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Lee Minwoo: I thought of Hyoyeon as the second BoA

June 21, 2012

On the June 22nd’s episode of MBC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′, Hyoyeon’s audition videos, as well as testimonies by her seniors will be revealed.

During the interview with the program’s production staff recently, Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo was asked if there is a girl group that he pays most attention to and he said, “I’m a fan of Girls’ Generation and Hyoyeon particularly, as she is really good at dancing since she was young, I thought of her as the second BoA. Therefore, I’ve been paying attention to her with great interest.” He added, “It’s good to see that Hyoyeon is now living her dream.”

Besides Lee Minwoo, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk who went through his trainee days along with Hyoyeon said, “As Hyoyeon is really good at dancing since she was still a trainee, she stood out among the 100 trainees. I too, looked for Hyoyeon and learned dancing from her,” acknowledging Hyoyeon’s dancing ability.

Be sure to catch this entertaining episode of ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′ at 9.55pm KST on June 22nd.


Dino Yul gave the deepest impression to Eunhyuk

November 27, 2010

On KBS 2TV’s “Night Star” which will be aired at 11.15pm KST on November 28th, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and SNSD members talked about their first impressions of one another.

Hyoyeon said, “During trainee days, I was really nervous when I first met Eunhyuk. He would greet me in an honorific manner when we met at the rehearsal room”.

Euhnyuk explained, “SNSD gave me a strong impression, especially Yuri who made the dinosaur-like noises during her pre-debut days” He also mentioned that before debut, the trainees would have to prepare for their personal repertoires every week and it involved singing and dancing. Eunhyuk added, “Yuri then made an impersonation of ‘dinosaur voice’ by mistake on one of the entertainment programs”.

Upon hearing that, YoonA revealed, “At that time, besides the dinosaur-like noise, Yuri also did other weird impersonations as well”. Yuri then was asked to reenact those weird and wacky impersonations.


Sooyoung looks like a Barbie doll to Eunhyuk

November 27, 2010

Before debut, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk confessed that he was once attracted to Sooyoung, particularly because of her smartness.

On KBS 2TV’s “Night Star” which will be aired on November 28th at 11.15pm KST, Eunhyuk who appeared on the show as an MC revealed that he was very close to Sooyoung since their pre-debut days.

In their trainee days, Eunhyuk and Sooyoung often went to the board game room together for some games. Eunhyuk said, “Sooyoung liked me a little then”. Upon hearing that, Sooyoung jokingly explained, “Actually, I liked the game then, not Eunhyuk”.

Eunhyuk revealed that he first saw Sooyoung during her profile photoshoot. He added, “Back then, Sooyoung with her long straight hair was the prettiest and she stood out from the rest of SNSD members. She was very pretty, as pretty as a barbie doll”.

In reply to a question from the MCs, Eunhyuk replied, “Even now, among SNSD members, Sooyoung is still the prettiest”, showing his sincerity and impression towards Sooyoung.