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Girls’ Generation’s 1st Japanese single ‘Genie’ certified ‘Platinum’ in Japan

April 25, 2012

Girls’ Generation’s 1st Japanese Single ‘Genie’ was certified ‘Platinum’ by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) for ‘PC Download Singles Division’. According to RIAJ’s certification, any album or single that sells more than 250,000 copies will receive the ‘Platinum’ certification.

‘Genie’, released in September 2010, received its ‘Gold’ certification back in October 2010 and the fact that it has been upgraded to ‘Platinum’ is an indication of Girls’ Generation’s consistent popularity in Japan.

Currently, while Girls’ Generation members are having their individual activities, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun will be releasing a mini album ‘Twinkle’ as sub-unit called ‘TaeTiSeo’ on April 29th.


SNSD performs live from Arena Tour for ‘Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ’

July 19, 2011

On July 18th, Fuji TV ‘Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ’ aired live performances of ‘Genie’ and ‘Bad Girl’ from SNSD’s 1st Japan Arena Tour concert at Marine Messe in Fukuoka.

As witnessed from the live performances, SNSD’s maturity and beauty have caused an overwhelming reaction from fans all over the world. In particular, through their perfect performances, on-stage costumes, the members’ enviable S-lines, innocence and loveliness, as well as sexy charms, these attributes made SNSD’s final concert stage shone even brighter.

Netizens who watched the broadcast gave an explosive response with comments such as, “All 9 members are pretty”, “SNSD is indeed the girl group spearheading the Korean wave”, “How to be as pretty as SNSD?”.

Meanwhile, as the girl group that represents the Korean wave, SNSD have taken the lead in various activities.

Here are Soshi’s live performances on ‘Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ’. Enjoy!


Shoujo Jidai bags two awards at the 2011 MTV VMAJ!

July 3, 2011

The winners of the MTV Video Music Aid Japan 2011 (MTV VMAJ) were announced on Saturday evening and impressively, Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) won two out of the three awards that they were nominated!

The 2011 MTV VMAJ took place last week on June 25 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City, Japan, where the girls performed ‘Mr. Taxi’ and ‘The Great Escape’, while the winners of awards were only announced on Saturday (July 2).

SNSD bagged two award wins out of their three nominations, which are the Best Group Video and the Best Karaokee! Song categories with their Japanese single ‘Genie’.

And the impressive part of winning the two awards? Other than being the only Korean representative to be nominated in the awards, they were up also against stiff competition along the likes of Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Ikimono-gakari and w-inds.

Fans can look forward to more goodies from the 2011 MTV VMAJ as a backstage special to the June 25 event will be aired on MTV Japan on July 23. Be sure to catch it!

A huge congratulations to the girls for another amazing achievement, having won another two music awards in Japan after less than a year of making their debut in the country!

Meanwhile, the girls had successfully completed one out of two concerts of their Arena Tour at the Hiroshima Green Arena, Japan on Saturday, with another scheduled for Sunday.


[UPDATED] Shoujo Jidai nominated alongside big names for 3 awards at 2011 MTV VMAJ

May 26, 2011

The 10th Annual MTV Video Music Awards Japan was renamed to MTV Video Music Aid Japan (VMAJ) and it will be held on June 25th, 2011 at Makuhari Messe (a convention center) in Chiba City, Japan. The event was named as VMAJ is support of the Japanese Red Cross and encourage the rebuilding efforts after the massive earthquake and tsunami in Northeastern Japan on March 11th.

The event will be aired live through MTV Japan, MTV Korea, MTV China and MTV Southeast Asia. 2011 MTV VMAJ will be hosted by Japanese girl group, AKB48 and there will be performances by Lady Gaga, EXILE, Kana Nishino, AK-69, etc.

There were 15 categories of awards at the 2011 MTV VMAJ namely Best Male Video, Best Female Video, Best Group Video, Best New Artist Video, Best Video of The Year, Best Rock Video, Best Pop Video, Best R&B Video, Best Hip Hop Video, Best Reggae Video, Best Dance Video, Best Video from a Film, Best Collaboration Video, Best Album of The Year and Best Karaoke! Song.

SNSD’s ‘Genie’ was nominated alongside some of the big names in the world in 3 categoriesBest Group Video, Best Video of The Year and Best Karaoke! Song. They will be up against the likes of Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park and Utada Hikaru for these awards. Being nominated in these 3 categories is already a massive achievement and if they manage to grab just an award out of the 3, it would be a really amazing feat for the girls.

Don’t forget to tune in to MTV Japan, MTV Korea, MTV China or MTV Southeast Asia at 6pm JST on Saturday, June 25th as 2011 MTV VMAJ will be aired live from Makuhari Messe, Japan.


UPDATE 1: SNSD to attend and perform at the 2011 MTV VMAJ

On May 26th, Nayutawave confirmed SNSD’s attendance and performance at the 2011 MTV VMAJ!

少女時代、再追加公演決定!6/28-29@代々木競技場、7/3@広島グリーンアリーナ、7/18@マリンメッセ福岡。ファンクラブ先行あり!詳しくは→ MTVのVMAJにも出演決定!Lady Gagaも出演。

First part of the tweet mentioned about the additional Japan Arena Tour concerts and followed by – “SNSD’s performance at the 2011 VMAJ is confirmed!

Credit: Nayutawave@Twitter

Shoujo Jidai bagged ‘Best Pop Video Award’

April 10, 2011

SNSD’s Japanese debut song ‘Genie’ was crowned the ‘Best Pop Video Award’ at the ‘Space Shower Music Video Awards’ on April 10th.

According to a Twitter account, ‘SNSDinJapan’, winners for the 15th Space Shower Music Video Awards were chosen from about 4,000 music videos released in 2010.

Congratulations to the girls for winning the ‘Best Pop Video Award’ and it was truly an amazing achievement and acknowledgement since their Japan debut in September last year.

Credit: Shower Networks

‘Genie’ grants you strength

April 8, 2011

On a recent Japanese show broadcast, Professor Sawaguchi Toshiyuki from Hokkaido University stated that SNSD’s ‘Genie’ MV could send a signal to the brain to cheer up the viewers.

Famous comedians and experts in various fields appeared on a Japanese program aired recently called ‘Let’s Give Energy to Japan’. During the broadcast, Professor Sawaguchi said, “SNSD’s ‘Genie’ from Neuroscience point of view, has the ability to cheer a person up. Because of their long arms and legs and also the perfect synchronicity, watching their performance is good for the brain”.

He added, “Also, because of the level of amplitude of their voices suits the brain well, it has the effect to encourage a person”. He further explained, “As most of SNSD’s dance steps involve arms and legs, it also helps one to acquire a clear mind”.

After his final answer to the question from the panels about the benefit of SNSD’s dances to the mental health, the professor stated, “However among them, ‘Genie’ is the best for brain growth as well as providing the ‘cheering’ effect”.

Netizens who saw the broadcast commented, “When I am depressed, should I do SNSD’s dance?”, etc.


Wall Street Journal explained how YouTube helped SNSD in Japanese promo

January 15, 2011

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an online article entitled ‘YouTube Helps South Korean Band Branch Out’ which basically discussed about how SM Entertainment utilized YouTube as a tool to introduce SNSD to the Japanese market.

According to WSJ on January 14th, there are 2 reasons behind the success of SNSD’s 1st showcase in Japan at Ariake Coliseum,Tokyo. The first reason being the debut song itself which is a Japanese language song and secondly, some online assistance from YouTube in spreading the words to the public.

According to the article, SM Entertainment uploaded the MV of the Japanese-language song (‘Genie’ Japanese version) to YouTube weeks ahead of the showcase and it was their strategy to allow fans to reupload the videos on any websites, subsequently driving Japanese fans to flood radio stations with song requests as well as online discussions on forum sites.

*Mistake by WSJ – ‘Genie’ Japanese version PV was released on YouTube on August 26th, 2010, a day after the Ariake Coliseum showcase and not weeks ahead.

SM Entertainment has been releasing the videos of its artists through Google Inc.’s YouTube since last year. YouTube uses an anti-piracy scheme known as ‘Content ID’ which provides protection against duplicates of copyrighted videos.

According to SM Entertainment’s CEO, Kim Youngmin, the partnership with YouTube is mainly for promotional purposes and through it, the agency saved thousands of dollars a month to maintain video servers on various websites. He added, “Rather than being on each video delivery site in each country, it’s much better for us to be on a world-wide channel like YouTube”.

Credit: (Click HERE for original article)/yoongislove@Twitter

Shoujo Jidai heated up Christmas Eve with ‘Genie’ and ‘Gee’

December 24, 2010

Christmas gift arrived early for those lucky ones who attended Japan’s Asahi TV’s ‘Music Station Super Live’ earlier today as the 9 angels graced the stage with their forever-awesome performances of ‘Genie‘ and ‘Gee’.

Like many of you might have noticed, our girls have shown great improvement in the level of their Japanese language. Besides Sooyoung, Tiffany and Seohyun spoke really fluently on ‘Music Station’ today. Looks like Tiffany has been utilizing her 1-month break to the fullest. Being able to speak so fluently within a month is not an easy task and it only proves that our girls are indeed very linguistic. During the interview, the MC was also amazed with the fact that their Japanese have improved.

Here’s the translation for the interview involving the MCs, Sooyoung and Yuri:

Male MC: Your Japanese has gotten much better.
Sooyoung: We study very hard.
Female MC: That’s great.
Male Mc: What’s your goal for next year?
Yuri: Next year I want to become better in Japanese. We want to challenge Japanese people ( she made a cute mistake in her Japanese.)
Sooyoung: We want to try to do a national tour in Japan.

For those who missed today’s performances and interview, here you go:

Credits:JapanTV01@YouTube/Bekkychan@Twitter (translation of interview)

Shoujo Jidai’s ‘Genie’ is the ‘Breakthrough Album’ on iTunes Japan

December 13, 2010

SNSD’s First Japanese Single ‘Genie’ was selected as ‘Breakthrough Album of The Year’ by iTunes Japan.

iTunes Japan recently announced the winners for ’2010: Music, 2010′s Best’. According to the charts, SNSD’s ‘Genie’ released in September 2010 was picked as the winner for ‘Breakthrough Album of The Year’ in the Pop Category.

Meanwhile, the ‘Best Album’ in the Pop Category went to ‘The Fall’ by Norah Jones and Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls’ was announced as the ‘Best Song’.

In the ‘Top Selling Songs on iTunes Chart’, Kara’s ‘Mister’ took the 14th spot while SNSD’s ‘Genie’ and ‘Gee’ were in the 29th and 30th spot respectively.