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Seungri: Although I used to be close to SNSD members….

February 8, 2011

Recently at an interview with a microblogging site on Daum,YOZM, Big Bang’s Seungri gave answers regarding his friendship with SNSD and other fellow entertainers which sparked interest among netizens.

In his answer, Seungri mentioned about himself and SNSD. Seungri said, “I’ve made a lot of contacts in this line. Although I used to be close to SNSD members, I could not really say it is the same nowadays, honestly. I will not mention further about it”.

Seungri also revealed that he has close friendship with 2PM’s Chansung, Kara’s Goo Hara, FT Island’s Choi Jonghoon, MBLAQ’s Thunder and Brown Eyed Girl’s Gain.


No Kpop artist invited to this year’s Kouhaku

November 24, 2010

Despite all the hype by the media and netizens, SNSD, Big Bang and Kara will not be participating in Japan’s year-end show, NHK’s “White and Red Song Battle” or most commonly known as just “Kouhaku”.

On November 24th, the list revealed by Oricon indicated that no Korean artists were invited to participate in the 61st edition of the “Kouhaku” which will be held on December 31st, 2010. Among the big names mentioned in the 44-participants roster are all Japanese top stars such as SMAP, AKB48, Koda Kumi, Ayumi Hamasaki, AAA, etc.

Some of the Korean singers who have made an appearance on the year-end show in the past are BoA, Jo Youngpil, Kaye Eunsook and TVXQ.

*Look on the positive side! The girls get a chance to welcome the new year back home and we get to see them on end of the year shows @ gayo daejun.


NHK Radio: 10-hour long broadcast on Kpop

September 17, 2010

Due to the popularity of SNSD, Big Bang and Kara in Japan, there will be a special 10-hour long broadcast on Kpop.

On September 17th, according to Japan’s media Sponichi, NHK-FM will broadcast a special 10-hour long program “KPOP 三昧 in Fukuoka” on September 20th.

The person in charge of the production of the program, Matasake Date PD was amazed by the popularity of Kpop girl groups in Japan. He said, “At first, we planned to have drama based music program. The craze for Kpop girl groups is beyond our expectation.”

Fans have sent in their request through the program’s website and on September 16th, about 600 requests were received. Most of the fans requested songs from SNSD, DBSK and the late Park Yongha who passed away in June this year.

Date PD revealed his excitement by saying, “The reactions from fans are overwhelming. I don’t think 10 hours are enough for me to introduce all the songs.”


2009 SBS Gayo Daejun

December 29, 2009
SNSD and f(x) performing 'Sorry Sorry' at SBS Gayo Daejun 2009

SNSD and f(x) performing 'Sorry Sorry' at SBS Gayo Daejun 2009

I tried and tried and still, I failed to stream. So sad. Anyway, thanks to our friends for their fast uploads. At least I still get to watch something tonight although not Live :(