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How to not cast invalid votes for Hyoyeon in ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′?

July 19, 2012

According to MBC on July 19th, Sooyoung who visited Hyoyeon in her practice room, voted for Hyoyeon using her family members’ mobile phones every week. However, she was sad to find out that all this while, the votes that she sent through text messages for Hyoyeon in ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ were in fact, not valid.

The reason for the ‘spoiled votes’ was due to the fact the text messages sent contained various emoticons. Only Hyoyeon’s name and her contestant number will be accepted by the voting system. Girls’ Generation members’ messages such as ‘Hyoyeon ♥♥’, ‘Hyoyeon is no.1′, ‘Dear judges, please give high scores to Hyoyeon’ were all invalid.

Hyoyeon who is thankful for the support from her fellow members said, “Nowadays, the sentence ‘I’ve cast my vote’ is the most touching to me”. She added, “Next time, it will be great if you could just write ‘Hyoyeon’ and send in the votes”, preventing further invalid votes being cast in the future.

Catch Hyoyeon’s performances in the final of ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ at 9.55pm KST on July 20th which will also feature special performances by Hyoyeon, Choi YeoJin, Psy and Kim GyuRi.


Hyoyeon dances her way to the finals of ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′!

July 15, 2012

HyoYeon has successfully entered the final stages for dancing competition reality show ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′.

On the episode of ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ aired on July 13th, HyoYeon entered the finals along with Choi YeoJin and Park JiWoo’s team.

With her best condition, HyoYeon showed her best performance where she performed jive along with rock and roll music. Showing perfect chemistry with her dance partner Kim HyungSuk, HyoYeon made a delightful performance. Judge Song SeungHwan commented, “It’s as lively as popping popcorns” and gave HyoYeon a 9 out of 10 score while another judge Kim JooWon commented, “HyoYeon is as good as a professional dancer” and gave her a 9 as well.

HyoYeon’s second performance was a rumba performance with live singing from Luna of f(x), who turned up to show her support. HyoYeon charmed the audiences with the romantic rumba dance, which is completely different from that of jive. HyoYeon filled the stage with the skills she have gotten from training until now, which led to the judges’ comments such as “Continuous effort seems to create extraordinary” and “The line is very beautiful”.

As a result of her excellent performances, HyoYeon will be entering the finals. Considering what HyoYeon has shown in ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′, this might have been an expected outcome. Just like Kim JooWon’s comment, “Continuous effort seems to create extraordinary”, HyoYeon has tried her best for each episode and this result came from her continuous effort throughout the show.

In this episode, HyoYeon said, “I am happy to have let others know me through ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ and with that, I have reached my goal.” Girls’ Generation members are also proud of the fact that HyoYeon reached her goal.

Yuri, TaeYeon and Tiffany visited as audiences to show their support on July 13th and they watched HyoYeon’s performances wordlessly. They applauded and watched HyoYeon with their mouths wide open with expressions of pride for HyoYeon, who has become who she is through her relentless effort.

HyoYeon said, “I was able to let others know me through ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ and Tiffany told me ‘You seem to be more like yourself in the show’.”

In the show, HyoYeon has won twice. Initially, when she entered the competition, people were more interested in the fact that she is a Girls’ Generation member. However, HyoYeon has successfully shown herself not as a Girls’ Generation member but as a dancer through her endless hard work and practice.

Remember to tune in for the exciting finals of ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ this coming Friday!


Lee Minwoo: I thought of Hyoyeon as the second BoA

June 21, 2012

On the June 22nd’s episode of MBC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′, Hyoyeon’s audition videos, as well as testimonies by her seniors will be revealed.

During the interview with the program’s production staff recently, Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo was asked if there is a girl group that he pays most attention to and he said, “I’m a fan of Girls’ Generation and Hyoyeon particularly, as she is really good at dancing since she was young, I thought of her as the second BoA. Therefore, I’ve been paying attention to her with great interest.” He added, “It’s good to see that Hyoyeon is now living her dream.”

Besides Lee Minwoo, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk who went through his trainee days along with Hyoyeon said, “As Hyoyeon is really good at dancing since she was still a trainee, she stood out among the 100 trainees. I too, looked for Hyoyeon and learned dancing from her,” acknowledging Hyoyeon’s dancing ability.

Be sure to catch this entertaining episode of ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ at 9.55pm KST on June 22nd.


Who’s next to cheer for Hyoyeon on ‘Dancing With The Star 2′?

June 16, 2012

With members of Girls’ Generation cheering for Hyoyeon in ‘Dancing With The Star 2′ every week, audience are starting to wonder who hasn’t showed up yet.

On the recent episode of ‘Dancing With The Star 2′ aired on June 15th, Jessica appeared to watch Hyoyeon’s performance while Sunny and YoonA visited last week. Jessica also posted photos with Hyoyeon on the group’s official website.

Besides that, not only did Tiffany visit and cheer for Hyoyeon when she visited previously, she also took photos with the other contestants in the show.

The members of Girls’ Generation that came to cheer for Hyoyeon, not as a singer but a dancing contestant, are Jessica, Sunny, YoonA, SeoHyun and Tiffany. It is still a question whether SooYoung, TaeYeon and Yuri will visit to cheer for HyoYeon in the remaining episodes.

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Park JiWoo snapped a photo with Hyoyeon and Seohyun

June 2, 2012

Dance sports exponent Park JiWoo met up with Hyoyeon and Seohyun.

On June 2nd, Park JiWoo tweeted, “Another happy moment at ‘Dancing With The Stars’..kkkk… I was really excited”. Along with the tweet, Park JiWoo attached a photo of himself with Hyoyeon and Seohyun.

The photo was taken at the set of MBC ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ where both Hyoyeon and Park JiWoo are participants of the show. In the photo revealed, the shy-looking Park JiWoo was smiling as Hyoyeon and Seohyun put their hands on both of his arms.

On June 1st’s broadcast, Hyoyeon and her partner Kim HyungSuk performed Jive. During their performance, Tiffany and Seohyun were at the set to show their support for Hyoyeon.


Why did Tiffany shed tears for Hyoyeon?

May 25, 2012

Tiffany was moved to tears by Hyoyeon’s performance on MBC ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′

Last week, Tiffany visited Hyoyeon at the set of ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ to cheer her on. Before the live performance, Tiffany, who went to meet up with Hyoyeon told the production staff, “I cried while watching Hyoyeon’s dance performance on TV”, indicating the huge effort that Hyoyeon has been putting in for the program.

In the upcoming episode, footages of Tiffany and Hyoyeon behind the stage will be revealed.

Tiffany said, “Hyoyeon is participating in ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ recently. With her amazing dancing skills, it will be great if Hyoyeon could perform Rumba that matches well with our song.”

Be sure to catch Hyoyeon in MBC ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ at 9.55pm KST on May 25th.


Hyoyeon shines on MBC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′!

May 4, 2012

On May 2nd, Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon showed off her mature and confident beauty as she performed her first dance routine with her partner for the recording of MBC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′.

On the first episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′, which aired on April 27th, Hyoyeon, who is known to be an outstanding dancer even among the many girl groups, showed a certain level of awkwardness and discomfort with her same-aged partner due to the amount of physical contact that was happening between them. However, regardless of the worries she had at the beginning, Hyoyeon was able to capture the audience with her alluring eyes and powerful movements, creating a turn of events.

Other than Hyoyeon, the other contestants such as actors Sunwoo Jaeduk, Lee Hoon, Choi Yeo Jin, Ye Ji Won, soccer player Song Jong Gook, kick-boxer Denis Kang, architect Kim Won Chul, singer Tony Ahn, entertainer Choi Eun Kyung, pocket-ball player Kim Gayoung and rhythmic gymnast Shin Suji all performed their dances on stage, and actors Lee Duk Hwa and Kim Gyuri hosted the show.

Meanwhile, ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′ will air tonight (May 4th) at 9:55pm KST.