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AKB48 members touched and wowed by Shoujo Jidai’s performances

June 19, 2011

On June 18th, Kikuchi Ayaka, Oota Aika, Nakagawa Haruka and 5 other members of Japan’s famous girl group, AKB48 visited SNSD in Tokyo, took photos with them and wrote about their experiences at SNSD’s ’1st Japan Arena Tour 2011′ concert in their blogs.

In the photos, SNSD and AKB48 members were seen in cute and friendly poses. The girls of AKB48 appeared to be in a really jovial mood while making some poses with the gifts they received at the concert.

One of the AKB48 who were present at SNSD’s concert in Tokyo, Kikuchi Ayaka stated, “I went to SNSD’s live concert. I’ve really learned a lot. They were really good in dancing. Indeed, their styles were really cool. I was shocked. I’ve already surrendered”.

Another member of AKB48, Oota Aika wrote, “They were really cute. It was touching and fun. Even though there were 9 members, they were always together in their performances and I was touched by this.”


Japanese music producer compares AKB48 to SNSD

February 14, 2011

Jpop composer cum producer Ryosuke Imai hinted that the country’s music is in some sort of a turmoil.

In the evening of February 11th, Imai tweeted, “I have watched AKB48′s performance on Fuji TV’s FNS Song Festival. The music, vocal projection, dance, style and everything are lacking behind SNSD. There’s nothing comparable“.

He added, “Composers and artists will be feeling the crisis as much as I do. It’s useless to just voice out complaints. A cooperation to remedy the situation is necessary”.

Ryosuke Imai is one of the top producers in Japan. He has been producing and working with big stars like Ayumi Hamasaki, Beni, K, AI, Double, etc. He had also produced some remix titles with artistes like Rain, Da Pump, Crystal Kay, BoA, etc.


‘FNS Music Festival’ rating soared to the highest during SNSD and AKB48′s collab

December 7, 2010

It’s because of SNSD too!

SNSD performed a collaboration with Japanese girl group AKB48 at Fuji TV’s ‘FNS Music Festival’ on December 4th where AKB48′s ‘Beginner‘ was the opener for SNSD’s ‘Genie’.

Japanese daily, Sankei Sports reported on December 7th that an average viewership rating of 21.7% was recorded. However, when SNSD and AKB48 appeared on stage, the rating soared to 29.4%, the highest recorded for the show.


SNSD @ FNS Music Festival

December 4, 2010

Soshi who appeared with 8 members at the FNS Music Festival in Japan, dressed in white and performed two songs – ‘Gee’ and ‘Genie’. We know how bad Tiffany wanted to attend the event and she must be very disappointed not being able to perform on the prestigious stage. Well, Fany, we miss you but we also want you to have a complete recovery.

Fans were full of expectation when they heard that there will be a collaboration performance by Shoujo Jidai and AKB48. However, to their disappointment, the collaboration was nothing more than just a medley.

Personally, I think Soshi did well tonight although I couldn’t help to feel disappointed that they did not perform the full versions for both songs.

For those who missed Soshi’s performance at the FNS Music Festival, here you go:

The so-called collaboration and ‘Genie’


Credit: favoriteOngaku@YouTube

AKB48 feel threatened by SNSD’s presence

September 15, 2010

Korean girl groups, SNSD and Kara who have debuted in Japan this year launched the so-called “new Korean wave” into the Japanese market. They have many male fans in Korea and in Japan, they are stealing the limelight with their beauty and personalities, thus making Japanese idols such as AKB48 feel somewhat threatened.

According to SM Entertainment’s CEO, Kim Youngmin, the demand for the image of girl groups in Korea and Japan are different. Japan’s Morning Musume and AKB48 possess the girl-next-door and lovely-princess image and their dance choreography mainly focus on hand gestures. Although this sort of image is being favored by Japanese otaku fans, the same cannot be said for female fans. Korean girl groups such as SNSD and Kara on the other hand, focus on neat and synchronized dance moves which appeal to female fans who are usually more inclined to boy groups such as Big Bang and TVXQ. Also, Korean girl groups have received 3-6 years rigorous and intensive training before their debut while Japanese girl groups generally debut after 6 months of training. With their vast experience in dancing, singing and variety skills, Korean girl groups basically have what it takes to conquer the Japanese market. Thus, it is normal for Japanese girl groups to feel threatened in this sense.

SNSD debuted in Japan on September 8th with their debut single “Genie” which saw 45,000 copies sold in the first week. On Oricon chart, the girls have managed to debut at no. 5 and have since stayed within the top 5 on the Daily Singles Chart. According to Japan’s music industry expert, response from Japanese male fans have been quite encouraging so far. However, to have a long-term success in Japan, the girls will have to make some changes to their concept and impress the fans even more.

Credits: Apple Daily