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[Interview] Girls’ Generation talks about winning Daesang for 3 consecutive years

January 13, 2012

After the ’26th Golden Disk Awards’ at Kyocera Dome, Osaka on January 12th, Daily Sports (ISPLUS) met up with Girls’ Generation backstage and had an interview with them. Here are the contents of the interview:

Question: How did you feel when Girls’ Generation was announced as the winner of the Daesang?
Taeyeon: We were really thankful. We did not realize it at first when it was announced in Japanese. Only when ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’ was mentioned, we realized it was us. (laughter) Until now, the smiles seem to be stuck on our faces. It reminded me of last year. We could not hold back our tears when we received the award last year and we are really happy to receive it again this year.

Question: Did you expect to win the award?
Tiffany: We wanted to win it. (laughter) However, we were nervous about it along with other great artists. Because we worked very hard last year, we would be satisfied even if we didn’t win the award. We are thankful for the award.

Question: At this moment, Who comes to your mind?
Sooyoung: Definitely, we thought of our fans first. Thanks to our fans, we were able to receive this award. Thank you so much.

Question: Last year, when you were receiving your Daesang, all the members were sad because Tiffany who suffered an injury to her leg could not be there. I think it must be special since all nine members are here to receive the awards.
Tiffany: It feels really great. I think I’m the happiest and most excited among all of us. It feels good to be with the members and I will work even harder in the future.

Question: What was 2010 like to Girls’ Generation?
Jessica: We were extremely busy. It was nice to be able to meet a lot of overseas fans. Please wait for a while more as we will be meeting you again.

Question: Girls’ Generation won the New Artist Award in 2007, Digital Daesang in 2009 and Disk Daesang in 2010. This year, you have won Bonsang and Daesang too. Girls’ Generation seem to have a good bond with Golden Disk Awards.
Yuri: It was really an honor. It was really great to receive the award. I think this year will be a happy year for us too.

Question: In the recent 3 years, without fail, Girls’ Generation have been winning the Digital and Disk Daesang on alternate years. After Kim GunMo, Girls’ Generation are the second artist to have won Golden Disk Daesang for 3 years in a row.
YoonA: Now that you mentioned it, I’m getting the goosebumps immediately. Ah, because ’3 consecutive years’ was mentioned, I think I’m feeling the electrified sensation all over. We are thankful and we will work even harder to perform better to achieve good results next year too.

Question: Since debut, Girls’ Generation have been on the rise continuously. However, I think there must be some difficult times too. When was it?
Tiffany: Everytime there is a difficulty, I face and get through those tough times together with the members. I’m thankful to all the members.

Question: What are your plans for 2012?
Seohyun: Since last year, we had our Arena Tour in Japan. We plan to continue performing this year too. While we’re going on our Arena Tour, we also hope that our dream of having a world tour will materialize. We would like to greet our fans often.

Question: Would you like to convey some messages to your fans around the world?
Girls’ Generation: Thank you for this really big award. 2012 too is Girls’ Generation!


SNSD won Daesang for 2 consecutive years, bagged 4 awards at SMA

January 20, 2011

The 9 angels have done it again and they have set the bar real high this time by winning the Daesang for their 2nd Album ‘Oh!’ and 2nd Album Repackaged ‘Run Devil Run‘ at ‘High1 Seoul Music Awards’ for 2 years in a row. Not only that, the girls have also completed their Daesang hat-trick (as some would have called it) after winning Daesangs in all 3 major award ceremonies for the 2010 ‘season’. First it was ’25th Golden Disk Awards’, then came the ’2010 MelOn Music Awards’ and lastly, the ’20th High1 Seoul Music Awards‘ which took place on January 20th at Kyunghee University in Hoegi-dong, Seoul.

Besides the Daesang, SNSD also took home the Bonsang, Popularity Award and Hallyu Special Award. With the remarkable win, SNSD are placed among legends such as Seo Taiji and the Boys, HOT and Jo Sungmo who have won the Daesang more than once. After Jo Sungmo did a double in 1999 and 2000, SNSD became the first artiste in the last 10 years to win the Daesang for 2 consecutive years. Who knows, we may be seeing a SMA Daesang hat-trick next year since these girls are record breakers.

SNSD performed two songs at SMA today – ‘Hoot‘ and ‘Run Devil Run‘. If you missed the performances, here you go:

Here are the complete list of winners at the ’20th High1 Seoul Music Awards’:

Winner: SNSD

Winners: miss A, Son Dambi, IU, 2AM, Secret, SHINee, 4minute, FT Island, Beast and SNSD

Rookie Awards
Winners: D-NA, Sistar, CN BLUE

R&B Ballad Award
Winner: 2AM

Trot Award
Winner: Jang Yoonjung

Hip-Hop Award
Winner: Supreme Team

Hallyu Special Award
Winner: SNSD

Best Album Award
Winner: Psy

Digital Music Award
Winner: IU

Performance Culture Award
Winner: Bobby Kim

Popularity Awards
Winners: SHINee, SNSD

let’s watch the ‘Daesang moment‘ once again!!!!

So, what did the girls say, during the acceptance speech? Well, no worries! Enjoy every single word below, all thanks to the speedy translation by Oniontaker@Twitter.

YoonA: First I want to thank the Sonyeo’s parents. [thanks SMe Executives] thank you so much. And SONE, thank you so so much.

Seohyun: For our manager oppas who work hard for us, [Manager names], you go through so much trouble for us, thank you so much. And to the people who love our music, our fans, SONE, I think we find joy in our activities because you give us these great awards…and unnies, my SNSD member unnies, I love you so much. And SNSD’s parents, thank you for bringing us into the world.

Yuri: I am thankful for the members. I think we could only get this award because we worked hard in 2010. Truthfully, I think it’s all thanks to the staff behind us, who go so much trouble for us more than us. We’re so thankful, and finally, our parents, thank you so much. And we love you SONE!

Fany: Taeyeon wants me to say something in English, but first, I want to thank Father God….and not just to the fans here, “Thank you to all the fans who supported us throughout, all over the world. Thank you so much and we’d be nothing without you.” We’ll continue to be a hard working SNSD.

[Sooyoung] SDY: Our crying Sooyoung, please give us a short acceptance speech

Sooyoung: Thank you Father God. I wonder if a day like this will ever come again. Since it’s our occupation, our job, it’s obvious that we should work hard… I want to thank the fans who even thank us for thinking that this is obvious…and… SNSD did not just appear [or happen easily]. It was because of our nine members’ efforts and thanks to the many staff with us. We will keep working even harder in the future and we will forever remain humble as SNSD. Thank you.

Taeyeon: Thank you for giving us such a great start to 2011. For all the SONE who worked so hard to vote for us, thank you so much.

Hyoyeon: All the fans who love SNSD and our singer colleagues so much, we truly thank you! We’ll continue to be a hard-working SNSD.

Fany: And lastly, our Sunny will…

Sunny: [Giggles] Yes, thank you to our parents! And SONE! Thank you! Thank you!

Fany: Jeshika! Say your acceptance speech! Only Jessica didn’t get to say anything!

Seohyun(?): Tell us how you feel to win the Daesang!

Jessica: Yes, I… thank you to all the SONE, and-

Other SNSD members: 지금은 소녀시대! 앞으로도 소녀시대, 영원히 소녀시대!

It was indeed a great moment for Soshi as well as SONEs. Hope to see more ‘hat-tricks’ in many more years to come. Again, would like to congratulate the girls as well as SONEs who are always behind the girls through thick thin.

Credits: yoongislove@Twitter/oniontaker@Twitter/chichinhu@Twitter/kpopbisu@Youtube/sportsseoulcom@Twitter

SNSD, 2010 Golden Disk Daesang winner

December 10, 2010

After ‘The 25th Golden Disk Awards‘ ceremony, our girls were interviewed by IS (일간스포츠). Here are the contents of the interview:

Reporter: What came to your mind when SNSD was announced as the Daesang winner?

SNSD: We were still in a shock. It feels like a dream. It was very much beyond our expectation as we only wish to enjoy the moments with our fans. Winning such a grand award…we felt thrilled and scared at the same time. We will never forget the moment when ‘Golden Disk Daesang SNSD’ were announced.

Reporter: The award, expected?

SNSD: Not at all. In fact, due to our anxiety, we seemed to make a lot of mistakes while performing on stage today. Usually before we get on stage, we will put our hands together and shout ‘Right Now, SNSD‘ followed by ‘Hwaiting‘ but today, everything just seems to be very hectic and we didn’t get to do it. So, while we were sitting around the table, instead of using our hands, we put our feet together and did the slogan.

Reporter: You girls must be missing Tiffany very much. At every winning speech, you mentioned Tiffany’s name.

SNSD: On the stage, SNSD will only be complete when there are all 9 of us. Because of her knee injury, the void left by Tiffany is huge. We thought about Tiffany a lot every time we receive the awards. It’s such a pity she couldn’t be here with us today.

Reporter: After receiving the ‘Newcomers’ Award’ in 2007, there seems to be some kind of a bond between SNSD and Golden Disk Awards.

SNSD: We are really grateful for the acknowledgements. The fact that the awards were decided based on the actual album and music sales made winning these awards more meaningful. All these will not be possible without our caring fans whom we are so thankful for.

Reporter: How about things that you will always remember during your trainee days?

SNSD: To be artists, we spent 4-6 years as trainees. As we looked back, we realized that our parents were very worried about us then. After becoming a singer, the most glorious moment is when we were able to stand on the stage, the feeling is really great. We would like to thank our teacher, Mr. Lee Soo Man who made our dreams come true.

Reporter: Any words for your ahjussi (uncle) fans?

SNSD: We know they cheer for us like their own little sisters or nieces. As to not disappoint them, we will always try to give our best.

Reporter: Today, are you girls going to throw a party to celebrate the win?

SNSD: Really! Today, we never thought that we would receive the daesang. Not only us, but our family – BoA sunbae-nim, Super Junior sunbae-nims and SHINee, received many awards today so there will be a big feast. The party will be prepared by our agency, we have no idea about it. We will have to talk about it.

Reporter: What is your goal for the future?

SNSD: At this moment of glory, we have none but if there must be something that we should wish for, we truly hope that the 9 members of SNSD will always be together to the end.


25th Golden Disk Awards Disk Daesang goes to…….

December 9, 2010


That was the word that rocked all SONEs around the world and most Soshi fansites servers as well! Obviously got rocked as well, as I received about 1000 pageviews in an hour! and it crashed for a while but I was in tears..not that I was crying over my server crashing but because of Soshi’s sweet victory!!!!!

I’m still lost for words right now! I think every SONE in this world would be feeling the same. Last year, SNSD bagged the Digital Daesang and they were in a different category from Super Junior. This year, the two biggest groups were in the same category, the Disk category and Soshi unveiled their Power of Nine to grab the Disk Daesang. They were shocked upon hearing ‘SNSD‘ being called.

The girls were in tears as usual and they dedicated the awards to SONEs and Tiffany while thanking their parents, friends, seniors and their company. The girls performed ‘Oh!’ and ‘Run Devil Run’ without Fany. Although the girls did awesome but it could never be the same without Fany around. We miss you so much, Fany~!

As the girls gave their winning speech, you could clearly hear them crying at the back. The girls deserved every single bit of the awards they won. All the results were pretty fair, I thought.  SM Entertainment artists dominated the Disk Category as well as the Popularity Awards.

Besides winning the Bonsang and Daesang in the Disk Category, the girls also grabbed the Ceci Popularity Awards along with SHINee. Super Junior on the other hand won the MSN Asian Popularity Awards.

Wish to enjoy the winning moments once more? Here you are! Also, thanks to those who followed the LIVE updates of the results.

Disk Bonsang Award


‘Run Devil Run’

Popularity Award

Disk Daesang Award

Last but not least, 내↘가↗ 소원이다 !!!

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SNSD Won Golden Disk Digital Daesang

December 10, 2009
SNSD received the Digital Daesang Award

SNSD received the Digital Daesang Award

SNSD won the Digital Bonsang and the Digital Daesang Awards at the 2009 24th Golden Disk Awards for their single, Gee (The First Mini Album). The SM artistes showed their dominations as Super Junior grabbed 3 awards (Disk Daesang, Disk Bonsang and Popularity Awards), SNSD grabbed 2 awards as mentioned and SHINee took the Popularity Award. Super Junior, SHINee and SNSD paid tribute to the King of Pop by performing Beat It and Smooth Criminal. The power of 9 performed their hits Gee and Chocolate. Looks like Sones all over the world will be partying the whole night!! Woohoooo!!!!! SNSD totally deserved this award! So Nyuh Shi Dae Jjang!!! Here are their performances at the 24th Golden Disk Awards. Enjoy!!!