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Shin SeKyung talked about her close friendship with Girls’ Generation

June 10, 2012

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on June 9th, an interview with Shin SeKyung was featured. When asked about her favorite song, Shin SeKyung revealed that she likes Girls’ Generation’s songs. The ‘Fashion King’ actress also added that she is proud of her friendship with Girls’ Generation members.

According to her, Sooyoung is the first Girls’ Generation member she got close to as they are both from the same batch in university. Recently, while filming SBS drama ‘Fashion King’, she has also become closer to Yuri.

When the reporter asked if she gets to meet Girls’ Generation often, Shin SeKyung replied, “Since Girls’ Generation is a very famous group internationally, it’s hard to meet up with them and therefore, I feel sad”.
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YoonA wishes to get married around the age of 32

April 8, 2012

On the ‘Guerilla Date’ corner of KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on April 7th, YoonA talked about her ideal age of getting married.

During the interview, when asked about the viewer ratings of ‘Love Rain’, YoonA replied, “Although I don’t keep dwelling on them (viewer ratings), I really hope it will turn out well”.

In reply to the reporter, Kim TaeJin’s question, “You don’t want to give up your position as the center of Girls’ Generation, right?”, YoonA raised a board with the word ‘Yes’ on it.

Besides that, YoonA who was surprised to see Jessica and Yuri’s kissing scenes said, “My kissing scene was the weakest. Because I’ve seen the script, now it seems that I too will…. What should I do?”, giving a hint of the kissing scene that will be unveiled on ‘Love Rain’ soon.

Talking about marriage, the reporter then asked, “When do you want to get married?”. YoonA, who felt rather embarrassed with the question, laughed and replied, “I hope to get married around the age of 32″.


Unoccupied island? No problem for Soshi!

June 26, 2011

Among other stars, SNSD have the best survival rate if they were to be left on an unoccupied island.

On KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on June 25th, a survey to find out stars who could survive on an unoccupied island was conducted.

From the result of the survey, SNSD were placed at no.1 and there was a valid reason for it. Since they received lots of love from the soldiers, the girls have the support of the soldiers at their disposal.

On the other hand, Lee SooGeun from KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Sunday – 1 Night 2 Days’ took the no.2 spot. Lee SooGeun through his role in ’1 Night 2 Days’, gave a deep impression that he is someone who could thrive well in the wilderness.

Actor, Jung JaeYoung who starred in the movie ‘Castaway On The Moon’ (2009) came in 3rd. No HongChul came in 4th for his role in MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge’ while Park YeJin who made an appearance on SBS ‘Family Outing’ came in 5th. Kim TaeWon and Yoo SeYoon were ranked 6th and 7th respectively.


Yonghwa evaded trap question, showed loyalty towards Seohyun

May 7, 2011

Once again, CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa picked Seohyun as her ideal type.

Jung Yonghwa and other members of CN Blue made an appearance on the ‘Guerilla Date’ section of KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on May 7th.

During the broadcast of the show, each member were asked to name their ideal types respectively. Yonghwa was asked, “If you were to choose between f(x)’s Sulli and SNSD’s Taeyeon as your ideal girl, who would you pick?”

Yonghwa gave a little thought before answering wisely, “I will pick Seohyun”.


Soldiers laugh and cry because of SNSD

May 1, 2011

On April 30th, the ranking of girl groups that make soldiers cry and laugh was revealed through ‘Kim SaengMin’s Strange Ranking’ corner of KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’. However, because it was not possible to carry out the survey among those in the army, the survey was conducted on those who were discharged from the army recently.

From the result of the survey, SNSD who have outstanding leg lines and unique individual charms were ranked 1st. Their photos were often found in soldiers’ lockers. Furthermore, many celebrities also revealed that they have SNSD’s photos in their lockers and admit that these photos cheered them up.

Kara, who had just miraculously solved their problem with their agency came in 2nd. Miss A came in 3rd, Wonder girls in 4th, followed by Brown Eyed Girls in 5th, 2NE1 in 6th and T-ara came in 7th.

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SNSD’s interview @ KBS 2 Entertainment Weekly

August 29, 2010

The interview with KBS 2 “Entertainment Weekly” aired on August 28th revealed the girls’ reactions on the showcase at Ariake Coliseum (August 25th) and also their experiences in Japan.

When asked about the reactions from the fans, Sooyoung answered,”We never thought that there were so many people coming to out showcase. Usually fans sit while waving their light sticks but to our surprise, everyone stood up, waving their light sticks and sang our songs(lyrics in Korean).”

On the difference between Korean and Japanese fans, Hyoyeon jokingly said,”language” and the girls burst into laughter. Yuri then replied,”We were amazed that some of the fans who came to see us dressed in our stage costume”. Tiffany made it simple by saying,”cosplay”.

The host then asked if the girls have experienced the effects of their popularity in Japan. Sooyoung answered,”Not long ago, not me but one of our members went to a supermarket.” Upon hearing Sooyoung’s statement, Sunny giggled, hinting that Sooyoung was actually referring to her. Sooyoung added,”She went to a convenience store and got spotted by fans. I heard that she kept denying that she’s a member of SNSD because she did not have make-up on at that moment.” Hyoyeon then explained the reason for going out without their make-up on by saying,”…because if we go out without make-up, no one would be able to recognize us.” Upon hearing that the girls burst into laughter.

Before the end of the interview, Yuri said that SNSD hope to tour the cities in Japan and spread their music to all over the country.

Here’s the video clip of the interview:

The girls will be performing at the 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave on August 29th with Yuri and Tiffany as the MC for the event.