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Girls’ Generation performs on Nippon TV’s ‘Music Lovers’!

October 8, 2012

Girls’ Generation captivated the Japanese audience with their dazzling beauty and ever-impressive dance moves on Nippon TV’s ‘Music Lovers’ aired on October 7th, where they performed the Japanese version of ‘Oh!’, ‘All My Love Is For You’ and ‘Mr. Taxi’.

The broadcast attracted a lot of attention, especially with the appearance of Imada Koji, a comedian who claimed to be the girls’ hardcore fan. Watching Girls’ Generation’s performances together with the audience, Imada Koji made gestures of having heart attacks several times and fell to the floor, drawing laughter from everyone in the studio. Imada Koji, an actor cum comedian, once appeared in Girls’ Generation’s ‘Time Machine’ music video. The ballad was one of the songs included in the 1st Japanese Album (repackaged) ‘Girls’ Generation~The Boys~’.

After their performances, Imada Koji met up with the girls on stage and said, “I came here, leaving my 27 years of experience in the entertainment world at home”, showing a warm welcome to the girls not as a colleague in the industry but as a fan. The girls responded by saying, “Thanks to Mr. Imada, we were able to deliver more powerful performances.”

Besides that, during a corner of the show where the girls were asked to show their charms, Imada Koji once again fell to the floor due to Sunny’s irresistible aegyo, showing his true side as a fan and at the same time, keeping the audience entertained with his sense of humor.

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Girls’ Generation says ‘All My Love is for You’ in new Japanese single MV!

September 4, 2012

Girls’ Generation’s new music video for a new Japanese single ‘All My Love is for You’ has been released!

Girls’ Generation, also known as Shoujo Jidai in Japan, will be releasing their new Japanese single, which contains two new songs, this coming September 26th, with yet to be announced title track and concepts.

Prior to the release of this new single, Girls’ Generation’s second single in 2012 after ‘Paparazzi’ in June, the music video of the coupling track ‘All My Love is for You’ has been released at 8am JST on September 4th.

According to HMV Online and CDJapan, the still to-be-announced single will be available in two versions; the Standard Edition and the First Press Limited Edition which comes with a DVD of the music video. The album jacket will be different for both versions.

The new single will be released on September 26th and stay tuned for more details on the new release.

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