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Girls’ Generation spent meaningful time with fans at Union Square, New York

February 4, 2012

At 7pm (New York local time) on February 2nd, Girls’ Generation’s 1st fan signing event in America took place at a record store within ‘Best Buy’ at Union Square, New York. About 1300 fans flocked to the venue to participate in the event.

To catch a glimpse of the girls, fans started to form a queue since the early morning and for the sake of the fans’ safety, New York’s police officers came to the venue to make sure everything was in order. In addition to that, ‘Best Buy’ halted all sales operations for safety reason.

A staff of ‘Best Buy’ said, “To this day, many fan signing events took place here but this is the first time since Lady Gaga’s event that we had to stop all sales activities for the safety of the fans”.

During the event which took place for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, Girls’ Generation greeted and shook hands with the American fans as well as spending some meaningful time by interacting with the fans directly.

Meawhile, for this promotional activities in United States, Girls’ Generation have appeared on main American TV channels such as CBS, ABC and NBC as well as interviews with various American media as well as ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions with influential club and radio DJs, broadcasting officials, promoters, etc. Girls’ Generation concluded all their American promotion schedules with the fan signing event which took place in ‘Best Buy’ outlet at Union Square, New York.