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Girls’ Generation featured on Fuji TV’s Mecha-Ike!

April 3, 2012

Girls’ Generation’s actual off-the-stage behavior was revealed.

Girls’ Generation was featured on Japan’s Fuji TV ‘Mecha-Mecha Iketeru! (commonly known as just Mecha-Ike)’ aired on March 31st. ‘Mecha-Ike’, a variety show with a format somewhat similar to SBS ‘Running Man’ is hosted by Takashi Okamura and Hiroyuki Yabe. On the previous episode, Okamura and his ‘expedition team’ set out to look for Girls’ Generation who were featured as the ‘Girl Clan’, the descendants of ancient residents living in Seoul.

The Japanese production staff had secretly installed cameras in SM Entertainment’s building to observe the girls’ actual behavior. Even when the cameras were not on them, the girls were playing and laughing heartily. The atmosphere was filled with warmth as the members revealed their friendly characters.

Jessica, nicknamed ‘Ice Princess’ showed no expression on her face while flipping through a magazine but gave out the brightest smile and laughter when she was having conversations with the other members.

Besides that, the natural behavior of the girls who were busy concentrating on the nail arts on their nails, sending messages on their cell phones, eating their meals, etc were all captured on the hidden cameras.

During their dance rehearsal, the girls burst into laughter when a Japanese comedian who pretended to be a photographer started following Girls’ Generation’s dance moves out of a sudden. In the end, the girls were literally ‘captured’ when a net was released on them.

According to the ‘Mecha-Ike’ production staff, the filming took place in the middle of March in Seoul, after taking consideration of Girls’ Generation’s schedule. From ‘Mecha-Mecha Iketeru’ onwards, the girls are expected to be featured in various variety programs in the future.


SNSD performs live from Arena Tour for ‘Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ’

July 19, 2011

On July 18th, Fuji TV ‘Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ’ aired live performances of ‘Genie’ and ‘Bad Girl’ from SNSD’s 1st Japan Arena Tour concert at Marine Messe in Fukuoka.

As witnessed from the live performances, SNSD’s maturity and beauty have caused an overwhelming reaction from fans all over the world. In particular, through their perfect performances, on-stage costumes, the members’ enviable S-lines, innocence and loveliness, as well as sexy charms, these attributes made SNSD’s final concert stage shone even brighter.

Netizens who watched the broadcast gave an explosive response with comments such as, “All 9 members are pretty”, “SNSD is indeed the girl group spearheading the Korean wave”, “How to be as pretty as SNSD?”.

Meanwhile, as the girl group that represents the Korean wave, SNSD have taken the lead in various activities.

Here are Soshi’s live performances on ‘Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ’. Enjoy!


‘Wonderful’, ‘Sugoi’, ‘Nice shot’

January 3, 2011

SNSD made a cameo appearance on Japan’s drama ‘Sazae-san Season 3′ which was aired on Fuji TV on January 2nd. The girls appeared as caddies on a golf course.

SNSD appeared in Nami Hara’s dream where the main star struck a hole-in-one and the beautiful caddies (SNSD) ran up to him and cheered, “wonderful”, “sugoi(amazing)” and “nice shot”.

With lively gestures and expressions, the girls introduced themselves, “We are Shoujo Jidai” and revealed their dreams by saying, “We want to be singing and dancing stars”. Upon hearing that, the leading male character in the drama gave them a big cheer.

Although it was only a brief and short appearance on the drama, the name ‘Shoujo Jidai’ left a very deep impression in the minds of Japanese viewers.

‘Sazae-san’ is adapted from one of Japan’s popular ‘national animation’ of the same name. Due to the overwhelming response for Season 1 and 2, ‘Sazae-san season 3′ is currently being aired to fulfill the viewers’ high demand.


The return of the eye smiles

December 20, 2010

After taking a break for over a month due to her knee injury, Tiffany will be joining the girls in their activities again in a few days time.

Tiffany will be making her first appearance ever since her injury with the rest of the SNSD members on Fuji TV’s ‘Mezamashi TV’ (Japan) which will be aired Live on December 23rd.

On December 24th, SNSD and Japan’s top artists are scheduled to attend Asahi TV’s ‘Music Station Super Live’, a year-end special program of ‘Music Station’, where Tiffany is also expected to be on stage with the girls.

On Christmas Day, December 25th, Tiffany will be making her first comeback in Korea through MBC ‘Show! Music Core Year-End Special’ where the girls are expected to deliver a powerful stage performance with the presence of all nine members on stage.


Shoujo Jidai to appear on Japanese drama ‘Sazae-san 3′

December 16, 2010

SNSD will be making a surprise appearance on a Japanese drama.

According to Sankei Sports on December 16th, SNSD will be making an appearance on Fuji TV’s special drama ‘Sazae-san 3′ which is scheduled to be aired on January 2nd at 6.30pm.

According to the Japanese daily, SNSD had completed the recording for ‘Sazae-san’ in October, before Tiffany’s injury and thus, viewers would be able to see all the nine girls on the show.

The drama ‘Sazae-san’ was adapted from a Japanese comic strip created by Machiko Hasegawa which was first published on Fukunichi Shimbun on April 22nd, 1946. 23 years later, in October 1969, Fuji TV aired an animated comedy series of ‘Sazae-san’ and it is still in production
after 40 years.

In the drama, the girls will dress in cute golf costumes, revealing their slim figures. Also, this is the first time foreign guests are featured in the drama and SNSD was given that honor.

PD of the program, Asano Sumi said, “While I was looking for suitable guests for the show, I came across SNSD’s promotional video and i immediately wanted them on the show”.

SNSD commented, “We are really happy as we received lots of love from the Japanese people for our appearance on the show”.

Here’s the preview of ‘Sazae-san 3′ featuring SNSD:


SNSD to perform at the prestigious 2010 FNS Music Festival in Japan

November 15, 2010

SNSD will be participating in a year-end music festival in Japan.

Come December 4th, SNSD will be making their appearance on 2010 Fuji TV FNS Music Festival. The FNS Music Festival is one of the major year-end music festivals in Japan where it features performances from popular artists in the country.

On November 15th, Fuji TV had released the list of the performers who will be participating in the 2010 FNS Music Festival via their official website. In the announcement image/banner, the name “少女時代 (SNSD)” was placed in the 3rd row, alongside popular Japanese singers.

Besides SNSD, this year’s FNS Music Festival this year features popular artists like Arashi, V6, Kinki Kids, Ken Hirai, EXILE, AKB48, SMAP, TUBE, Mai Kuraki, JUJU, Kubota Toshinobu, Noriyuki Takihara, etc.

The fact that SNSD are the only Korean artists listed as one of the performers in this year-end festival has caught the attention of many. Following the released of their first Japanese debut single “Genie” and then, the 2nd Japanese Single “Gee”, SNSD are enjoying massive popularity in Japan and they have contributed to the rise of Korean girl group craze in the country.

The FNS Music Festival which will be held on December 4th, will be aired LIVE for 4 hours starting 7.00pm (Japan’s local time).


Detailed analysis of SNSD’s successful debut in Japan

September 24, 2010

Secrets of SNSD’s success in Japan were analyzed in a Japanese TV Program.

Aired on September 12th, Fuji TV’s “Mr. Sunday” made an analysis on why SNSD seems to be more popular among female audiences than male audiences.

On the show, during the “Dr. Sunday’s Corner”, Nikkei Entertainment Editor, Shinada Hideo explained that there are 3 main factors behind SNSD’s success in Japan.

The first factor is called “CC” which stands for “Carbon Copy”. As the name implies, this factor is all about spreading the news/information of Soshi to one another. In the old days, popularity was gained through TV appearances but nowadays, one could be popular before debut, thanks to the Internet and IT skills.

The second factor is that the idols nowadays could take advantage and enjoy full benefits from the high-definition era. During the analog TV era where the aspect ratio of TV screen is 4:3, it is a challenge to have all 9 persons within the coverage of the screen. Now, in the era of HD TV where there are screens with 16:9 ratio, it is not a problem to have all the girls in one screen.

The third factor is known as “cross”. The crossing of arms is a behavior or a gesture that emphasize one’s femininity. The dance choreography of “Genie” involves a lot of moves where the girls cross their arms and legs. These movements seem to appeal to viewers.

In addition to these factors, much attention have also been given to their pretty legs. SNSD’s hit single in Korea “Gee” which will be making its entrance into the Japanese market on October 20th emphasizes cuteness, which is very different from Genie’s sexy and cool concept. The impact of the leg crossing moves in the PV was highlighted on the show.

Although Japanese men are fascinated by their appearances, the acceptance rate of SNSD among male audience is somewhat lower than female audiences who are attracted by their beauty, styles and dancing skills.

While Japanese idols focus on giving an intimate feeling for the viewers, SNSD’s combination of powerful performance and attractive appearance prove to be the right recipe among female fans.

Shinada Hideo said, “Japanese women think that looking as cool as SNSD makes them feel like stars.”