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What’s for lunch?

June 2, 2012

There have been great interests towards Girls’ Generation members’ lunch menu.

On MBC ‘Good Day’ aired on June 1st, an employee of a company that prepares lunches for stars said, “Due to the fact that Girls’ Generation’s Jessica has allergy towards cucumber and Taeyeon is allergic to nuts, we avoid food with those ingredients in their menu”. She continued, “Eels are Tiffany’s favorites. We pack two eels in a lunch box for her”.

The employee added, “Since the fans know all the food that Girls’ Generation members like, they place orders based on the menu which has been arranged according to the members’ favorites. If I remember correctly, we were told that there’s no need to pack diet food for them. Because they are singers who use up a lot of energy in dancing and singing, we receive many orders of food that keeps them in the pink of health.


SNSD usually eat to their hearts’ content

February 7, 2011

SNSD’s diet has recently become one of the hot topics among netizens and media.

On SBS ‘Bae Kiwan, Choi YoungA and Jo Hyunggi’s Good Morning‘ aired on February 7th, SNSD’s diet has been revealed again but this time, with more elaboration by SNSD’s trainer, Kim Jihoon. Fans have shown their concern over the revelation of Seohyun’s medical check-up result which showed that she is underweight by 9kg.

As reported earlier, SNSD maintain their slim figure by following controlled diet consisting of chicken breast meat, brown rice, herbs, broccoli, etc.

On this, Kim Jihoon explained, “Ahead of concerts or program broadcast, the girls will maintain their 1500kCal food intake. On normal days, they love eating snacks”. This means that although the girls love eating snacks, they will adhere to their controlled diet when the need arises and that is how SNSD members keep their slim figures.


Trainer revealed SNSD’s diet!

February 3, 2011

On SBS lunar new year special of ‘스타 뭐하세요 (What Are Stars Doing?)‘ aired on February 3rd, some food-related matters concerning celebrities were revealed. ‘What are Stars Doing?’ is a segment of the entertainment information program ‘One Night TV Entertainment‘.

Meat is the most favorited food among stars. Drama ‘My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho’ starring Shin MinA contributed to the increase in beef consumption. Besides that, according to ‘Stars You Would Like To Dine With‘ survey, Won Bin secured the #3 spot, followed by SNSD in 2nd and MC Kang Ho Dong took the no.1 spot.

On the program, SNSD’s trainer, Kim Jihoon said, “SNSD’s daily diet is about 1,500 kCal. They take seasonal herbs, 5 cuts of brocolli, grilled chicken breast meat 100 gram, 150g brown rice, etc. They usually eat well”.


SNSD's daily diet is 1200 kCal, not 800 kCal

December 21, 2009

SNSD's daily diet is 1200 kCal

“SNSD’s meal plan is not 800kcal, but 1200kcal.”

Recently, SNSD members’ meal plans were released in the show “VJ Special Behind Story.”After the broadcast, netizens were shocked and felt sorry for the girls at the fact that they were only consuming 800kcal per day.However, Kim JiHoon, representative of celebrity’s special personal training team called the A Team, said “the broadcasted episode have exaggerated the information,” and requested to correct the information.SNSD’s basic 1200kcal / day meal consists of all the six nutrient groups. Due to all of their busy schedules and exercises like preparing for the concert, their energy uses are high, so there was no need to make drastic changes to their calorie consumptions.

Also, during a diet, if you do not consume enough for your body to intake, there can be side effects. Instead of reducing how much they consume, the trainers expanded their energy uses to burn the fat.Yuri, who has been getting the netizens’ compliments about her healthy body, her basal catabolism is 1150kcal and she intakes about 1200kcal with 4-5 meals a day.Trainers like Kim SooChang and Kim JiHoon representative checked their meal plans and body designs every day to a point where they won’t get tired easily.Yuri was training everyday with her fitness trainers to make her body stand out in the outfits they wore at the solo concert. In Yuri’s solo performance during the concert, she showed her powerful boxing skills she practiced with Kim JiHoon trainer, and showed her sexy and charismatic side.

Kim JiHoon complimented, “While getting ready for the concert, Yuri showed me her professional and mature side when she never skipped out on the adjusted meal or a day of training.”

Kim JiHoon revealed Yuri’s daily meal: Sweet potato, banana, bell tomato, broccoli, cabbage, chicken breast, various nuts, milk and soy milk.

Credit: Newsen
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Now, this makes more sense. I was wondering how could they keep up with their daily practice sessions and performances if they were to take only 800 kCal per day. Besides, i think our Shikshin won’t be too happy with 800 kCal per day limit One bowl of ramyeun is about 300-400 calories, Sooyoung :P