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Girls’ Generation receives explosive responses on France’s ‘Le Grand Journal’!

February 10, 2012

Receiving explosive reactions from the audience on France’s no.1 talk show ‘Le Grand Journal, Girls’ Generation has completed their first performance on French TV successfully.

Girls’ Generation made an appearance on Canal+’s no.1 French talk show ‘Le Grand Journal’ which was aired at 7pm (Paris local time) on February 9th. The girls’ impressive performance of ‘The Boys’ captivated the French viewers.

As soon as Girls’ Generation took to the stage, the whole venue was filled with cheers from the audience and SONEs chanted ‘Jigeumeun So Nyeo Shi Dae, Apeurodo So Nyeo Shi Dae, Youngwonhi So Nyeo Shi Dae’. The explosive response could be seen as the fans sang along with the girls.

In addition, the panels of the show which include the MC of the program, Michel Denisot were amazed at the performance and reactions from the audience and said, “This explosive reaction is really an extraordinary phenomenon” and “It’s hard to single out any of the members because all of them are amazing”.

After completing their performance at ‘Le Grand Journal’, Girls’ Generation revealed their thoughts about the performance, “As that was our very first performance on French TV, it feels great to receive such an explosive response. Also, it was amazing that they even know the fan chants in Korean. In the future, we will be the Girls’ Generation who will work even harder.”

Meanwhile, the girls also had an interview with French TV, M6′s main news at the ‘Music Bank in Paris’ concert venue. After completing their promotion in France, Girls’ Generation will be departing from Paris to Bangkok on February 10th for their solo concert tour.

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Girls’ Generation talks about their promotional activities in France

February 10, 2012

“The hardest thing about performing all over the world is having jet lags and that is why a chartered private jet is required.”

On February 9th (Paris local time), Girls’ Generation made an appearance on Canal+’s popular talk show ‘Le Grand Journal’ and M6′s main news ‘Le 7H45′. On February 10th, the girls are expected to make another appearance on the ‘Question Box’ corner of ‘Le Grand Journal’.

After the broadcast recording session, Sports Donga met up with Girls’ Generation at the Korean Culture Center around 7pm in the evening.

Sooyoung said, “It feels great to go on French TV programs right after our appearances on American talk shows. We are happy for the opportunity to spread Girls’ Generation’s music and on the other hand, it has also become our responsibility.”

Seohyun stated, “It was amazing to see how the local fans here cheered for us and sang along in Korean”, and went on to describe the atmosphere of the recording sets. Tiffany added, “When the fans saw us, they shouted our motto ‘Jigeumeun So Nyeo Shi Dae, Apeurodo So Nyeo Shi Dae, Youngwonhi So Nyeo Shi Dae’. It was electrifying to hear that.”

Yuri said, “I think the European fans are not only interested in our music but also the Korean culture. It is really great to know that.”

During the recording of ‘Le Grand Journal’ earlier, Girls’ Generation performed ‘The Boys’ and also talked about their future plans of releasing albums, as well as having promotional activities in Europe.

When asked about the kind of questions being raised during the broadcast, Sooyoung replied, “They were amazed at how all 9 girls carry out activities together as a team and thus, they wanted to know the story behind the birth of Girls’ Generation.”

Taeyeon then said, “We are always prepared to go to places where our fans want us to be. Thus, we need a chartered private jet.”

Girls’ Generation who are spreading their wings worldwide feels that the hardest obstacle they are facing while going places to perform is none other than jet lags. Yuri commented, “Physically, performing in different places is a challenge to us physically but there is nothing harder than experiencing the jet lags. However, it is a fun experience to be able to try out traditional delicacies in different countries.”

Besides that, the girls also talked about the special characteristic of French fans which is different from the Korean fans. On this Sunny said, “French fans dance along during our performances with their extraordinary sense of rhythm.”

Girls’ Generation, who is in France for the 2nd time after ‘SM Town Live World Tour’ in June last year, picked Palace of Versailles as the most beautiful place of attraction and macaroons as the most delicious food.

Jessica revealed, “While we are in Paris, we are happy to be able to taste macaroons, which is the most delicious. Before we head back to Korea, I want to buy and bring it home.”

After performing at KBS’s ‘Kpop Festival Music Bank in Paris’ on February 8th, Girls’ Generation will be flying to Thailand for their ’2012 Girls’ Generation Tour in Bangkok’ concert.


Girls’ Generation to appear on most popular French talk show ‘Le Grand Journal’

February 8, 2012

According to SM Entertainment on February 8th, Girls’ Generation will be appearing on France’s premium television channel Canal Plus (Canal+)’s popular talk show ‘Le Grand Journal’ come February 10th (Paris local time).

‘Le Grand Journal’ (airs at 7pm, Monday to Friday) is France’s most popular talk show and various pop stars such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber as well as famous Hollywood actors like Jodie Foster and also other world class stars have made their appearances on the show before.

SM Entertainment stated, “Girls’ Generation is the first Korean artist to be appearing on ‘Le Grand Journal’. During the broadcast, Girls’ Generation will be presenting a live performance of their hit song ‘The Boys’”.

SM Entertainment also revealed that Girls’ Generation is also expected to attend an interview with French TV channel France2′s main news programme ‘Le Journal De 20H’ (airs at 8pm) and the interview video is scheduled to be aired on February 9th.

During the interview, the girls will be introducing ‘The Boys’ special album which will be officially released in France on February 13th as well as talking about their supportive and enthusiastic European fans.

Girls’ Generation’s arrived at Paris on February 7th to attend KBS ‘Music Bank in Paris’ and at the same time kicks off their promotional activities in France.


French magazine pens Girls’ Generation’s world conquest

January 31, 2012

Girls’ Generation are receiving huge attention in France.

On French music magazine, Musique Info’s ‘Midem 2012 Special Edition’, an article with the title ‘Girls’ Generation Taking On The World’ was published.

In the article, Music Info stated, “Girls’ Generation and Kpop, which is widely known in Asia and the rest of the world, are beginning to receive recognition.” Also, the article reported on the girls’ participation in the ‘SM Town Live’ concert, which took place in Paris (June 2011), as well as the New York-leg of the concert in Madison Square Garden (October 2011).

In addition to that, according to the article, David Assogba, Chief of Project Marketing for Polydor France (a record label under Universal Music Group responsible for the distribution of Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’ albums in Europe) expressed his confidence in the girls by stating, “Girls’ Generation is a world-class group.”

The schedule of Girls’ Generation’s album sales in France was also revealed in the magazine. The Korean version of Girls’ Generation’s 3rd album ‘The Boys’, which will be released for the first time in France will make its way to the market in January/February while the English version, which involves the participation of famous producers, Teddy Riley and Polow Da Don will be available in June this year.


SNSD steps into Europe with Polydor France

October 20, 2011

After the United States, the girls will be making their presence felt in the French music market as well.

The sales of SNSD’s albums will be placed under the scope of France’s biggest record label, Polydor France. On October 19th, Polydor France announced via their official Twitter account that SNSD have joined the record label. Polydor France and SNSD’s American record label, Interscope Records are both owned by Universal Music Group.

Through the SM Town concert in Paris in June this year, the possibility of entering the European market has greatly increased. The agreement sealed with Polydor France is the stepping stone towards the release of SNSD’s music into the European market.

Also, with the release of the maxi single ‘The Boys’ under Interscope Records in November, SNSD will be officially making an entrance into the American music market.


[UPDATED] All done in 15 minutes

May 10, 2011

On April 26th, tickets for ‘SM Town Live World Tour in Paris’ which will be held at Le Zenith de Paris on June 10th sold like hot cakes.

Tickets were on sale through European ticketing sites,, etc. In just 15 minutes, Europe proved to the whole world that the demand for Kpop is just as explosive. All the tickets sold online were grabbed.

Due to the overwhelming response, signatures are being collected on Facebook through a petition to have a Flashmob in front of the Louvre Museum on May 1st. It was reported that 4,000 signatures have been collected up to this moment.

‘SM Town Live World Tour’ had achieved great success through concerts in Seoul, Tokyo, LA and Shanghai. Even before the concert kicks off in Paris, early signs have indicated such great interest among European music fans towards the first ever SM Town concert in Europe. Once again, this confirms SM Entertainment’s capacity in placing itself as a global brand.

Come June 10th, SM Entertainment’s top artistes such as SNSD, TVXQ, Super Junior, f(x), etc. will heat up the stage and captivate the European music fans with their hit songs as well amazing performances.


UPDATE 1: SM Entertainment to consider adding one more concert

More than 300 European fans carried out a flashmob at Louvre Museum on May 1st to request for another SM Town concert in Paris. The flashmob which was covered by various Korean media caught the attention of SM Entertainment.

On May 2nd, regarding the issue of adding another date, SM Entertainment’s representative said, “The request came not only from French fans but also Kpop fans from within Europe. Before we decide to add another concert, we will have to check a lot of things such as the artistes’ schedules, hotel and flight arrangements as well as concert equipments. Nevertheless, we will look into all possibilities”.


UPDATE 2: Paris is getting another concert

The organizers of SM Town Live World Tour in Paris had confirmed that an additional concert will be held on June 11th at Le Zenith de Paris. Bravo! Looks like the flashmobs paid off well for the French fans.

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