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[UPDATED] Daum Search Ad Campaign featuring SNSD (with translation)

October 1, 2010

Which one is your personal favorite? The girls are nonetheless, dorky as usual in all those 4 videos! Personally, I like Taeyeon-Jessica version, especially the part they fought for the netbook. Sunny-Hyoyeon-Tiffany version ended somewhat rather sudden, I thought. However, within that short 78 seconds, Sunny’s aegyo voice kills me (as Tiffany is the only one who did not say a word…lol. Here are the vids and thanks to Silis7noy2 for the translations. I shall update the translation for the  Sunny-Hyoyeon-Tiffany versions.

YoonA-Yuri version


(Yoona is searching for blue crabs)
Yoona: “Ah this is frustrating”
Yoona: “Let’s just go outside and search for it later”
Yuri: “What are you doing? Watch this.”
Yuri: “Blue crab~~”
(Blue crab restaurant is shown)
Yoona: “How did you do that?”
Yuri: “Blue crab~”
(Find locations by speaking – Daum Search)
Yuri: “Waffle waffle coffee”

Seohyun-Sooyoung version


Sooyoung: “Ah. Unnie want to go on a trip somewhere~”
Seohyun: “Me too~”
Sooyoung: “Where do you want to go?”
Seohyun: “Uh… I want to go to Namee Island”
Sooyoung: “Namee Island? Where is Namee Island?”
Seohyun: “Namee Island…”
Sooyoung: “Namee Island”
Seohyun: “Um let’s try to find out”
Sooyoung: “Daum Daum”
Seohyun: “Daum… Ah Daum!”
Seohyun: “How do you do this?
Seohyun: “Nam . EE . Island”
Sooyoung: “Hey it wont work if you speak like that. Just speak naturally”
Seohyun: “It seemed like you had to pronounce by syllables”
Sooyoung: “Nah. Namee Island~ See~”
Seohyun: “Oh it worked!”
Sooyoung: “Yes~”
Sooyoung: “Ah this is that place, where they filmed that drama”
Seohyun: “Yes there is bike riding there. Couples go there to ride it I’m going to go ride it for sure”
Sooyoung: “Really? It’s hard when you ride that by yourself”
Seohyun: “Heh~ Of course it’s going to be the two of us going”
Sooyoung: “With who?”
Seohyun: “Heh~ you know~”
Sooyoung: “Who?”
Seohyun: “You know who~”
Sooyoung: “Unnie won’t go. Unnie is busy”
Seohyun: “Not you unnie”
Sooyoung: “who then?
Seohyun: “Me”
Sooyoung: “Yeah so you and who else?”
Seohyun: “You know~”
Sooyoung: “Who?”
(Seohyun Whispers to Sooyoung)
Sooyoung: “What?”
(Seohyun Whispers more to Sooyoung)
Sooyoung: “What? Ok speak to here”
Seohyun: “No I can’t~”
Sooyoung: “Come on. Ah who is it?”

Taeyeon-Jessica version


Tae: Why isn’t she here
Sica: Ah really! Ah Hi hahahahaha
Tae: You are late again!
Sica: Ah I’m sorry. Oh it’s distressing~
Tae: You’re late late. The penalty is five dollars. Five dollars.
Sica: Aish…
Tae: What’s bothering you?
Sica: Hey look at my hair. It’s different from yesterday right?
Tae: A little bit. It looks ok?
Sica: Oh this isn’t the way I wanted it~
Tae: Weren’t you there just now?
Sica: Yeah but she was dozing off as she was rolling my hair
Sica: Really!
Sica: I had to wake her up hundred times really
Tae: Hey, you want to search on Daum?
Sica: Yeah
Sica: Is it up? No one was there…
Tae: It’s up up! It’s all posted
Sica: Who is that? Haha
Tae: Look at this it’s you coming out of the beauty salon
Sica: Ah really?
Tae: Yeah. Your hair had some more waves there?
Sica: I know, I guess it got undone as I came here
Tae: You mean in like five minutes just now…
Sica: Yeah looks like it,
Tae: That was quick really quick
Tae: You wave getting undone is quick
Tae: The speed these things get posted is quick!
Sica: I know, hey some more got posted just now!
Tae: You’re right they keep coming up
Tae: Check this?
Sica: Yeah
Tae: Hey many of them are posted now
Sica: Hey,
Tae: Not bad!
Sica: They’re saying it’s pretty yes pretty! Oh nice. Aheehee Haha
Tae: The response is good
Sica: Yeah the response is good
Tae: You! You! You’ve been to the cafe?!
Sica: Eh… yeah
Tae: You! Haha
Tae: That’s why you were late!
Sica: No it was hot. You know I get exhausted when it’s hot, so haha
Tae: Who is that beside you? Who did you go with?
Sica: Uh…
Tae: What!
Tae: Hey you’ll break it!
Tae: Ok what
Sica: Ah well the person is
Tae: Who did you go with?
Sica: My school friend
(Staff: “We’ll start now”)
Sica: Yes!
Tae: Yes
Sica: Just a friend

Sunny-Hyoyeon-Tiffany version


Hyo: Hey~ I received letters… Heh what…
Sunny: I got them too~
Hyo: I have many here
Hyo: What you mean Sunny is cute, I am jjang cute
Sunny: Take this! Chop chop chop
Hyo: Hey what does this say?
Sunny: Oh it’s Japanese!
Hyo: This says Hyoyeon jjang right? “Aish1teru” is I love you, “I miss you” she misses me
Sunny: Hey will you stop reading them selectively?
Hyo: I don’t know~
Sunny: Ah this pink envelop is so cute
Sunny: Huh?
Hyo: Huh? Isn’t that a code?
Sunny: How does this work?
Hyo: It’s a code
Sunny: What is it?
Hyo: You use with Daum app and it takes you straight to the link
Sunny: Really?
Sunny: How can she sleep like that all the time?
Sunny: Just what is she doing at night…
Hyo: Oh Fany let’s take a picture
Sunny: Fany you know how cute you look now? It’s no joke
Hyo: Uhljjang angle
Sunny: Fany stay still now
Hyo: 5, 6, 7, 8!
Sunny: Oh it’s coming up!
Hyo: Ah pretty so pretty
Sunny: It’s a video
Sunny: Aigoo wait
Hyo: Those voices
Sunny: This is like that video…
Hyo: This comes from this and from your cheek
Hyo: Isn’t it fascinating?
Sunny: Look, a video plays from your cheek
Hyo: Isn’t this for ***?

Credit: Imchoding@Youtube/Silis7noy2@Soompi/photo as tagged