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Sunny misses daddy dearly

January 15, 2012

Sunny teared up whle thinking of her parents.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth Season 2′ aired on January 14th, the parents of G8 members made a surprise visit to their dorm in Daebu-do.

After spending a day working hard on building the barn and cleaning cow feces, the G8 members talked about their families as they welcomed the new year. Besides Kara’s Kang JiYoung, the other members who are living in dorms expressed feelings of missing their parents.

Sunny said, “While my mom comes over to visit me often, my dad is in overseas and because I couldn’t see him due to my busy schedules, I really miss him a lot”, as tears started to fill her eyes.

As she was wiping her tears, Sunny said, “I’m so silly”. Out a sudden, Sistar’s Bora was moved to tears too, setting a sad atmosphere surrounding the dorm.

Meanwhile, G8 members Suzy, YeWon, Bora and JiYoung had a great time with their mothers who came over to pay them a visit.