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Happy Birthday, Sooyoung!

February 9, 2014

While some of us are busy with Lunar New Year and the upcoming Valentine’s Day, another special day has crept up to us and it is a day to be celebrated with much joy and happiness. February 10th, a special someone’s birthday and that special someone is no other than our dear and beloved Sooyoung.

Sooyoung, what are the first thoughts that come to mind when you think of her?

Her bright and cheerful personality? The light-up-your-day smile? Or that towering height and supermodel proportions?

To me, it is her heart of gold. Despite having packed schedules as a member of Korea’s top girl group Girls’ Generation, Sooyoung always found time to give back to society. Be it the ongoing Korea Retinitis Pigmentosa Society or the UNICEF Korea’s Santa Campaign last year, Sooyoung always had it in her heart to help others.

Besides the charities, she is always very thoughtful and caring too. She never forgot to thank fans for their support and also for every award they win. One way or another, she will thank the fans and her loved ones.

Her thoughtfulness extended further than just awards and charities. She always made sure to send her best wishes during major occasions like Chuseok or even taking the time to wish students good luck for their major examinations.

2013 was also a meaningful year for Actress Sooyoung. For the first time, she played the female lead of a drama for ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’. It was a captivating and fun drama; Sooyoung’s acting was so natural for her character and it was really endearing to watch her having fun in her role.

Other than her drama, Sooyoung was also active as an emcee. She was one of the co-hosts for the long-running SBS Midnight TV Entertainment. of which she also received recognition for at the SBS Entertainment Awards where she received the ‘MC Newcomer Award’. Besides that, Sooyoung also took up the MC roles for various big events such as the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival and the 2013 Women’s Film Festival.

With her model-like proportions and height, it was no wonder that Sooyoung frequently chosen for magazine photo shoots as well as fashion events including that of big brands like Burberry. Her impeccable fashion sense was also acknowledge at the 2013 Style Icon Awards where she received the ‘Best K-Style Award’.

2013 was a good year for Sooyoung and hopefully 2014 will be a better one especially since it kicked off with her good news in the beginning of the year. As always, we as fans, would like to wish Sooyoung a happy birthday!

Have a happy and healthy year ahead. Stay true to who you are, food lover, prankster and all, and we will wish for your happiness always.

Happy Birthday, Sooyoung!

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Happy Birthday, Yuri!

December 4, 2013

After years and years of writing nine birthday tributes annually to nine of the most special people around, you would think that ideas will eventually run dry because you can’t keep writing the same stuff year and year around. And that is, of course true, as I sometimes find myself blanking out in front of the computer like now, watching the little black line blinking on the white sheet in my word processing software.

Truth is, everyone who is reading this (thank you for reading btw) already knows and loves the girls and their quirky personalities as well as their dedication and passion for their jobs. Their appreciation for fans never goes unnoticed and the extra efforts they put into interacting and thanking fans make our love grow exponentially.

December is a month of mixed feelings; firstly, it is the last month of the year and it is the time when people either berate themselves for not doing enough in the year or congratulate themselves for doing a good job (it is usually the former though). December is also a merry and festive month thanks to Christmas and the upcoming New Year. Christmas songs are playing everywhere you go and Christmas decorations remind you of the season to give and to celebrate with friends and family.

But that is not all. December is also the last stop of our Soshi Express for the year; it is Yuri’s birthday month and it is another reason for celebrations 20 days before Christmas day. Our beloved Yuri turns 24 this year (or 25 by Korean age)!

2013 was significantly important for Yuri; she made her movie acting debut in the young and energetic swimming-themed ‘No Breathing’ alongside Lee Jongsuk and Seo Inguk. The movie did considerably well in Korea and will be making its premiere in many other countries in the coming month. I have not watched it but I have heard a lot of positive reviews about it as well as Yuri’s acting in it and that sounded like a good reason to catch it.

Besides that, Yuri sang two original soundtracks for the movie and you get to see her singing and playing the guitar in the movie! As if you needed another reason to watch it in the first place right? It is simply lovely to listen to her underrated voice in the songs and you should check them out if you haven’t.

Let’s see, Yuri is now a singer, dancer, movie and drama actress, part-time songwriter, ex-emcee, occasionally models for fashion magazines and of course, she’s still a student on top of all that. Oh right, she also became a coach on the dancing reality show ‘Dancing 9’ earlier this year with Hyoyeon! What else can’t our dear Yuri do?

Also, she is possibly one of the most athletic of the group and she has probably tried her hand in most sports. Honestly, I was expecting to see her swimming skill, which was boasted about by Sooyoung, in the swimming-themed ‘No Breathing’ but it never happened much to my despair (and everyone else’s).

If you have never attended any of Girls’ Generation’s solo concerts, you really should. Just save up and go for one. You will step out of it overflowing with love for them. If you think that Yuri is funny and dorky when you see her in variety shows and on stages, you will have to see her in concerts. That is when she goes hyper and becomes the most lovable dork you have ever seen.

Jumping around forming hearts over her head, running and teasing her group members and so much more. It never ends and you will love it. Sometimes I wish that I have nine pairs of eyes to look at all nine of them but it is just impossible and at the end of the all-too-short concert, you will feel like reliving it again.

Now, regardless whether it is winter or summer in your place at the moment, it is the day to celebrate – to celebrate the existence of our passionate, lovely, amazing, hardworking and dorky Yuri.

Yuri, Happy Birthday! We love you! Have a great time celebrating with your family and members!

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12 Reasons to Love Kim Hyoyeon!

September 21, 2013

In the second to last stop aboard the Soshi Express in 2013, we celebrate Miss Kim Hyoyeon’s birthday! The dorky, fun-loving, mischievous Hyoyeon is one of the laugh-inducing sources in the group and her one-of-a-kind personality and passionate attitude towards performing and dancing made her irreplaceable. Here’s 10 facts about Hyoyeon that you should know.

1. Kim Hyoyeon = Dancing Queen

You can’t call yourself a fan if you do not know that Hyoyeon is synonymous to a dance machine. She is THE dancing queen! If her series of dance performances on ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′ aren’t enough to convince you, I’m sure the hundreds or even thousands of videos in Youtube of her dancing will do the trick.

2. She rocks boy groups’ dances too!

Not only does she do well in various dances (pop, hip hop, dancesport, etc), she can very well beat boy groups at their own dances too! Check out this candid clip of her dancing to EXO’s ‘Growl’ during a broadcast radio show recently.

3. She’s athletic!

Look at her running and winning the race, leaving her group members in the dust without breaking a sweat! It is no wonder that Girls’ Generation members picked her as one of the most athletic in the group. Go Hyoyeon!

4. She has abs!

Anyone who has tried working out will know how hard it is to develop abs. Hyoyeon’s enviable abs only goes to show the hard work she has been putting in for practices and work outs over the years!

5. She’s a prankster and a troll!

Always the mood-maker in the group, she brings lots of laughter and energy with her trolling and pranks, often joined by her fellow chodings.

6. She’s funny!

She goes all out to be funny to the amazement and sometimes, horror of her group members! But no one can resist Hyoyeon’s humour (and crazy antics)! You’re the best!

7. She’s good with animals!

Well, in this case, she’s getting friendly with a donkey without a fear and what does donkey remind you of? Princess Fiona, of course! (Watch Intimate Note if you have no idea. Intimate Note is one of the most hilarious variety shows Girls’ Generation has ever taken part in!)

8. She’s violent!

Oh my god, what are you doing to your manager, Hyoyeon?

9. She’s not afraid to voice her thoughts!

Check out the video at 0:07 when Hyoyeon pointed out Yuri’s horrible singing!

10. She’s a gorgeous blonde!

Not everyone can pull off the blonde look but Hyoyeon managed to and she looks jaw-droppingly, knock-your-socks-off gorgeous!

11. She’s sexy too!

Okay, so she can be sexy in more ways than one without revealing much skin.

12. She has the most precious, heart-melting million-dollar smile :)

But of course, this hardly covers the tip of the iceberg to the wonderful person that is Kim Hyoyeon. And words will never be enough to describe this special and wonderful Dancing Queen and sunshine, who brightens up our lives.

With this, we wish Hyoyeon a very happy birthday!

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Happy birthday, Tiffany, our summer and sunshine!

July 31, 2013

As we step into the first day of August, it is perhaps a new start, a reset of the exhausted calendar or simply another month to come. For most of us, August marks the middle of summer or an indication of the approaching end of the season. Unless, of course, if you’re stuck in a tropical country with 365 days of summer like me, then it doesn’t really matter.

Other than a reminder to us to make the most of the rest of summer, August 1st is another important date for us. August 1st is important to celebrate the birthday of someone we know and love deeply – Tiffany Hwang.

Tiffany is turning 25 today (Korean age) and it is to our honour that we get to celebrate this meaningful day with our favourite and much-loved group for the past six years. With the years, Tiffany blossomed from an outgoing teenager with dreams of performing to a wonderful and confident young woman, who can carry herself well and is currently living what she dreamed of.

When you think of Tiffany, which of the four seasons come to mind? Spring, summer, autumn or winter?

Personally, Tiffany reminds me of summer. For 25 years, she has been charming people around her with her warm and friendly personality. Even with fans, her warmness envelopes you like the summer air, in a good way of course. Even when you’re just watching her in videos, she makes you feel happy and warm inside because her sincerity and passion shines through everything she does.

Her cheerful and bright personality is evident not only on stage but also in her real life and behind-the-scene interactions with her members, staff and fans. Throw in the prettiest and most sincere eyesmile you have ever seen and you get this wonderful person named Tiffany Hwang.

Somehow, when you mention summer, things that go hand in hand with it includes beaches, parties, swimming and basically all things fun outdoors that you can’t actually do in the colder seasons. Keyword: fun. Tiffany, who is always responsible and tries to help/manage her members like a manager (hence the Manager Hwang nickname), isn’t always serious and stern. She isn’t afraid to be goofy and have fun with her members, as seen on stage during their concerts, which made her all the more endearing and so lovable.

The best thing to counter the warm and sticky season is, of course, cold desserts and fresh fruits. Ice creams, popsicles, patbingsoo, watermelons and so much more. How could you possibly not want these refreshing desserts? And just when you think you know everything about Tiffany (like her obsession for all things pink), she does something to surprise you yet again. Like what? Let’s see. What about Lady Marmalade, Rolling in the deep, Call Me Maybe, putting on a boyish appearance for 1st Look magazine, interview Brad Pitt and not forgetting that failed first pitch at the Dodgers’ game a few months back?

One of the most important part of summer that can never escape one’s mind is the heat. The sweltering and scorching weather, the brightness of the sunlight reflected off every reflective surface that gives you an excuse to shop for a pair of stylish shades and so much more. It all comes down to one word – HOT!

Well, the same could be said about our birthday girl. She can put up a sweet, demure and girl-next-door appearance or she can decide to go all out to be lethally hot, so hot that it leaves you gasping for air or blinking in a daze. Yeap, that’s Tiffany Hwang. Don’t say that you weren’t warn before watching this.

While there is so much more to say about Tiffany, words can’t really do her justice; you just gotta embrace the love for this awesome person and learn about her with every single day. With this, all of us here at would like to wish Tiffany a happy birthday and may you achieve all your dreams but don’t forget to take care of yourself and stay happy always!

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Seohyun, Our Sunflower: A Birthday Tribute

June 28, 2013

Have you ever felt that awe-inspiring feeling when you look at rows and rows of grand and brilliantly-bloomed sunflowers in a sunflower field overlooking the blue sky and sunshine?

The breathtaking sight stops one in his or her tracks, while taking a moment to appreciate it. And this is also how I feel about Seohyun sometimes.

As we step into June 28th once again, we are celebrating maknae Seohyun’s birthday as well as another step in her transition from a young adult to an adult, where we bear witness with proud eyes from her growth as a teenager to the well-rounded adult that she is right now.

Like the sunflowers, Seohyun brightens up the lives of all that’s around her; her family, her members, friends, fans and so on. Her eager and enthusiastic look on life serves as a motivation or encouragement for those around her. She always tries to go to class whenever she can and she is always reading to gain more knowledge. What more can be said about this ready-to-learn attitude that we can definitely take a page from?

Sunflowers are relatively big flowers with strong, thick stem, which keeps them standing strong even in the wind. That is not unlike Seohyun; her unchanging and unwavering principles in life keeps the very sensible girl focused on her life and her future. After all, how many people do you know that looks up to an influential figure like Ban Kimoon as an idol?

Having grown up and bloomed very well over the years, Seohyun is more than just beauty and grandness at first sight. Getting to know this quirky girl with an equally interesting personality was a joy and a lesson in itself. Like the heliotropic young sunflower which chases the sun, Seohyun is ambitious and yet down-to-earth. She sets a goal for herself and she makes sure she does whatever she could to achieve it, which is hugely admirable.

However, Seohyun isn’t narrow-sighted at all; she has grown to be more versatile and fun-loving over the years, thanks to the company of the eight goofy and funny members that she spends most of her time with. Also, like the sunflower of many uses, Seohyun is equipped with many talents and skills, some of which are only achievable through hard work over time.

When our precious maknae isn’t too busy studying or learning new things, she does actually have a very cute and fun side as a prankster. Which isn’t always successful but I think it’s still really cute and precious. Check out the clips below!

And so, we would like to take this opportunity to wish Seohyun a very Happy Birthday! Never lose sight of your ambitions but don’t forget to have fun. You are perfect and precious just the way you are and enjoy your birthday with your unnies and fans!

A birthday celebratory ad in the newspaper for Seohyun’s 23rd birthday by fancafe Cistus.

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The Four Seasons of Im Yoona

May 29, 2013

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm’d;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his shade…

- An excerpt from William Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnet 18′

So, what’s with the sudden sonnet, you ask? Instead of writing the typical birthday tribute, I thought of writing it with a theme instead. Somehow, the sonnet was the first thing that came to mind when I thought of comparing Yoona to the four seasons. I guess those English literature lessons finally came to good use.

As we approach the end of May, we are stepping into the warm and humid summer season (in temperate countries anyway). So how do we liken our dear Yoona to summer? Good ol’ Willie put it in a wonderful way. Certainly, Yoona is more lovely and constant than a hot and sometimes stormy summer’s day. Like the contents of the sonnet, everything beautiful will gradually lose its beauty but strangely, the youth and beauty we see in Yoona never did fade. Instead, she somehow managed to continue keeping us in awe by getting more and more beautiful (if not goddess-like) throughout the years.

Like summer, Yoona always continues to amaze us with her bright and cheerful personality, not to mention that smile that brightens up your day, however bad it has been. She is one of those kind of unforgettable people that you will always remember once you have met her. She was one of the first members of Girls’ Generation that I got to know and there were no turning back ever since, because she and the rest of the group are like magnets pulling you in with their unwavering and passionate performances as well as their sometimes quirky and dorky personalities. And besides that, summer is the season to be outdoors, to embrace the sun and enjoy doing things you couldn’t in other cooler seasons. Perhaps that was why the outdoor wear company chose Yoona as their model – because of her charming and outgoing personality that fitted so well with the outdoors and nature.

After summer, we will witness the weather turning cooler and leaves starting to turn to a shade of crimson and brown before they start to fall and glide gently off the trees, often providing a beautiful scene to behold. It is autumn and it is a beautiful and melancholic but somewhat romantic season. The gentle breeze in autumn takes the humidity and heat off summer. Like scenic autumn, Yoona is often seen with a certain air of grace and poise except when she’s goofing off when the rest of the group or when she is laughing her head off (just metaphorically of course). She is the epitome of beauty and elegance when she needed to be, such as during important events or award ceremonies.

Other than the vibrant colours of nature, autumn also gives off a comfortable and cozy atmosphere; it is neither too cold or too warm to stay outdoors and it is the perfect setting for a walk in the park or just a stroll in the city. The same goes for Yoona. Despite being a huge star in Korea and everywhere else, she doesn’t give off a cold or diva-like feeling; she always seemed to be nice and friendly to people around her, be it fans or staff.

Now that we’re done with my favourite season of the year, we come to the chilling winter, which can get unforgivably cold in the early months of the year. While Yoona isn’t the ‘Ice Princess’ of the group, she has shown that she could pull off the cold image if she wanted to, such as in some photo shoots she has done over the years. It would be refreshing if she could challenge a cold character as an actress as it would be a huge contrast with her usually warmn and friendly image on and off dramas.

However, for most parts, Yoona is like the warmth that we seek in the middle of winter. Her cute and cheerful personality melts the coldest of hearts and that was probably how she won the affection and love from so many fans from all over the world. Also, winter is where the jolly season of Christmas falls and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Yoona and the rest of Girls’ Generation is perhaps the best gift we have ever received in our lives. Can you imagine how life would be if we never got to know them? No? Me neither.

And finally, spring – the season for love, the beautiful season for blooming flowers and chirping birds. Like spring, Yoona is always refreshing and you really can’t help but love her when you see the perfection that she is and that doesn’t change over the years. Whoever your biases are, you can’t deny that you will always have a soft spot for Yoona because she is that special. And spring, you know what people always says about it – it’s spring so love is in the air! Having always making an appearance on polls that go along the lines of celebrities you would want as your first love or celebrities you would want to date, I guess it is no surprise that people loves Yoona and there’s just no reason not to. She makes you feel like falling in love again and I guess that’s what spring is about too.

One of the highlights of spring is the blooming of the flowers to signal the end of winter, the end of the cold and the emptiness in nature while all goes to rest. It certainly wouldn’t be too much to say that Yoona has bloomed into one of the prettiest people I have ever seen. Her photos as a child and teenager were often shared whenever topics of celebrities’ younger days were brought up. She hasn’t changed much (you can tell it’s Yoona from the first glance at her younger self) and yet she managed to get more and more beautiful by day. Beauty isn’t just skin-deep though; the beauty of her heart and personality somehow manages to radiate on her person and made her perfect, or as close to perfection as anyone can get.

Spring gives off the happy and pleasant feeling – the same could be said about Yoona. She makes one feel like they are walking and bouncing with light steps; she makes one feel so dizzingly-happy like they could sing and dance in the streets accompanied by the spring air and the fragrance of blossoming flowers.

While words and photos aren’t enough to describe how lovely and wonderful Yoona is, we would like to take this opportunity to wish Yoona a very happy birthday! Be yourself always because we love you for who you are. Smile and take care always because we are always here for you. Now, enjoy your day and have a great year ahead!

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Happy Sunny Day: The A to Z of Sunny!

May 14, 2013

It’s May 15th and it’s a Sunny day today! In conjunction with Sunny’s 25th birthday, let’s take a look at the A to Z of the irreplaceable sunshine of Girls’ Generation!

Alcohol: Sunny’s drinking prowess is well-acclaimed by her members!

Birthday: Sunny shares the same birthday as her two older sisters!

Catch Me If You Can: Sunny played the role of Brenda twice in the Korean production of the Broadway musical; first, in the second quarter of 2012 and the second time from December 2012 to February 2013.

Dubbing: Sunny participated in dubbing (or voice-acting) for animated film ‘Koala Kid: Birth of A Hero’ with SHINee’s Taemin.

Energy pill: One of Sunny’s nicknames. Why? Just take a look at her famous aegyo!

Fashionista: While most of Girls’ Generation are fashionistas in their own rights, Sunny is the one who pulls off the best sporty-casual fashion, which is evident especially in airport photos!

Gamer: Apparently, Sunny’s an avid gamer and I’ll bet that she can probably beat the majority of us at it too!

Handsome: Sunny came top in a poll where she took the majority of being a female celebrity who is both pretty and handsome! Fellow member Yuri came in second.

Intelligent: Sunny is smart and agile when it comes to handling surprising incidents that happened out of the blue. Don’t believe me? Watch this.

Jitters: or the lack thereof. Have you seen her handling chickens, snakes and cow without fear?

Kuwait: Sunny was born in California but her family moved to Kuwait she was just an infant but due to the Cold War, her family moved to South Korea.

Lee Soonkyu: The endearing Korean name of Sunny. She once jokingly said that Soonkyu is her offstage personality/alter-ego while Sunny is the glamorous Girls’ Generation member that people see on stage.

MC: Sunny played the role of emcee for several shows including music shows ‘The M’ and ‘Music Island’ as well as major events such as the Super Joint Concert in Thailand in April 2013.

Nomination: In the 6th ‘The Musical Awards’ in 2012, Sunny was nominated for ‘Best New Actress’ for her role as Brenda in musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’.

Original Soundtracks (OSTs): Do you know that Sunny participated in several OSTs for dramas? In 2012, she sang ‘It’s Me’ with f(x)’s Luna for the ‘To The Beautiful You’ OST and previously, she has also lent her vocals to the OSTs of other dramas such as ‘Oh! My Lady’, ‘Heading to the Ground’ with Taeyeon and more.

Pyrotechnics: Even the bravest person has their weakness too! Sunny has a fear of loud noises and she still gets surprised at the sounds of pyrotechnics! Poor Sunny!

Quotable: If you look past that first impression of Sunny’s aegyo and cuteness, she is probably wiser than most of us. She said a lot of quotable things in recent times such as “It’s most rewarding when I hear that fans gained strength from watching Girls’ Generation. Girls’ Generation will put on more performances to give you strength so you can say those things for a long long time.”

Radio host: Sunny was a DJ for the radio show ‘Chunji’ until July 2008.

Slam Dunk: She once mentioned that her favourite manga is the sports-themed manga ‘Slam Dunk’. She also said that she enjoyed reading ‘One Piece’.

Talented: She is one of main vocals of the group, she dances, she acts, she models, she hosts events, tv programmes and radio shows plus she excels in variety shows. Need I say more?

Uncle: It’s a widely-known fact that SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo Man is Sunny’s uncle.

Variety shows: Sunny is well-known for being a variety-dol (an idol who excels and is entertaining in variety shows) and she has taken part in various variety shows such as ‘Invincible Youth’ with fellow member Yuri, ‘Invincible Youth 2’ with Hyoyeon and ‘Star Golden Bell’ in earlier days.

Witty: One of the factors of Sunny’s success in variety shows is probably her wit and humour, bringing the shows to life with laughter!

Xantrochroic: Initially, Sunny gave everyone a huge surprise when she appeared with short, blonde hair during ‘The Boys’ but I think it is safe to say that most of us fell in love with that cool and chic transformation!

Youthful: Ever since Girls’ Generation’s debut, Sunny has been given the nickname ‘fake maknae’ because she was often thought as the group’s youngest member!

Zealous: Sunny may have been the last to join the company and the group but she was by no means lacking. She had previously diligently trained for many years at another entertainment company before auditioning for SM Entertainment, nailing it and debuting as the last member of Girls’ Generation!

So, the A to Z of Sunny are just the tip of the iceberg for this lovable person that you have to get to know over time! Words and facts aren’t enough to show you how wonderful she truly is. And for now, while still on the never-ending path of getting to know her and loving her, we shall conclude this with a sincere birthday.

From all of us at, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNNY! We love you!

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Happy 25th Birthday, my dear princess!

April 17, 2013

Today is April 18th! It’s the time of the year again, the time when we celebrate the birth of our princess who rules our Sone World, the one who was also the one who placed fifth in the list of world’s most beautiful woman in 2012, Jessica Jung.

Jessica is exactly how a typical princess should be like – she whines, she demands for things and she loves to sleep in her chamber.

When she throws something, it will always fall not far from her feet no matter how far she aimed them at, and when she draws something, it will not resemble the original object or person.

But she’s just being Jessica and that’s her charms.

And we love this imperfect little princess.

She may not be an excellent ball pitcher, and she’s not really into head banging like her friends, but she’s not lazy. Yes, she’s not. Everything you believed was a lie. They even brainwashed us into believing that she was lazy with a subliminal song ‘Lazy Girl’. Sneaky, isn’t it?

Since late last year until mid-March this year, Jessica had been giving her all for her musical ‘Legally Blonde’. It was her second time reprising the role of the beloved blonde girl that made fellow group mate Tiffany jealous. And she did an amazing job yet again.

Amidst her musical practice was the preparation for Girls’ Generation comeback, and this princess managed to juggle them both even if it meant cutting down on her sleeping time. She still fulfilled her commitment to the musical even though she had to fly back and forth to Japan for Girls’ Generation second arena tour. Even when she was tired, she stood on the stage and stayed strong until the curtain call for the sake of the waiting audience and her hardworking cast mates. It was said that she even passed out after ending of one of the plays but she came back to fulfill her schedule the night after with a brighter Elle Woods.

“I need to become emphatic on my own. I need to do it because I’m Elle Woods, and that’s why I’m able to do it.”

That was a professionalism of a true star.

There was another misconception about Jessica – that she was a cold person. Don’t let her old nickname, Ice Princess fool you. She was the one who personally asked to meet the fan in the wheelchair who came to her musical. She asked for him and met him just to say thank you and to take photos together.

“A lot has changed. People call me ‘Ice Princess’ because I look cold at first glance, but I’m not. I may be shy, but I won’t be cold towards people I know.”

Whenever Jessica was with her baby sister Krystal, not a trace of her cold image can be seen. They have a close relationship that becomes the envy of others. The way they always look after each other made you wish you have an older or younger sister like them.

“She’s a friend that I can talk to about everyday life and give advice to. I want to protect her and be able to lead her in the right direction.”

Even though Jessica won’t be in Korea to celebrate her birthday with her family and baby sister, I am sure the lovely sisters will find a way to spend time together on the special day, be it a sweet phone call, a string of loving messages or selcas!

Happy birthday to Jessica Jung!!!

You are an amazing and beautiful woman with a warm heart, a great singer, a hardworking actress, a loving sister, a fashionista and one of the best idols we’ve ever seen.

We love you, your highness!

Written by: aienbest@twitter
Photo/video credits: Woorissica, RGB,,, Krystal’s me2day (,
Special thanks: foreversoshi@twitter for picking out the photos

Taeyeon, a birthday tribute – Some things never change

March 8, 2013

With time, things are always changing. Kim Taeyeon changes too. Even our ‘greatest leader in the universe’ is unable to stop the unstoppable; things like time, age, and popularity. From Kim Family’s Kim Taeyeon, to Girls’ Generation’s Kim Taeyeon, Korea’s Kim Taeyeon, Asia’s Kim Taeyeon, and now the world’s Kim Taeyeon. No one can change the fact that the group’s virus is spreading. Their beauty is no longer a patent of the fans; it’s now for the world to admire.

Yet we are not afraid. Separated by distance and time, overwhelmed by the changes, all we can feel is pride, never fear. This is because as fans who know our idols and our leader well, we know that time changes, age changes, popularity changes, but Kim Taeyeon never changes.

Some things about Kim Taeyeon never change. Looking at her, we get a sense of assurance, assuring us that no matter how high she goes and how far she gets away from us, she is still our Kim Taeyeon. SONEs’ Kim Taeyeon.

Taeyeon never changes.
In 2007, she was that dorky leader with a weird ahjumma laughter; in 2012, we see the same leader appearing in front of us. Each time we try to compare the past and present photos of her and sigh, “I see no difference!”, perhaps we should be grateful, that we have a leader who creates miracles – racing against time to keep the image her fans are fond of.

“A charismatic adult on the stage, a childish kid offstage.” – That’s how her fans comment about her.

A charismatic adult on the stage, never changes -
On stage, she’s a singer who puts all of her emotions into the song, those emotions that she fails to express in words.
Feburary 2008, a 20 year-old girl stood alone on the stage, facing the world that was watching her and the people she loves, proved herself with her strong vocal, and finally made an unprecedented splash.

June 2011, despite already getting used to her powerful voice, we were again amazed by a short intro to the song ‘Run Devil Run’ and Kim Taeyeon’s unlimited potential.

From 2008 to 2011, she might have changed from a girl singing love songs on the stage to one who roars like a devil with a black eagle outfit, but over the years, what never changed, is the true Kim Taeyeon we see.

A singer who brings energy and tears,
A singer who enjoys every performance,
A singer who influence fans with her charms and charisma.

When asked for the reason why she’s able to support Taeyeon with unchanging love, @tangpa (TAIJui) from twitter, as a fan of Taeyeon since debut, replied, “Besides being able to sing perfectly, beautifully and cutely, she also dances well. She is attractive in many ways, but above anything else, she possesses the most important charm of a singer – talent. Taeyeon’s voice is really great.. She looks beautiful when she sings on the stage, so lovely that I can have everlasting love for her! Never want to let go of her.” @tangpa’s comment simply summarises Taeyeon’s unchanging charms on stage over the years.

Taeyeon told us, “Performing for you is something enjoyable and fun. Whenever there is music programmes, I work to the best of my ability. I have found the way to enjoy it, because it’s something I have most confidence in. That’s when I close my eyes to enjoy without realising it.”

A childish kid offstage, never changes -

Yoona once commented on Taeyeon’s characters, “Extremely free and easy-going.” That explains ‘Kim Taeyeon offstage’. Bright, cute and potentially a gagwoman – that makes Taeyeon a ‘genius in entertainment’ in fans’ eyes. She might not be Sooyoung who displays professionalism on variety shows, but she is definitely a natural entertainer in real life.

“Taeyeon ssi, what is your weakness?”
“Unable to take down things from high places.”

‘Unintentionally sacrificing’ her image as an idol;
Shouting for ice-cream as the oldest members in the group;
Jumping around on the concert stage like a child;
Displaying an incomprehensible kind of love for a soft toy that no one would have noticed;
Capable of doing anything a child can do, convincing non-fans that Kim Taeyeon is the maknae of the group.

One simply cannot put up an act to resemble a child so much, for all these come from the natural character of Kim Taeyeon – cheerful, bright, easy-going, accompanied by milky skin, and forever unchanging baby face.

As a fan of Girls’ Generation for many years, @soshibrows (Cedge) from twitter talked about the reasons of supporting Taeyeon with unchanging love. He said, “My love is unchanging because Taeyeon is still the same adorable person. After all these years, she’s still more or less the same dorky, adorable, slightly 4D kid leader. The person who worked and works hard to fulfill her dreams. The girl who once stood on a bridge and yelled to the river, ‘나는 할수 있다 (I can do it)!’ The leader who tells her members to be careful of their image, yet lets loose with giant ahjumma laughs. Taeyeon may have gone through many styles and concepts (and haircuts…) through the years, but all of that is just garnishing, because what I love the most about her is her personality.”

“Taeyeon is still the same adorable person…. what I love the most about her is her personality.” A simple comment from a fan explains Kim Taeyeon’s attractiveness off the stage. Just like how she remains the same even a long time passes, our love for her stays unchanged.

“Keeping our love unchanging for you”, this precious line from the song ‘Into the New World’ has been a promise between us since 2007. We are able to keep this promise, because our precious leader enabled us to do so. Our kid leader, the unchanging kid leader.

The relationship between Kim Taeyeon and her members never changes.

Being the eldest member, the heavy responsibility of supporting the group was placed onto her shoulder almost automatically. A leader is supposed to guide, control and perhaps, command. But Kim Taeyeon never does so. Being mild and gentle in nature yet having the obligation to lead, she adopted an unique approach to establish an unique relationship with her members -

“A friend-like leader”, that’s how the members described her.

When she was asked, “To Taeyeon, what does Girls’ Generation mean to you?”, she said, “My family, the last people left for me.” She never appears as the leader of the group, but instead, the head of the family. The head of the family who loves her family members unconditionally. She respects their choices, comments, gives them care. She said, “I’m said to be the leader, yet it seems that I’m not doing anything that resembles a leader. At one point of time, all our 9 members became leaders. That’s why I do not like it when people say, ‘It’s Taeyeon the leader’. I hope that we can lead the group together, because in sad or difficult times, we have no one (to rely on) but 9 of us.”

Since when did Kim Taeyeon stop introducing herself as ‘Kid leader Taeyeon’? It seems that the word ‘leader’ has disappeared from her mouth for years. All we see right now, is a family head showing care and concern for her family members silently, everywhere she goes.

Fixing hair for members, helping with their image management, hugging them whenever in need, holding back her tears so that she can comfort her crying members. When these little yet heartwarming moments never fail to make a third party like us to think that “Sure enough, I am loving the right person”, we can already respect how members feel towards her.

Sooyoung told her, “Thank you so much for becoming a leader with the aura of leadership . Because you are the balance in the group, we can maintain our relationship as good friends. This is why I feel grateful that you are a friend-like leader to us.”

Kim Taeyeon – a friend-like leader for the members indeed.

Taeyeon never wanted to declare herself as a leader, yet she is born to be one. Perhaps because she is the oldest member, perhaps because her small yet firm shoulders look reliable, if you observe carefully, members tend to find her the best support in times of need.

Careful and observant, Taeyeon seems to understand the troubles each and every members faces. Being someone who does not know how to express herself, she tends to neglect her own feelings and instead, puts all of her attention on her members. Baby face and dorky behaviours cannot change the fact that Kim Taeyeon is the eldest, and perhaps most experienced member in the group. 2008 was the year that made her grow up – solo activities in the darkest time the group ever faced, working alone to fight against their fate. When she worked so hard that she lost weight naturally and almost fainted, a young girl was in the process of becoming a sensible and mature adult. Since then, she has always been the pillar of the team, never changed.

Yoona said, “Whenever I have troubles, I will always consult Taeyeon unnie.”
Sunny told her, “I rely on you the most, you are my closest friend who knows all my secrets. I’m always thankful, because I trust you and I have been relying on you.”

Kim Taeyeon – a leader-like friend for the members indeed.

And this defines the ‘unique relationship’ that never changes between Taeyeon and the members.

The relationship between Kim Taeyeon and her fans never changes.

Taeyeon has never made any detailed explanation on her relationship with the fans. Perhaps the only time she tried to define it, she said, “We have established a relationship where there is no need for words, we know everything just through eye-contact.”

That was back in 2008, and she has always been right about it.
“A relationship where there is no need for words.” At least to Taeyeon, the word ‘love’ is way not enough to express how she feels towards us. So, what can more accurately define this feeling? Like what she has said, we can try to understand her through eye-contact. Whenever she stares into the fans’ eyes, we are able to feel something more than love, something beyond love. No one can obtain a definite answer from it, but through years of observation, we can in fact figure it out — ‘Gratitude’.

To Taeyeon, ‘thank you’ is definitely a more valuable and meaningful word than ‘I love you’. To put it straight, an idol is never able to fall in love with each and every of her fans, although ‘I love you’ is commonly used on the fandom as a whole. Yet an idol can sincerely feel grateful towards every single one of us. If we put into context, ‘because I love them’ is how Girls’ Generation members drive Taeyeon to work, ‘because I’m grateful to them’ is how fans motivate her.

All these years, Kim Taeyeon has always been trying to convey this message to her fans, she takes every opportunity to express this, though being someone inexpressive.

Thank you fans, thank you SONE.
Thank you for always being there since we met;
Thank you for being the only support for us in the darkest moments;
Thank you for being the only group of people who understand us when there were misunderstandings;
Thank you for always giving us all your love through the years;
Thank you for being my energy, my hope, my vitamin.

‘Thank you’ is a phrase that follows her everywhere. When she gets to speak, she says it; When she stands on the stage without a mic, she mouths it; When she can’t be seen, she conveys the message through UFOs; When she can’t be heard, she writes it on iPad or uses eye-contact.

She told us, “The friends whom I feel most grateful for, people who share my feelings with me – SONE, thank you very very much. As you all share happiness and grief together with me, I feel grateful and sorry at the same time.”

“SONEs are the best, always grateful, my energy!!”

“I’m always thinking about you all, feeling thankful, please be careful of flu.”

She said to her overseas fans, “People who can share and feel my emotions exist even far away across the oceans.. so I wish to only give you more happiness.”

‘Gratitude’ is not something she feels only at certain moments. This word, together with SONE, are always in her heart. After so many years, thanking her fans has become a habit for her, and this will go on forever, never changes.

They sang to us, “Although as time passes, we may change.”

This is when we are reminded that although some things in them never change, they will still grow up and become mature ladies. Although Taeyeon remains as cute, it may surprise you sometimes when you see the change in her image. Losing the baby fat on her cheeks, becoming thinner, the use of heavier make-up, all these are signs of her maturity. Yet this does not contradict to what we have discussed earlier on, because what stays in Taeyeon’s heart did not change.

All we have to do, is to watch her grow up, and walk on together with this precious leader who stays unchanged for her loved ones.

They sing, “Although as time passes, we may change”, but they added, “Let’s not let go of our hands, just for love, let’s let this be our last love forever.” This is a promise assuring us that our relationship will go on forever without change.

Taeyeon grows up, but we will grow up with her. Taeyeon becomes mature, and we will become mature with her. Taeyeon will go onto a higher stage, we will walk on together with her as her support. Some things in Taeyeon never change. Those things in us will never change too.

“Even after a long time passes, I want to dream with you forever.”
We are her fans, we are together, forever.

With this, we wish Taeyeon a happy 25th birthday!

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