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Music Bank to spread its wings to US, China, Europe and Vietnam!

July 28, 2011

KBS 2TV’s music programme “Music Bank” will be spreading the Korean Wave fever to the US, China and Europe through its World Tour.

KBS entertainment director Jeon JinGuk revealed, “We are preparing for Music Bank World Tour” when he met the reporters at Yeoio-do in Seoul on the 27th of July.

According to Director Jeon JinGuk, KBS will be bringing its large-scale K-pop concert to New York (October 2011), China (November 2011), Vietnam and Europe (in 2011).

He also said, “The concert in China will be an extended version of the Korea-China Song Festival. The timing for a concert in Vietnam will be just right as it coincides with the 20th anniversary of Korea-Vietnam Diplomatic Ties and therefore, we will have a big Korean Wave concert in Ho Chi Minh City.”

He added, “KBS is also having further discussions with the European organizers on the concert, where popularity of Korean celebrities is raising rapidly.”

On the other hand, ‘Music Bank’ is expanding towards being the representative of all music programmes in Korea with more than 70 countries broadcasting the programme simultaneously. Recently, ‘Music Bank in Tokyo: Kpop Festival’ was held in Tokyo Dome, Japan and the successful huge-scale concert attracted about 43,000 fans.

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What a memorable Saturday for Chinese fans

April 24, 2011

On April 23rd, Samsung invited SNSD for a fanmeeting event and also the premiere of their new IT products in Beijing’s CGV Star International Movie City situated next to the Bird’s Nest Stadium.

At the venue, Samsung showcased their new 3D TV as well as Premium Laptop Series 9 and other various IT products. Besides that, visitors/fans had the opportunity to watch SNSD’s live performances of ‘Hoot’, ‘Oh!’ and ‘Gee’, tried out Samsung’s new products, took part in lucky draws and had photo sessions with SNSD.

During the event, the girls also answered questions about the Samsung products they are using and places they wanted to go in Beijing.  In reply to the MC’s question Yuri said that she is using a Samsung printer. Tiffany on the other hand, revealed that she is using a pink laptop, which triggered loud cheers from the fans. About the place that they wanted to go, the girls mentioned the ‘Great Walls of China’.

A representative of Samsung revealed, “Last year, SNSD endorsed Samsung in China and received many good responses. We believe they would largely contribute to the growth of Samsung’s market in China”.

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Chinese racing queens go ‘shoot shoot shoot’!

February 24, 2011

Recently, in China’s online community, a video of Chinese racing queens dancing to “Hoot” was uploaded. In the video, the racing girls are wearing traditional Chinese dress, ‘chipao’. While emphasizing on their leg lines, their dance performance of ‘Hoot’ was impressive.

Netizens commented “They’re pretty”, “Where is this? I want to watch them perform” and “Their body lines are awesome”.

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Netizens amused by Chinese girl group’s parody of ‘HaHaHa Song’

February 24, 2011

China’s girl group, Daydream Factory, parodied SNSD’s “HaHaHa Song”

Recently, Daydream Factory recorded their own version of SNSD’s “HaHaHa Song” and even released a Music Video. They also attracted attention by directly copying SNSD’s hairstyle and costumes.

However, even copying and remaking requires talents and skills. They focused too much only in parodying SNSD, resulting in poor vocal and choreography.

In the Music Video, there were library as well as track-and-field scenes. These scenes did not match the song at all. Furthermore, they also took Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”‘s choreography.

Korean netizens’ reactions were rather negative. They commented “Let’s just take it as a joke.” “Not everyone can be SNSD.”

What do you think? Here’s the video of the parody!

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SNSD wants to cover Asia in pink

November 1, 2010

On November 1st, SM Entertainment representative Kim Youngmin and SNSD attended the Foreign Press Conference at Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Seoul Press Center to talk about matters pertaining to their overseas activities and future plans.

Kim Youngmin attributes SNSD’s success to three main factors – abilities, planning and adaptability to media changes. SNSD, whose success becomes the envy of many singers in United States and Europe, are committed to conquer the Asian market.

In matters related to the Chinese market, Kim Youngmin said that the girls who had a concert in Shanghai and recently in Taiwan have been learning Chinese since their debut. For their performances in Asia, they have learned many different things as well. He hopes that in the future, there will be opportunites for the girls to perform in China again.

Here are the video clip (up to 2:56 only) and photos of the press conference today:

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November 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press ConferenceNovember 1st - Foreign Press Conference


Soshi in ancient times

October 19, 2010

Composite pictures of SNSD in ancient chinese costumes have garnered much interest among netizens.

On October 16th and 17th, the girls were in Taipei for the Into The New World 1st Asia Tour Concert and it was a successful concert where the 2-day show recorded an attendance of 24,000, the largest turnout ever for foreign artists in Taiwan. Of course, as we know, breaking records is not something new for the girls. They break records wherever they go.

The girls are popular not only in Korea but also in China, Japan, Taiwan and other countries. SNSD enjoyed massive popularity within a short period of time and they have helped in opening doors for new generation of Hallyu stars to enter foreign markets.

How do the nine lovely girls look like if they were born in ancient times? Recently in China, the composite pictures of the girls in ancient Chinese costumes have become a hot discussion topic. The pictures portrayed the girls’ timeless beauty.

Netizens who have seen this portraits commented:

- “I would love to be born in the ancient time”
- “They look very good in ancient costumes”
- “They are rare beauties too”