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Girls’ Generation’s new Goobne Chicken CF released!

November 29, 2011

Continuing their roles as the endorsers of Goobne Chicken, Girls’ Generation is once again featured in a new CF for the brand!

In the 30-sec CF, the five girls showed off their goofy and hilarious sides again as Sooyoung, Yuri and Taeyeon ‘fight’ for the last piece of chicken, while Yoona comes flying to join the competition before the ever-sensible maknae, Seohyun, comes to the rescue with more chicken!

Check out the hilarious CF and the making of the video here!


[UPDATED] CF Director, Yuri VS Dorky CF Actresses

November 30, 2010

..and of course, no one listened to her. Being the ‘Director’, I guess Yuri had a hard time dealing with the rebellious and mischievous actresses.

The short video clip (from MBC Section TV aired on November 28th) gives you a glimpse of their latest Goobne CF shoot and judging from their hairstyles,the shoot must have taken place during or just before the “Hoot” promotion.

Let’s take a look at how Yuri dealt with these dorky actresses:

Press the dialog bubble icon for English subtitles

UPDATE: ..and now *drum roll* we give you, Goobne’s new 30-second CF!

Credit: bb0bbo2@YouTube/Yurui86@YouTube