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The world celebrates Kim Taeyeon’s birthday

March 9, 2011

On her 23rd Birthday, SONEs all over the world joined hands to put ‘Kim Taeyeon’ on Twitter’s worldwide trending list. Besides ‘Kim Taeyeon’, ‘SNSD Sooyoung’ was also on the top 10 list.

At 12am KST on March 9th, International fans tweeted, “It’s now March 9th in Korea. All SNSD fans, please retweet”. Not only in English there were also tweets in many other languages such as Spanish, Thai, hangul, etc with messages such as, “Happy Birthday”, “Taeyeon Unnie, I love you” and various warm birthday greetings for the Kid Leader.

According to a real-time Twitter trend statistic site,, ‘Kim Taeyeon’ trended at no.2 worldwide at 9am KST. Based on the statistic, ‘Kim Taeyeon’ stayed in the top 10 trending list for about 8 hours. Besides ‘Kim Taeyeon’, ‘SNSD Sooyoung’ was also in the list, securing the 8th spot.

Meanwhile, Kwangdong Pharmaceuticals sent a birthday greeting to Taeyeon via their official Twitter account and attached a cute photo of Taeyeon with Vita500 in her left hand. On March 9th, Kwangdong Pharmaceuticals tweeted, “Today is Vita500′s model, Taeyeon’s birthday. She’s pretty, isn’t she? Miss Taeyeon, happy birthday”.

Fancafes ‘Cistus’, ‘Hwasooeunhwa’ and ‘Hwaitaeng’ on the other hand published an ad on newspaper to convey their birthday greetings to Taeyeon. In Taeyeon’s name, the fancafes donated 1 million Won each to Green Umbrella Children’s FOundation in Chungbook and Jeonbook region via Happy Bean, a campaign created by Naver where users collect imaginary beans which can be used to purchase items for charity organizations.


SONEs conveyed birthday messages to Sooyoung through newspaper ad

February 10, 2011

In celebration of Sooyoung’s birthday, fans got their birthday messages to Sooyoung published on a newspaper.

Sooyoung celebrate her 21st (Korean – 22nd) birthday on February 10th. For her birthday, SONEs published their birthday wishes and messages on February 10th issue of Sportschosun newspaper. In the messages, fans stated, “You are always giving out bright smiles. You look beautiful even without putting any make-up and even without  much facial expression, your stories are always warm and refreshing. Your heart is so beautiful as you have gone places to reach out to less fortunate people. We would like to thank you for your unwavering heart and voices to us fans and we will always give you our unwavering cheers, support and love just like the beginning”, conveying their sincere love and support for Sooyoung. The messages ended with a birthday greeting, “February 10th is SNSD’s Sooyoung’s 22nd birthday. We sincerely wish the beautiful-hearted Sooyoung a happy birthday”.

Ahead of Sooyoung’s birthday, SNSD fancafe ‘Cistus’ carried out some voluntary work and donated 2 million won to Disabled Children Foundation in Gwangju on January 29th. International fans have also made Sooyoung’s birthday a memorable one as they managed to put ‘Choi Sooyoung’ on Twitter’s ‘Worldwide Trending’ list on February 9th. would like to put this opportunity to wish our angel Sooyoung who is a beauty on the inside and outside, a very happy birthday. We wish that she would be having lots of fun and happiness on this day!


SONEs donated 1 million Won in SNSD’s name to help patients of Lou Gehrig’s Disease

January 31, 2011

SONEs have done a good deed in SNSD’s name again!

SONEs have joined hands and gathered their strength again to organize a donation drive to help the patients of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. SNSD’s online fan cafe members said, “In the name of SNSD, we have donated 1 million Won to the Korean ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Association“.

According to a team leader, “Although the amount is not huge, we hope that it would help a bit. The fact that all fansites joined hands made this effort a meaningful one”. Another member added, “In the future, we would like to participate and lead such voluntary event again”.


Oppa and Samchon fans have spoken!

January 10, 2011

According to Sports Daily On January 11th, Oppas and Samchons of SNSD’s Naver fancafe ‘Cistus‘ stated, “We wish for the girls’ success in Japan and hope that 2011 would also be SNSD’s year again. Hopefully, they will not suffer anymore injury or illness”.

‘Cistus’ donated 1 million won in SNSD’s name to the Children’s Foundation in Chungbuk Province. The donation will be channeled to help students who have difficulties in buying school supplies for the new academic year.