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Girls’ Generation, the new faces of Lotte Departmental Store

April 1, 2012

On April 1st, Korea’s biggest departmental store, Lotte Departmental Store has officially appointed Girls’ Generation as their models. The girls will be carrying out their activities as models for Lotte Departmental Store for 1 year, starting March 2012 and they are expected to be featured on various advertising media such as brochures, DM, TV advertisements, outdoor advertisements, etc.

In the past, Lotte Departmental Store had selected female actresses with smart and friendly image as models. Starting from 2007, in order to promote its cultural departmental store image, ballerina Kang SooJin and poet Park DongKyu and other art and cultural figures were appointed as models as well.

This time around, it is none other than the 9 young and beautiful angels of Girls’ Generation who will be the new faces of Lotte Departmental Store. According to a representative of the departmental store, with the variety of lively, young and fashionable image possessed by all 9 Girls’ Generation members, Lotte Departmental Store hopes to deliver its trendy image that would appeal to its customers.

Girls’ Generation’s trendy fashion sense which can be witnessed through broadcast or various paparazzi cuts, was known as the main criteria that firmly supported their appointment as models. In addition to that, each 9 members have their own different concepts, expressing the variety of the personalities of the young generation as well as the difference in personal preferences. Lotte Departmental Store also hopes that its ‘Global Departmental Store’ image could be established, especially among customers from foreign countries who visit Korea frequently.

Chief of Lotte Departmental Store’s Marketing Department said, “In general, customers in their teens to 20s who can be classified as ‘young customers’ is a significant customer group as they made up 30% of total customers in the departmental store. By selecting the most preferred figures, Girls’ Generation as the new models, the ‘young image’ that reaches out to this group of customers would be established. In the future, we will keep on working very hard to make Lotte Departmental Store a pleasant and enjoyable departmental store for our customers”.


Yuri appointed as model for cosmetic brand Mamonde

March 30, 2012

Yuri who recently received praises for her acting in drama ‘Fashion King’, was appointed as the new face for Amore Pacific Mamonde.

A representative of Mamonde said, “Yuri who has been receiving love from men and women of all ages because of her outstanding talents and friendly image has been selected as the model for Mamonde”.

The representative further elaborated, “Through the appointment of Yuri, a Hallyu star who possesses a clean and lively charm as a model, we are hoping that she could further strengthen the image and position of Mamonde as a global brand along with Choi SiWon, who was appointed as the first male model for Mamonde last year”.

Yuri who will be carrying out her activities as a solo model for a cosmetic brand for the first time expressed her excitement by saying, “It feels great to be selected as a model for Korea’s leading brand mamonde. In the future, please anticipate the various charms that I will be presenting along with Mamonde”.

The TV CF and online videos are expected to be revealed in April.


Photos from the set of new CF revealed

March 17, 2012

Recently, according to a Twitter post by production staff in charge of a CF shooting, it was revealed that Girls’ Generation are shooting a CF for one of Korea’s major credit card companies, Lotte Card. The girls’ shining charms and beauty were captured in the photos tweeted by the production staff.

In the revealed photos, each of the girls were wearing one-piece spangle dress and they were seen having conversations with the CF production staff.

Netizens who saw the photos gave various reactions and commented, “Girls’ Generation are shooting CF, I see”, “Taeyeon’s red blanket is cute”, “The members look a bit tired there”, “When can we watch the CF?”, etc


J.Estina unveiled 2012 S/S advertisement visual

December 28, 2011

J.Estina revealed its Girls’ Generation’s 2012 S/S advertisement visual and the first image (for J.Estina’s handbag) which was released recently features Taeyeon, who gives out the feeling of spring with her white blouse and yellow mini skirt.

The attractive vivid yellow purse selected by Taeyeon is one of the items from the BONBON line. The golden macaron-shaped tiara logo is a symbol of the modern and elegant design of the purse.

For this shoot, with the combination of Girls’ Generation’s fresh and youthful smile, light-colored costumes representing the S/S season as well as J.Estina’s new Jewellery collection, the impression of bright sunshine during the spring season can be felt despite the winter’s sub-zero temperature.

From some of the J.Estina’s advertisement visuals revealed on December 27th, Girls’ Generation are featured as romantic modern-day princess where each of the 9 members will be showcasing their various unique charms.

Girls’ Generation who are always busy with their schedules participated in the shooting from early morning till late night. However, their various poses, bright smiles and energetic appearances had brighten up the atmosphere of the shooting set.


Girls’ Generation to promote JCE’s game series ‘Freestyle Sports’

December 15, 2011

On December 15th, A representative of JCE (, Song InSoo confirmed the appointment of Girls’ Generation as their models to promote the company’s representative game series brand name ‘Freestyle Sports’. JCE kicked off its marketing activities by introducing Girls’ Generation as the characters in the games.

Taking their very first shot at star marketing, JCE selected Girls’ Generation as their promotional models for winter game titles ‘Freestyle’, ‘Freestyle Football’ and ‘Freestyle 2′ which are bundled into a single game series called ‘Freestyle Sports’.

The characters in each of the games in ‘Freestyle Sports’ consists of 3 Girls’ Generation members. In the future, more updates on the winter ‘Freestyle Sports’ series will be made available through various online and offline promotions.

JCE’s representative, Song InSoo said, “The Freestyle Series which is the representative of Korea Republic’s online sports game matches well with Girls’ Generation image as the nation’s representative girl group. Since ‘Freestyle Sports’ and Girls’ Generation are both loved by many male fans, this collaboration would have a positive synergy effect towards one another”.

Ahead of the launch of Girls’ Generation characters, an event called ‘Guess the appearance of Girls’ Generation members in each game!’ will be organized from December 15th onwards. At the same time, the event which invites fans and gamers alike to guess ‘which 3 members appear in which game’ will also be conducted through the websites of ‘Freestyle’, ‘Freestyle Football’ and ‘Freestyle 2′. One can participate in the event after logging into the sites and leave comments. The winner of the ‘Girls’ Generation Character’ products will be determined via lucky draws.

Information about the ‘Freestyle Sports’ with Girls’ Generation events and other updates can be obtained from ‘Freestyle”s official site (, ‘Freestyle Football”s official site ( and
‘Freestyle 2”s official site (

Enjoy the official teaser below!


Seohyun selected as the new brand model for The Face Shop

September 20, 2011

On September 20th, The Face Shop announced that maknae, Seohyun has been appointed as the new brand model for the Korean-based retailer of body, skin care and make-up products.

Seohyun will be promoting alongside existing models Kim HyunJoong, WonBin and Park MinYoung for a period of 1 year and she will be appearing on The Face Shop’s TVCF for its new product, ‘Arsainte Eco-Therapy Tonic Weed Essential’ starting next month.

A representative of The Face Shop said, “By appointing Seohyun, who is popular not only in overseas but within Korea among teens to those in the 40s, as the brand model, we would be able to increase The Face Shop’s brand awareness among customers of various age groups”.


Soshi effect gave Woongjin Coway a 400% boost in sales

August 31, 2011

According to Woongjin Coway on August 31st, the company’s sales have risen 400% in the 2nd quarter of 2011 compared to the 2nd quarter of last year, all thanks to SNSD who was selected to be the models for Woongjin Coway’s ice water purifier.

In March this year, Woongjin Coway signed an exclusive model contract with SNSD to promote their new products by taking advantage of the friendly-image displayed through the ‘Coway, Take Care of Mom’ campaign. To strengthen their image as Korea’s no.1 water purifier brand, Woongjin Coway aims to expand their market to customers in their 20s – 30s.

According to a representative of Woongjin Coway, particularly, after YoonA’s ‘Self-sterilizing Ice Water Purifier’ advertisement in June this year, the sales of the new product has gone up by 38% compared to the sales of existing ice water purifier.

Woongjin Coway’s Marketing Communication Team leader, Kim JoonHyun said, “The sales of the ice water purifier have gone up 4 times compared to the same quarter last year. The huge contribution of SNSD’s advertisement on product awareness and increase in purchase can be seen clearly”.


YoonA to take up rock-climbing challenge in LA instead of Australia

August 5, 2011

YoonA is scheduled to embark on a rock-climbing challenge in a mountainous region in Los Angeles (LA) on August 8th. The rock-climbing challenge is part of YoonA’s advertisement shoot for outdoor clothing brand, Eider.

For the purpose of the shoot, YoonA will not be acting out the rock-climbing movements but in fact, she will be scaling the actual tough, rocky surface in LA. Because of this, YoonA, in the midst of her busy schedules with SNSD, has taken about a month to practice climbing artificial rock surfaces at a rock-climbing training centre in Seoul. The girls are currently having their vacation but YoonA is spending her holidays to practice rock-climbing ahead of her shooting sessions in LA.

YoonA and actor Lee Minho was schedule to shoot in Australia but due to safety issues related to climate change, the location has been changed to LA instead. Because of their respective schedules, YoonA and Lee Minho were only able to practice rock-climbing together for the first time on August 2nd.

An official who monitored YoonA’s rock-climbing practice hinted, “I’m sure YoonA is very busy due to SNSD’s activities but it seems that her rock-climbing technique is pretty good. I think she is ready for the actual rock-climbing”.

Recently, photos of YoonA’s rock-climbing practice which were uploaded on SNSD’s fancafe ‘HwaSuEunHwa’ and other online fan community sites have garnered a lot of interest among fans and netizens.

For the shooting session involving rock-climbing activities in LA, YoonA and Lee Minho will be fully equipped with safety devices and instructions as well as information from rock-climbing experts.


It’s all about ‘Girls and Chicken’

May 26, 2011

Photos of SNSD at the new Goobne Chicken CF shooting set were recently revealed.

On May 26th, choreographer Hwang SangHoon tweeted, “Girls and Chicken” and attached some photos of SNSD members at the shooting set. From some of the photos shared by SangHoon, the girls were in the midst of the CF shooting. On other photos, Hyoyeon, YoonA and Taeyeon were seen holding drumsticks in their hands while posing with playful looks and cute smiles on their faces.

Netizens commented, “Laser came out from Hyoyeon’s eyes”, “Where is Seohyun?”, “Cute”, etc.