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'Run Devil Run' set to conquer Music Charts

March 17, 2010
Run Devil Run released!

Run Devil Run released!

The title is neither ‘Run’ nor ‘Devil’ but a combination of the two…lol…I got fooled.

After the release of its MV teaser on the 16th and Mp3 on the 17th, SNSD will unleash ‘Run Devil Run’ on Music Bank on the 19th. Fanscan finally witness the display of Lisette Bustamante’s masterpiece by the nine sexy, fierce and stunning Black Soshi on stage.

Composed by Busbee(US), Alex James (UK), Kalle Engstrom (Sweden) and a few other composers from around the world, ‘Run Devil Run’ is not only catchy but also injects a whole new feeling of freshness to the girls’ concept. The song was recorded by Kesha as a guide song (demo song) back in 2008 before her debut and therefore, Kesha does not have any rights on the song . Thus, SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run’ is the first official release of the song and SM has legal rights on it. So, there’s no plagiarism issue here. So, please don’t keep bringing up this issue because it’s ‘no fun no manners’…lol

The full MV of ‘Run Devil Run’ will be released on the 18th of March at 12.00am (KST). Sones and Kpop lovers can expect some very energetic, powerful and sexy dance moves to match the mood of the title track. Netizens will probably be interested in the outfits as well. I am wondering how many different outfits they have for their on stage performance.

This is definitely a chart-topping track and I will not be surprised if it does better than ‘Oh!’. It’s gonna be daebak for sure.

SNSD's Repackaged 2nd Album title track – Devil or Run?

March 16, 2010
Title track - Devil ?

SNSD's Repackaged Album title track - Devil or Run ?

About 13 hours ago, after the Black Soshi MV teaser was released, netizens started to guess the title of the mysterious follow-up song. At the end of the MV, there is a voice saying ‘run….run…run’ and netizens thought that the title might be ‘Run’. It seems rather possible until a few hours later when something came up on SBS Inkigayo’s website as shown below:

Devil showed up in the list

Devil showed up in the list

So, is this the title track? We can’t be 100% sure but it does carry a high possibility. It was taken out moments later from the list though but I guess it was too late…lol.

Credits: bossa747 via Twitter / BoA44 @ Soompi

….but the drama did not end there. A few minutes ago, Lisette Bustamante tweeted something about the ‘Run’ MV and she actually mentioned ‘Run’. Since netizens assumed the title track to be ‘Run’, perhaps she was just trying to go with the flow and it may not be ‘Run’ after all, knowing that SM wants to keep it as a secret for now.

Lisettes tweet

Lisette's tweet no.1

There are two possibilities now:
1. As mentioned, Lisette maybe referring to ‘Devil’ when she mentioned about ‘Run’ because she might be aware of the confidentiality of the title track.
2. ‘Run’ and ‘Devil’ are both in the repackaged album. One of them is the title track.

Lisettes tweet no.2

Lisette's tweet no.2

Lisette’s tweet cancelled the second possibility and according to her tweet, she has no idea of the exact title. So, most probably ‘Devil’ is the title track.

Credit: lisetteslife via Twitter

Black Soshi MV teaser is out!!!

March 16, 2010
Its fierce,its sexy, its total hotness!

It's fierce,it's sexy, it's total hotness!

It’s fierce and I got killed by the sexiness!!! Rumor has it that the title of the song is called Run. Did you guys notice the action at 0:17? I think the girls teased us at Lotte World at the end of their ‘Oh!’ performance. No one would have thought of it…lol. The Mp3 will be out tomorrow, 17th of March and the repackaged album will be released on the 22nd of March. I love the concept. This is really gonna be EPIC! Enjoy the teaser below!

aslotussradio @ You Tube

Black Sooyoung and Black Hyoyeon are out!!!

March 13, 2010

Black Hyoyeon

Black Hyoyeon

Black Sooyoung

Black Sooyoung

Just when i was wondering when will the next two photos will be released, the Black Dancing Queen and the Black Shikshin were unveiled. So, I got it wrong again. My guess was Sunny and Sooyoung. Well, at least I got one right..kekeke. Well, 4 more to go. By the way, I love that mole on Sooyoung’s face. Sexy!!!!

Black Taeng and Black Maknae unveiled!

March 12, 2010

Black Taeyeon

Black Taeyeon

Black Seohyun

Black Seohyun

After the release of Black Yuri, Black Taeyeon and Black Seohyun were unveiled. Honestly, I did not expect Taeyeon will be unveiled so soon. So, guessing game time again. Who’s next? We’re down to 6 black soshis to go. I’m hoping Sunkyu will be next.

Black Soshi to be released on 18th of March

March 11, 2010
Black Soshi Release date - 18th of March, 2010. Teaser? MV? Mp3?

Black Soshi Release date - 18th of March, 2010. Teaser? MV? Mp3?

Today, there was an update on SNSD’s Official Website telling fans that the Black Soshi will be released on Thursday, 18th of March. However, I’m not sure whether 18th is the release date of the MV teaser, MV or the Mp3. Hmmm…curious!!!