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Brighten up your Christmas with Girls’ Generation emoticons

December 16, 2011

In conjunction with the Christmas season, the Girls’ Generation emoticons for Kakao Talk were introduced.

The emoticon which features Sunny, Seohyun and Hyoyeon carries the message ‘Merry Christmas’ while the Jessica-Tiffany-YoonA’ emoticon sweetens up one’s Christmas mood with the message ‘I love you’. The ‘Sooyoung-Taeyeon-Yuri’ emoticon on the other hand, contains the message ‘Well done’.

In addition to that, there are also emoticons of each member with cute messages. Besides Girls’ Generation, Kakao had also released the anti-Christmas version of emoticons featuring comedians Kim WonHyo and Kim JoonHyun.

This Christmas season emoticons for Android smartphones can be purchased at 1000 Won per character.


‘Christmas Fairy Tale’ with Girls’ Generation

November 29, 2011

SONEs, a Christmas Special show featuring Girls’ Generation is coming your way!

On November 29th, a staff of MBC told OSEN, “Girls’ Generation are in the midst of preparing for a special show, entitled ‘Christmas Fairy Tale’. Girls’ Generation will be adapting the fairy tales they like as the concept for their solo concert”.

The staff added, “The show is scheduled to be aired at 12.20am KST on December 25th. The highlight of the special show would be the performances by Girls’ Generation and the other guests. Currently, we are still in the midst of discussion about the cast and other details of the show”.


SNSD received big cheers on ‘Music Core Christmas Special’

December 25, 2010

SNSD received big cheers from the crowd at the MBC ‘Show! Music Core Christmas Special’ today for two reasons – splendid powerful performances and Tiffany’s comeback. Tiffany came back not only as one of the performers but also one of the MCs along with Yuri.

After more than a month, Korean fans finally got to see all 9 girls on stage and Tiffany’s comeback date is easy to remember as it falls on Christmas, December 25th. On today’s ‘Music Core’, SNSD performed the short version of ‘Oh!’ followed by the full version of ‘Hoot’ in their lovely white costumes, the similar costumes they put on at Melon Music Awards on December 15th.

Here are the girls performances on ‘Music Core’ today: (screen captures)/CrazyCarrot270@YouTube

Craving for pizza this Christmas

December 20, 2010

Usually I don’t bother looking at ads but I’ll make an exception whenever SNSD appear in it. Although it’s a very short 21-second CF, the cute and lovely santarinas and the delicious-looking new ‘Chasyu Chasyu Pizza’ makes me want to eat nothing else but Pizza for this Christmas. Here’s the Christmas version of Domino’s Pizza’s CF for the newly released ‘Chasyu Chasyu Pizza’, featuring SNSD.

Credit: dominostory3082@YouTube

Sunny’s cute mistake @ Lotte World Free Christmas Concert

December 19, 2010

On December 17th, the girls performed ‘Oh!’ and ‘Gee’ at the Lotte World Free Christmas Concert right after KBS Music Bank Year-End Special. If you noticed, they actually wore the same lovely blue costumes for the Lotte World concert as well.

Something funny happened during the ‘Gee’ performance. Sunny seemed to have ‘created her own lyrics’ at 7:23 (the video below) and Yuri could not stop laughing and in fact, other girls too, notably Sooyoung and YoonA. There were some cute SunRi moments after that and Sunny was laughing throughout the performance. She must be wondering how she came up with those ‘new lines’…LOL.

Here are some of the SunRi moments captured from the fancam:

Probable conversation that took place – Yuri: OMG.. what was that?

Probable conversation that took place – Sunny: Stop laughing, Yuri…I was trying to be creative

Yuri was pointing at Sunny at the ‘Babo’ part..LOL!!!

For the rest of their performances, here is the superb quality fancam:

…and this article would not be complete without a close look at Sunny’s mistake:

Credits: DaftTaengk@YouTube/iheartsooyoung@YouTube/yoongislove@Twitter

Soshi are standing tall in Japan for Christmas

November 30, 2010

As we briefly mentioned yesterday, a huge image of SNSD was put up on a cylindrical-shape shopping mall in Shibuya, Tokyo’s shopping haven.

As the Christmas season is just around the corner, SNSD and ‘SHIBUYA 109‘ joined hands to present a Christmas collaboration entitled “109 Girls’ Generation Xmas“. SNSD appeared as the models for the large illumination image decorating the facade of the cylindrical building. From November 30th to December 25th (about a month), the girls’ large image with colorful background would be up for display.

To light up the mood for this coming Christmas season, SNSD adopted the ‘Line Dance‘ concept, showcasing their charm, fashion sense and stylishness. AS SNSD‘s songs, dance and fashion are hot topics in Japan, the Christmas collaboration between SNSD and ‘SHIBUYA 109‘ would definitely catch the attention of citizens in Tokyo’s shopping haven, especially female fans who aspire to be a star.

From the translation of a Japanese article, here’s what the girls have to say about the collaboration:

We, SNSD (Girls’ Generation), appear on the “SHIBUY109″‘s cylinder which represents a symbol of Shibuya and girls’ fashion.

We are really happy because Shibuya is our favorite town where we often go shopping!

I find some mysterious(?) coincidence in this collabo with “09″ (pronounced as “maru kyu” in Japanese), because the number of our members is also nine.

Wishing you a joyful and gorgeous Christmas, we paid a particular care for fashion and filmed along with the “line dance” concept.

Come to see us here!
We wish you a Merry Christmas!


Girls' Generation wish you a Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2009

….and also from me to everyone! Happy Holidays and have fun this Christmas. Oh, I almost forgot…make sure you watch catch Girls’ Generation Christmas Present on KBS 2TV at 10.00 pm KST, 24th December 2009 or on KBS World at 1.50 am KST on 26th December 2009. Cheers!!!

Taengoo got WG signed poster for Christmas

December 23, 2009

Taeyeons Chrsitmas gift - WG signed poster

Taeyeon's Chrsitmas gift - WG signed poster

Taeyeon appreciating the signed WG poster

Taeyeon appreciating the signed WG poster

On SBS Strong Heart aired on 22 December 2009, Taeyeon received Wonder Girls’ signed poster as a gift. I don’t think she expected it as she laughed upon seeing the poster. After that she was seen appreciating the poster as the MCs were busy with the Santa gift bag. I have a feeling the MCs deliberately gave her the poster as they just want to see her reaction but I guess they didn’t get what they look for. Taengoo seems to like her chingu’s (friends’) signed poster. How I wish i was the one getting the poster…hehe.

If you’ve read the story on, you probably feel as disgusted as I am towards that mystery male celeb who got her phone number, called her day and night, told her how much he knew about her private life and worst, threatened her when she wanted to cut ties with him. That mystery male celeb definitely has a lot to learn about being a gentleman. Out of the 14 confessions she received from male celebs, she mentioned that there was one who moved her and that guy has a broad shoulder. Hmm….I wonder who that is. Any idea?

SNSD's SPAO Christmas Promo photos

December 22, 2009

9 adorable and pretty girls with their cute drawings wishing you a Merry Christmas. I love the Sunny Bear and Yuri’s masterpiece. These photos were taken for Spao’s Christmas Promotion. Click on the photos to toggle Lightbox view.