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Seohyun sings ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ for ‘Fashion King’ OST!

April 16, 2012

Seohyun’s new solo song entitled ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ was revealed on April 16th.

Seohyun showed her support for fellow Girls’ Generation member Yuri who plays Anna in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday Drama ‘Fashion King’ by participating in the OST ‘I’ll Be Waiting’.

Seohyun’s ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ is a song that blends a great sense of emotional expression and sad melody, which includes a 24-piece orchestra. The song with lyrics that describes the beauty of the love of a woman towards a man is well expressed through Seohyun’s clear and pure voice.

In addition to that, the OST which was revealed at 12am KST on April 16th through various online music sites will be aired starting from episode 9 of ‘Fashion King’ (April 16th). ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ is expected to garner huge interest among viewers and music fans.


Yuri shows off glamorous bodyline with ‘nude-tone’ outfit in ‘Fashion King’

April 6, 2012

Recently, photos taken from the set of SBS’s drama ‘Fashion King’ gathered a lot of attention as it was posted on an official blog site of a shopping complex. Even from a distance, Yuri’s glamorous S-line body can be easily noticed.

Netizens who came across the photos left a variety of comments such as, “Yuri, you are so beautiful”, “Wow, her S-line is unbelievable”, “She has a beautiful face and beautiful body. She is just perfect”, “I’m so jealous of her glamorous body”, and “I’m having fun watching your acting and the drama”.

Yuri is currently playing the role of the beautiful fashion designer,  Anna in the new SBS drama ‘Fashion King’.

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‘Fashion King’ PD: Yuri will be successful as an actress

April 5, 2012

Recently, Yuri who made her drama debut through SBS’s ‘Fashion King’ has been receiving good responses for her acting skills. Although Yuri had been featured in the past in KBS sitcom ‘Unstoppable Marriage’ and ‘Flower Boys’ Series of Terror Events’, this is her first time holding one of the main roles in a drama. Despite not having a lot of acting experience, Yuri had proven that she could handle various scenes well. From the kissing scene with Lee JeHoon to emotional scenes that require great concentration and focus, she nailed them all with sheer perfection.

At the shooting set of ‘Fashion King’ recently, Sports Chosun met up with the director of ‘Fashion King’, Lee MyungWoo PD, who praised Yuri’s acting skill by saying, “Yuri has shown great improvement in her acting.”

He elaborated, “At first, I had to give a lot of acting pointers and guidance to Yuri. On the set, there were also times when corrections were made. However, her acting skills got better as the days passed. When I pointed out the areas where she was lacking, she would take note of them and then reflected them accordingly in her acting. Yuri, above all, is rich with emotions. She has the attitude that tells you that she is ever-prepared. She will be successful as an actress.”

‘Fashion King’ is a stepping stone for Yuri in the acting world. SM Entertainment’s systematic training system definitely has a huge effect on her special acting skills. Artists from SM Entertainment were also given acting lessons since their trainee days and their training sessions were rigorous. Like other artists, Yuri too had undergone this strict training process as well.

A representative of SM Entertainment stated, “The desire and passion shown by Yuri who wants to develop herself as an actress is amazing. On the shooting set, Yuri listened carefully as not to miss every single word told by the director and senior actors and she has been working really hard to develop herself.”

Meanwhile, on ‘Fashion King’, starting from episode 7 which will be aired on April 9th, the main characters will be facing a new conflict which is expected to be the new turning point to the drama.


Yuri’s ‘Fashion King’ costumes a big hit

April 4, 2012

Yuri who recently took up her first acting challenge as the beautiful fashion designer in SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Fashion King’, is joining the list of celebrities whose fashion is a big hit in the clothing market.

In the drama, Yuri was featured as a fashionable designer, Choi Anna and has become the center of attraction among viewers. The white jacket and trench coats worn by Yuri in ‘Fashion King’ are receiving explosive response from the clothing market as well, proving the significance of Yuri’s effect in the new drama.

Yuri’s stylist told TV Report, “A lot of inquiries about the costumes and bags used in ‘Fashion King’ were received. Especially from people in the fashion industry who have been showing their great interest in these items”.

The stylist added, “Also, in clothing stores, as there have been continuous inquiries on the costumes worn by Yuri, they will soon become best-selling items at this rate. Following this, there is a huge influx of sponsor requests from many fashion brands”.


Yuri entertains production staff of ‘Fashion King’ with refrigerator CF

March 26, 2012

Photos of Yuri posing as if she was shooting a refrigerator CF at the set of SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Fashion King’ was revealed on March 25th. In the drama, Yuri plays the role of charming fashion designer, Anna.

Recently, during a shooting session of ‘Fashion King’ at a building in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, there was a scene that Yuri was supposed to open the refrigerator and take out the drinks from it. Being playful, Yuri turned into a CF model, much to the amusement of the production staff who have been working very hard for the drama shoot.

The staff who witnessed Yuri’s self-directed CF gave various reactions and commented, “Whatever she does, Yuri is pretty. She’s like a CF queen”, “One day, she’ll be featured in refrigerator CF”.


Yuri’s fan donated 1.73 tonnes of rice!

March 15, 2012

On March 14th, Yuri attended the production press conference of SBS drama ‘Fashion King’ at Lotte Cinema at Gimpo Airport, Seoul. To congratulate Yuri on her first acting challenge, DC Inside Yuri Gallery, Korean fancafe HwaSuEunHwa, KwonYuri125, Japanese fancafe mixi SNSD, Chinese fancafe FLY, Yuri Tieba, Thai fansite KkabYul, etc donated a whooping 1.73 tonnes of rice. The 1.73 tonnes of rice will be able to feed about 14,000 undernourished children.

Yuri transformed into an actress through her role as Choi Anna in the upcoming SBS drama ‘Fashion King’ which will be aired starting March 19th at 9.55pm KST.


Yuri stuns at the press conference of SBS’s ‘Fashion King’

March 14, 2012

One of the main female leads, Kwon Yuri attended the production press conference of new SBS drama ‘Fashion King’, which took place at Lotte Cinema in Lotte Cinema, Gimpo Airport on March 14th.

‘Fashion King’ is a drama about the challenges and success of a group of young people as well as their desire and love stories. There is a growing anticipation for this drama as it features big names like Yoo Ah-In, Shin SeKyung, Lee JeHoon and Yuri, who took her shot at acting for the very first time.

The uniqueness of the 4 characters played by the 4 main leads mentioned can soon be witnessed as ‘Fashion King’ will be aired starting March 19th at 9.55pm KST after ‘Salaryman Cho HanJi’.

Meanwhile, a 10-minute teaser was also aired at the press conference, adding to the anticipation of the drama!

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Yuri turns into Audrey Hepburn in ‘Fashion King’

March 8, 2012

Yuri’s beautiful appearance that resembles Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 movie ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ has become a hot discussion topic.

On March 7th, Yuri had a shooting session for SBS new Monday-Tuesday drama at a building in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. During yesterday’s shoot, Yuri was seen with a white towel around her head after coming out from a shower.

During the rehearsal, Lee HaeSook, the actress who plays the role of Lee JeHoon’s mother in the drama came up to Yuri saying, “There are methods to make the towels around your head look much prettier” and started fixing the towels on Yuri’s head.

After receiving Lee HaeSook’s help in fixing the towel wrap, Yuri’s ‘new look’ resembles Audrey Hepburn in the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. The production crews who were in full admiration of Yuri’s ‘transformation’ commented, “She is pretty regardless of what is being done on her”, “She looks just like Audrey Hepburn”.

SBS ‘Fashion King’ will be kicking off its broadcast on March 19th at 9.55pm KST.


Fashion Stylist Jung YoonKi revealed Yuri’s ‘Fashion King’ costume

March 2, 2012

Famous fashion stylist, Jung YoonKi made a surprise revelation of Yuri’s costume in ‘Fashion King’.

On MBC TV’s ‘Feel Good Day’ aired on March 2nd, Jung YoonKi explained about the fashion styles for the spring season this year. While explaining, he also revealed Yuri’s costume in SBS new drama ‘Fashion King’. Jung YoonKi said, “This is the costume worn by Yuri in a drama. I think it really suits Yuri who is lively and pretty”. Yuri who is currently shooting for SBS TV’s ‘Fashion King’ is expected to appear in the drama, wearing the costume pointed out by Jung YoonKi.

He added, “In terms of color, orange seems to be the trend this year. A mix of orange and primary colored costumes with black navy colored costumes is my recommendation”.