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2AM’s ChangMin revealed the ‘Fishing Village Couple’ shot

March 16, 2012

2AM’s ChangMin and Sunny transformed into ‘Fishing Village Couple’.

On March 16th, 2AM’s ChangMin tweeted through his personal Twitter account, “‘Invincible Youth’…kekekeke…Praying that 2AM’s album will be daebak (having great achievement). This is the ‘Fishing Village Couple’ shot..kekeke….Now, we are ~ going to work” and along with it, he attached a photo taken with Sunny.

In the photo, ChangMin and Sunny were both posing in their respective working clothes.

Netizens who saw ChangMin’s tweet and the photo gave various reactions and commented, “They’re cute~”, “They look just like uncle and niece, don’t they?”, “Girls’ Generation fighting! 2AM fighting!”, etc.

Meanwhile, 2AM are in the midst of promoting their new song ‘You Are Just Like Me’.


2AM’s Changmin awakened by Sunny’s MMS

June 1, 2011

2AM’s Changmin revealed a message he received from Sunny.

On June 1st, Changmin revealed through his Twitter, “In the early morning, I was awakened by an MMS sent by SoonKyu (Sunny) with the message, ‘We divided the letter M into half’”.

새벽에 잠에서 잠시 깼었다가 .. 순규가 온 MMS에 잠이 확 달아났다..."우리 서로 M을 나눈 사이"라묘... 헉!

The photo attached with the MMS was a capture from the broadcast of the cable music show ‘MTV The M’ where both Changmin and Sunny appeared with bright smiles on their faces.