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Yoona and Lee Minho come together again for Eider!

August 29, 2012

Lee Minho and Yoona’s couple photos for outdoor brand Eider has been revealed.

Autumn and winter-themed photos of Yoona and Lee Minho for Eider, were revealed on August 29th. In the photos, they look natural and close as a couple. Besides that, the clothes they wore consists of functionality and designs that made it look like fashionable everyday clothes instead of the typical outdoor wear.

Kim YeonHee, a representative of the brand, stated, “Recently, the outdoor products emphasize on naturality because the products are not only used during hiking but also for many other leisure activities. Eider is expecting to receive a good result through our reasonable cost, trendy design, and luxurious colors.”

The netizens who came upon the photos exclaimed “Is there any other couples like Lee Minho and Yoona?”, “Lee Minho and Yoona. They are really handsome and  pretty”, “Lee Minho and Yoona looks good together.”

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YoonA is all dressed up for a vacation

July 17, 2012

On July 17th, a set of pictorials that features YoonA’s ‘vacation-look’ for outdoor clothing brand, Eider was revealed and it has attracted the attention of netizens.

In the pictorials revealed, besides her beautiful long hair which portrays her innocent look, YoonA was seen in a young-looking, sporty and colorful clothing. Complete with a ribbon headband, a swimming tube and a huge hat, looks like YoonA is ready to go on a vacation!

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “YoonA looks pretty in anything she wears”, “Anything she wears can be used for pictorials”, “I wish to go on a vacation with YoonA”, “Where is Girls’ Generation going for a vacation?”, “Beach goddess is here!”, etc


Lee MinHo and Yoona caught embracing in the rain?

February 28, 2012

The scene of Lee MinHo and Yoona embracing each other in the rain has garnered a lot of attention from many viewers.

As models for the outdoor brand ‘Eider’, Lee MinHo and Yoona filmed a hugging scene as a part of their new TV commercial for the brand.

The still cut of the CF that has been gathering attention showed Lee MinHo and Yoona wearing their outdoor jackets with their hoods on and in a tight embrace in the rain, also surrounded by the rocky seaside. Lee MinHo’s sad face and lonely eyes in the pouring rain captivates the hearts of many and Yoona’s sad expressions in the arms of Lee MinHo has also aroused curiosity of the viewers.

Lee Min Ho and Yoona’s new Eider CF will start airing on both national and cable TV from March.

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YoonA and Lee MinHo’s Eider CF to air in September!

August 26, 2011

YoonA and Lee Minho’s rock climbing preparation at the shooting set of TV CF for France’s premium outdoor brand, Eider was revealed.

Recently, Lee MinHo and YoonA had the advertisement shooting session at Bishop Area Rock Climbs, located at Eastern Sierra, California, which is well known for its rock climbing spots.

Despite the hot weather, tough climbing practice and shooting sessions, YoonA still managed to put on a constant smile on her face, which lighted up the atmosphere at the shooting set.

A staff of Eider said, “As Eider Friends, Lee MinHo and YoonA scaled America’s famous rock climbing spot, Bishop with their bare hands for TV CF shoot. They have also embraced their roles as Eider Friends with their excellent sporting ability and self-challenge spirit.”

The staff added, “While Lee MinHo and YoonA were robust in carrying out the activities, they were also expressing Eider’s stylish concept and there is much anticipation for the completion of this great TV CF.”

Meanwhile, Eider’s TV CF, which features Lee MinHo and YoonA’s real climbing experience, is scheduled to be aired on Korea’s national and cable TV channels from September onwards.


YoonA en route to Los Angeles for Eider

August 8, 2011

On August 8th, YoonA, along with actor Lee MinHo, departed Korea to Los Angeles through Incheon International Airport to film the advertisement for outdoor brand, Eider.

As previously reported, YoonA will take on rock-climbing in a mountainous region in LA for the advertisement.

Prior to the trip, she has been practicing at a rock-climbing training center in Seoul for a month, even when the rest of the members are having their holidays.

YoonA and Lee MinHo were initially scheduled to film in Australia but the destination had to be changed due to some safety issues.


YoonA to take up rock-climbing challenge in LA instead of Australia

August 5, 2011

YoonA is scheduled to embark on a rock-climbing challenge in a mountainous region in Los Angeles (LA) on August 8th. The rock-climbing challenge is part of YoonA’s advertisement shoot for outdoor clothing brand, Eider.

For the purpose of the shoot, YoonA will not be acting out the rock-climbing movements but in fact, she will be scaling the actual tough, rocky surface in LA. Because of this, YoonA, in the midst of her busy schedules with SNSD, has taken about a month to practice climbing artificial rock surfaces at a rock-climbing training centre in Seoul. The girls are currently having their vacation but YoonA is spending her holidays to practice rock-climbing ahead of her shooting sessions in LA.

YoonA and actor Lee Minho was schedule to shoot in Australia but due to safety issues related to climate change, the location has been changed to LA instead. Because of their respective schedules, YoonA and Lee Minho were only able to practice rock-climbing together for the first time on August 2nd.

An official who monitored YoonA’s rock-climbing practice hinted, “I’m sure YoonA is very busy due to SNSD’s activities but it seems that her rock-climbing technique is pretty good. I think she is ready for the actual rock-climbing”.

Recently, photos of YoonA’s rock-climbing practice which were uploaded on SNSD’s fancafe ‘HwaSuEunHwa’ and other online fan community sites have garnered a lot of interest among fans and netizens.

For the shooting session involving rock-climbing activities in LA, YoonA and Lee Minho will be fully equipped with safety devices and instructions as well as information from rock-climbing experts.


New Eider models YoonA and Lee MinHo to travel Down Under for ad shooting

July 20, 2011

On July 20th, actor Lee Minho and SNSD’s YoonA were announced as outdoor brand, Eider’s new models.

Following Jang Hyuk and Chun JungMyung’s ‘Eider Friends’ activities during the fall season, Lee MinHo and YoonA, as Eider’s models, will be meeting the customers through appearances on TV as well as publishing media.

Eider’s Brand Marketing Team Leader, Jung YongJae said, “Eider which gained huge popularity through Jang Hyuk and Chun JungMyung last season, selected the two stars with refined and trendy styles as models in order to attract young customers in their 20s and 30s. Lee MinHo and YoonA, the top stars who are icons of the young people, possess the stylish fashionista charms and they will be able to express Eider’s young and refined styles very well”.

Meanwhile, Lee MinHo and YoonA are scheduled to leave for Australia in August for the new 2011 F/W season advertisement campaign shooting session which will kick off at the end of July.