh in my mind. Since it was a really a memorable concert, I want to go there again through this Asia tour”.

Tiffany then said, “We would like to thank the Singaporean fans who came to watch us live. If there’s a chance, we would like to have a concert in Singapore”.

The performance itinery for ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ is almost similar to the 14-concerts ’1st Japan Arena Tour’ which was held in 6 major cities in Japan from May 31st to July 18th.

For the 2nd solo tour, SNSD performed more than 30 songs, including hit songs such as ‘Gee’, Run Devil Run’, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, ‘Hoot’ and songs from 1st Japanese Album namely ‘The Great Escape’, ‘Bad Girl’, etc. SNSD also performed the Korean version of ‘Mr. Taxi’ and ‘Let It Rain’ during the concert in Seoul on July 23rd.

Former professional basketball coach, Park SeungIl who is suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease also went to SNSD’s concert to give his support to his dear friend, Sooyoung.

SNSD will have another concert at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium on July 24th before moving on to other venues for this edition of their Asian tour.


A dream turns reality for 103 American SONEs

July 23, 2011

“In order to watch SNSD’s concert, I started working in a currency changer as a part-time worker to save money. Since I’ll be able to see SNSD right in front of me…”, said Julian Cervantes, a 21 years old American college student who could not hide his excitement. Natasha, who came together with him from Chicago, was as happy as him. She said, “My iPod is full of SNSD songs. Now I can hear them live!”. John Toss from New Mexico who sat right beside them added, “I finally ate the real Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi stew).”

These 103 American SNSD fans who met one another on SNSD’s International fan-site “Soshified”, found a common interest and came to Korea on their own. The group of young people staying in Seoul from the 21st to 26th are planning to watch SNSD’s concert, MBC “Music core”, and KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Song”. Cervantes, Natasha and Toss met one another at Seoul’s downtown.

The three Americans started talking about their love for K-pop once they met. They have been looking forward to the Korea trip so much that they requested to attend these music programs from the Los Angeles branch of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) when they were still in America since the tickets cannot be obtained easily. Cervantes became a K-pop fan 2 years ago after listening to SNSD’s “Gee” by chance. He said, “The fast and joyful beats really caught my attention. Until now, I bought all of f(x), Kara and other K-pop groups’ albums, and spent about 5000 dollars (5.26 million Won). Being a SNSD Taeyeon and Sunny’s fan, Toss said “Now, American Idols seem to have ‘gone further away’ from us. As we watched reality programs like “Invincible Youth” and “Running man”, Korean idols seem more ‘human’ to us, which is great.”

As they get to know more Korean idols like T-ara, IU and Big Bang, they started mixing Korean phrases like “Gwaenchanayo (it’s ok)” and “Jogeum-yo (a little)” in their conversations. Cervantes who has been learning the Korean language for a year said, “While we became more interested in Korean idols, we started to pay attention to Korean culture”. Natasha also got more familiar with Korean cultures through her room mate at their dorm. She is currently learning Korean on her own through mobile applications.

Toss who was born in New Mexico, makes Korean food on his own. He said, “Because we don’t have Korean restaurant there, I obtain the recipe from the internet and started making kimchi on my own a few months ago.” Cervantes on the other hand, travels all the way to the Korean town just to eat Jjinbbang, Patbbang (Korean steamed buns) and Bibimpab (Korean mixed dish).

Julian, Natasha and John added, “We only saw Korean culture and food through TV programs. It’s really hard to believe that we can actually experience them now.” Before going back to America, they have another wish and that is to get SNSD members’ autographs when they head down to the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium today.

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SNSD to launch Facebook page!

July 22, 2011

Updates on SNSD’s 2nd solo concert will be available for fans all around the world through Facebook!

On July 23rd and 24th, SNSD will kick off their ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’. Through SM Town’s Facebook page ( and SNSD’s facebook page (, fans will be treated with updates and photos at the concert, backstage as well as various SNSD-related photos.

In addition to photos, videos of some performances during the concert as well as press conference and other videos will also be shared through these Facebook pages to enable fans from around the world who could not be at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium to enjoy the much anticipated concert as well.

SNSD’s facebook page ( will be available from July 22nd onwards. With the launching of the Facebook page, both SNSD and fans will have much closer interactions with one another. The page is expected to receive overwhelming response from SONEs all over the globe.